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«I Was Caught up in a Hero Summoning, but That World Is at Peace (Web Novel) - Chapter 1046 - Rose Princess' Visit ?

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Chapter 1046 - Rose Princess' Visit ④

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As I sat down on the terrace with Rosemary-san, Illness-san came at that moment, pushing a cart with tea.

[I haaaaave brought you teaaaaaa.]

[Thank you.]


And the moment Illness-san appeared, Rosemary-san looked as if she became a stone statue…… She must be flustered by the appearance of someone she’s never met before, because I can feel her flusteredness through my Sympathy Magic.

For the time being, I’ll tell Illness-san that I’ll receive Rosemary-san’s tea. She’ll probably scare her off by approaching……

Illness-san placed two cups in front of me, just as I had her to do. She also asked me what I wanted to eat along with tea, but I told her that we would eat the cookies Rosemary-san had given me.

I did ask Rosemary-san her thoughts but…… Unnn, trying to talk with her doesn’t seem to work. Perhaps, as long as Illness-san is here, it will be impossible to have a personal conversation with her.

Well, she did say earlier that she basically doesn’t eat, so I think it should be fine. If needs be, I also have a variety of food in my magic box, so I can just serve them.

As I was thinking about this, Illness-san, who had finished preparing our tea, placed a ceramic container with a slightly fashionable lid on the table.

[These are sugaaaaar that Nebula made recentlyyyyy.]

[It’s made by Nebula?]

[Yeeeees. They’re very beautiful and taste very goooooood, so please try theeeeeem.]

Saying that, Illness-san positioned the cart with the pot containing refill of our tea beside our table, bowed her head before leaving.

As soon as Illness-san was out of sight, Rosemary-san, who had been rigid earlier, started moving, looking rather relieved.

[……I- I’m sorry, Kaito-kun.]

[No, I know that Rosemary-san is anxious around people you don’t know, so it’s alright.]

[I- It’s just, people I first meet feel scary…… I- I- I couldn’t understand how the others can just talk to strangers so easily.]

Well, I could understand what it feels like being nervous talking to someone I met for the first time. Although I’m not as shy as Rosemary-san, I too get nervous when I meet someone new.

With this in mind, I put Rosemary-san’s tea in front of her and the container of sugar that Nebula made in front of Rosemary-san, in a spot where she can easily pick it up.

[She said these sugar are beautiful and taste good, but how exactly is that…… Ohhh.]

[Wow, they’re beautiful. All of these are sugar?]

When I opened the lid, I found colorful flower-shaped sugar inside. I guess these were just sugar cubes with a different shape, but it was really beautiful and quite intricate that it was fun just looking at them.

[S- Should I put them in like normal…… Ahh.]

[Eh? It’s floating on top of the tea- Ooohhhh, the flower petals……]

When Rosemary-san picked up one of the sugar flowers and put it in her tea, the sugar floated on top of the tea. It looks beautiful, as if it’s a real flower swaying on the surface of water, but of course, it’s still sugar, so it dissolves…… However, it seemed like the flower had an ingenious way of dissolving.

I don’t know how Nebula made this, but the center of the flower dissolves first, and then, the petals scattered across the cup before dissolving.

[T- T- That’s amazing. Just its appearance is beautiful…… but the grains melting into glittering pieces are also beautiful. T- T- These are original-made sugar, aren’t they?]

[Looks like it. Nebula is a pretty amazing child, and just like with the garden, she’s quite meticulous, so I’m sure she put a lot of work into it……]

[They’re amazing, enough for me to want to buy them.]

[I’ll ask Nebula about it, and if she agrees, I’ll give them to you. Ahh, of course, you don’t have to buy them……]

[T- That makes me feel bad. I- I was originally here to thank you…… Ahh, t- t- that’s right, I’ll give you this first.]

[……This is?]

Rosemary-san took out a stylish parcel…… from its size and shape, I suppose it’s a bottle.

[You see, it’s as thanks for the Eternal Flower…… Ahh, o- o- of course, I don’t think this is enough of an item in exchange for it.]

[No, thank you for going to all that trouble. Errr, can I open it?]

[U- Unnn, I hope you like it.]

When I opened the parcel, I found a long, slim bottle containing brightly colored roses and briars with thorns that had been removed, creating an artistic twining design.

Ahh, I know this. If I remember correctly, if you apply a special oil on it, it could be made into an underwater flower, and you can enjoy it as an ornament for a long time without wilting…… Errr……

[It’s very beautiful. I forgot what it’s called, but it’s some kind of interior decoration flower, right?]

[U- Unnn. It’s a herbarium. I- It’s made of warm-colored roses and thornless briars…… I- I- I made it with Kaito-kun’s image in mind. They’re made with roses because, well, I’m a Rose Spirit after all.]

That’s right, it’s called herbarium. I’m not sure if it’s herbariums in itself being very stylish, or Rosemary-san just had great taste, but it’s very artistic and my poor vocabulary can only describe it as amazing.

[I- I- I thought that if it’s that size, you can put it on your desk or something like that……]

[I’ve been wanting an interior ornament to put on my desk for a while now. I’m really happy with it, thank you very much.]

[T- Thank goodness. I’m so glad you like it.]

In fact, I’ve been wanting to have some decorations on the table where I write things. I had thought of displaying the Eternal Flower there as well, so I am quite happy with this gift.

When I told her honestly how I felt, Rosemary-san’s cheeks turned slightly red and she gave me a small, bashful smile.


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