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«I Was Caught up in a Hero Summoning, but That World Is at Peace (Web Novel) - Chapter 1035 - After the White God Festival ?

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Chapter 1035 - After the White God Festival ③

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After tasting Kuro’s new company’s portable food, we enjoyed chatting for some time as per usual. At about 10 o’clock in the evening, Kuro stood up from the sofa and lightly stretched herself.

[……Hmmm, it’s time for me to go home. Kaito-kun, are you going to sleep right after this?]

[Ahh, I’m going to take a quick bath first before going to bed.]

[Arehh? Didn’t you take an onsen bath at Shiro’s place?]

[I did, but after that, I watched the closing ceremony and other stuff happened after that, so I wanted to take a quick bath…… They seemed to have prepared the bath already for me, so I could go right in.]

After the ceremony, we walked around the lower-level which was crowded with people, so I felt a strong desire to refresh myself and go to sleep.

The bath in my house, which is based on the same one as Lilia-san’s, is quite large and luxurious, and it feels very comfortable bathing in it.

[……I see.]


As I stood up to get ready for my bath, Kuro, who had been about to leave, brought her hand on her chin and looked as if she was thinking for a moment.

[Well, it’s true that it’s good to take a bath to refresh yourself after a long day.]

[Yep, that’s right…… I…… guess so……]



Speaking with a smile, Kuro reached out towards her long coat and pulled out a bucket. It’s a simple wooden bucket, but it’s an excellent product with a moderately high quality feel, showing how it was created by a master craftsman.

After that, she took out something that looked like a towel, and then she took out three bottles of liquid.

[……What are those?]

[Ahh, they’re products created by one of my trading companies dealing with cosmetics, a newly created shampoo, treatment, and body soap. It smells really good and is very comfortable to use. You should try them too, Kaito-kun. I’d like to hear what you think about them.]

[U- Unnn. I’m looking forward to it then.]

Smiling in response, she then took out a toy duck, and put the bottles and the toy in the bucket. Thereupon, she erased her long coat made with her magic power, holding the towel in one hand and the bucket in the other.

[Well then, let’s go take a bath!]

[……It’s as I thought huh! You really can’t just hand over the sample and go home huh!? Eh? Are you going in with me, Kuro?]

[I can’t?]

[N- No, I’m not saying you can’t……]

……Ahh, this won’t do. I already saw this happening based on the flow of the conversation, but I could already imagine a future where Kuro pushing her way through, so I just let out a sigh of resignation.

Arriving at the bathroom which was too big for me to use alone, I stared at the bathtub. I somehow managed to convince Kuro that I’ll go into the bath first. Kuro is supposed to come in after a minute or so.

However, there’s a problem here…… This might be obvious, but this bathroom is what you’d find in homes, not an onsen. In other words…… The water is crystal clear, not cloudy.

[Kaito-kun! I’m going in~~]

A minute passed while I was having an inner struggle, and Kuro came in with a towel wrapped around her body.

[Kuro, can I ask you a favor?]

[Eh? What is it?]

[Please come in the tub with your towel wrapped around you……]

[Errr, don’t you remove your towel before you dip in the water?]

[This is my house, and the homeowner gives you permission to do otherwise, so please do that!]

[……U- Unnn. Well, if Kaito-kun is saying that much…… However, I think it’s too late for you to be requesting something like that. You do realize we had already taken a bath together several times already, right?]

……Well, when she says it like that, it’s really hard to answer. Indeed, this would already be the fourth time I had taken a bath with Kuro, once at Isis-san’s home and twice at the Six Kings Festival.

When she says it’s too late for me to be saying things like this, it was indeed as she says…… but that doesn’t change that such a thing still weighs on my mind.

[Well, for the time being, let’s wash our backs!]

[……Yeah, yeah.]

At any rate, she listened to my request and I decided to nod my head in agreement with Kuro’s request. No, in the first place, I think I went along with Kuro’s request when we took a bath together……

[I’ll wash you first!]

[U- Unnn, I’m in your care.]

The excited Kuro urged me to sit on a chair. Feeling Kuro’s presence behind me makes me feel a little nervous.

However, Kuro didn’t play around and she used her new body soap to wash my back as she had declared. The body soap has a slightly citrusy scent, and its fresh scent smells pleasant.

[I’ll rinse you now, okay~~]

[Thanks, it smells great, doesn’t it?]

[It’s nice, isn’t it? I like it a lot too…… Hey, Kaito-kun. I’ll wash your hair too. I’ll pour warm water on you once, okay~~]

Saying this, Kuro used the shower magic tool to pour warm water on my hair, picked up the bottle of shampoo and washed my hair with her gentle hands.

It’s really gentle and comfortable, almost making me feel a little sleepy……


[Whoa!? Wha!? Wait, K- Kuro!?]

As if to catch me off guard, Kuro’s hands suddenly moved in front of me, and she unexpectedly hugged me, hugging my head from behind.

The feeling of Kuro’s chest across her towel instantly brought a blush on my face.

[Ehehe, I kinda felt like hugging you…… Did I surprise you?]

[……Pretty much.]

Somehow, I feel like Kuro is a little excited today. I’m not sure if it’s because she’s excited about her new products or because of something else…… but how should I say this…… Unnn…… She’s cute.


Serious-senpai : [Wha…… T- This is the Main Heroine’s turn!? Can’t you just let the arc end already!!!?]

? ? ? : [Well, this is the epilogue of the White God Festival after all……]

Serious-senpai : [No, aren’t they just mixed bathing and completely flirting with each other!!!?]

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