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«I Might Be A Fake Cultivator (Web Novel) - Chapter 1405: The Ecstatic Emperor Yi Deng

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Chapter 1405: The Ecstatic Emperor Yi Deng

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The massive rocket crashed to the ground just like that.

The Blood Tribe mighty figures could even hear the cries for help from the poor man strapped tightly to it.

The rocket crashed to the ground and exploded.

A wave of golden energy erupted forth, destroying everything in its path!

Devastating shockwaves erupted for over a hundred kilometers as a majestic mushroom cloud rose into the sky. The defensive formation of the Immortal Spirit Paradise was instantly activated, and it began to absorb this terrifying, destructive power.

However, it was too late.

Tens of thousands of Blood Tribe cultivators were killed or injured during the explosion.

All of the buildings within a huge area were razed to the ground.

Almost all of the Blood Tribe cultivators gathered here knew that this was most likely the enemy the emperors were waiting for.

All of the Holy Worshippers were trembling with excitement. This new arrival was most likely the Holy Leader!

All of them had envisioned what type of entrance their Holy Leader would make. It must be an extremely magnificent and thrilling entrance.

They looked up at the devastatingly fearsome mushroom cloud.

The entrance was magnificent and thrilling alright!

“Cough cough cough… Oh my God, did someone throw a bomb at our Immortal Spirit Paradise?”

A male Blood Tribe cultivator with a huge alcohol gourd on his back and a set of amicable features dusted himself off as he grumbled.

“What a terrifying entrance!” A Blood Tribe powerful being sighed with emotion.

“No! That’s not him! He must be an imposter!” Some of the mighty figures were unwilling to believe their eyes.

The Holy Leader of their imagination should make a magnificent, graceful entrance.

What the hell was this kamikaze self-detonating rocket entrance?!

Crimson veined patterns began to emerge on the ground, forming a spell formation that emitted power as vast as the ocean to absorb the shockwaves of the rocket explosion.

The dust and debris were also dispersed by the power, revealing a man in a white robe with erratic, curled hair. He was panting heavily as he grumbled to himself.

“Holy f*ck! Bai Ling didn’t tell me this rocket was going to self-detonate! What the hell is this? A kamikaze explosion?!”

An Lin complained with an enraged expression as his negative emotions continued to build up.

If it weren’t for that fact that he had thick skin, it would be GG for him before he even made it the scene!

However, what was unknown to him was that his entrance really had achieved its intended effect of inflicting a physical and psychological blow simultaneously upon his enemies.

Emperor Yi Deng almost jumped up from his throne with fright. “You… you’re An Lin! Why are you here?!”

An Lin looked up to discover a man with an extremely terrifying aura in a crimson, imperial robe staring at him with an astonished expression.

This was an old friend of his.

Last time, this Blood Tribe emperor had even tried to chase him down and kill him.

An Lin smiled. “What? I was bored, so I decided to take a trip here!”

Yi Deng’s lips twitched upon hearing this. Who took trips on self-detonating rockets?

However, an incredible thought soon occurred to him. “Could it be… Could it be that you’re the Holy Leader they speak of?!”

This speculation was extremely absurd, but this was the only reasonable conclusion Emperor Yi Deng could arrive at.

“That’s right! I’m here to rescue the Holy Worshippers of my Holy Blood Cult, so piss off!” An Lin didn’t deny this. The cover on the whole operation had already been blown, so there was no point in hiding anything.

An Lin’s open admission sent another wave of shock running through all of the Blood Tribe powerful beings gathered at the Immortal Spirit Paradise.

The Holy Worshippers in hiding were the most astonished among everyone. This was the first time they had seen their Holy Leader, only to discover that their Holy Leader was a human? This was like a lightning strike to the head for them!

They had always thought that their Holy Leader was some obscure Blood Tribe mighty figure!

“Impossible! Our Holy Leader is a being with perfect blood! He should be a regal prince with eyes as crimson as blood and flowing golden hair! How could he be a human?” A beautiful Blood Tribe mighty figure had tears flowing down her face.

“This must be a mistake. It’s fake! It’s all fake!” The sect leader of the Blood Wheel Sect was also unable to accept this reality and broke down into tears.

Ada was also astonished to see this. “An Lin is the sect leader of the Four Nine Immortal Sect… But he’s also the Holy Leader? These two identities don’t have anything to do with one another…”

An Lin ignored all of the emotional fluctuations running through all of the Blood Tribe powerful beings. His divine sense instantly enshrouded the entire Immortal Spirit Paradise to discover that there was only one Dao Integration Stage super mighty figure, which meant that the Heavenly Court had succeeded in their plan.

He then turned toward the crimson palace behind Emperor Yi Deng with a thoughtful expression.

It looked like this was the entrance to the Blood Tribe’s holy land.

Emperor Yi Deng had already recovered from his astonishment, and a ruthless smile appeared on his face. “Hahaha… You’re the Holy Leader? Even though I’m quite surprised, I’m also extremely ecstatic!”

He abruptly stood up from his throne as his crimson power of the divine dao soared into the clouds.

His power was imbued with an insane and violent intent realm, and it was as if mountains of corpses and oceans of blood had appeared around him. The air was also extremely viscous and pungent with the scent of blood.

“I swore a vow to leave you alone until you reached the Return to Void Stage. Now that you’ve reached the Return to Void Stage, I was thinking about hunting you down, but you spared me the trouble of having to find you!” Emperor Yi Deng chortled with glee, and he was already thinking about how he was going to torture An Lin.

The three holy golden guardians remained standing silently on the spot.

They could just leave Emperor Yi Deng to avenge his son for himself.

Emperor Yi Deng had already reached the Dao Integration Stage for many years and was unfathomably powerful.

An Lin could sense from his aura alone that he was much more powerful than the likes of Feng Wuya…

“You call yourself the Holy Leader? You ignorant, cocky b*stard, let me teach you a lesson in humility!” Emperor Yi Deng gripped the air toward An Lin.

Over ten thousand ferocious beasts clad in crimson armor roared as they pounced toward An Lin. All of them possessed extremely powerful auras and were also imbued with the Dao Integration Stage power of the divine dao. Even as they were running through the air, their claws made the space around them tremor and quake.

“What a pitifully weak attack.” An Lin unleashed his Origin Energy of the Netherworld, upon which his aura soared explosively, and he slashed his Evil-Slaying Sword through the air.

A sword projection transformed into a vast expanse of darkness before engulfing all of the armor-clad beasts like a tidal wave.

At the same time, An Lin’s eyes became pure golden in color, and a golden divine pattern appeared on his forehead. A paramount divine might instantly erupted forth in a radius of several hundred kilometers, enshrouding the entire heaven and earth.

An earsplitting call instantly reverberated throughout heaven and earth.

“The Holy Leader of the Holy Blood Cult is here. Where are my Holy Worshippers?!”

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