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«I Might Be A Fake Cultivator (Web Novel) - Chapter 2103: A Battle of Extreme Limits

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Chapter 2103: A Battle of Extreme Limits

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“Dammit…” The Heavenly Earth God’s enraged voice echoed throughout heaven and earth.

His body swayed reluctantly before falling to the ground again.

An Lin unleashed his power of darkness to engulf the Malicious Spirit Star weighing down upon him, but he was suddenly struck by a sense of extreme discomfort. He felt very full, as if his stomach were bulging…

Holy f*ck!

I can’t eat much more than this!

How many planets had he eaten already?

He had lost count long ago.

All he knew was that he had consumed horde after horde of the most vicious planets in the entire universe.

Theoretically, his darkness had limitless engulfment potential, but it was quite clear that there was a limit to how much he could engulf in a set period of time. An Lin felt like he had already reached his limit.

The Heavenly Earth God plucked a few massive mountains from the ground before molding them together to form a new head for himself. He then began to chortle with glee at the sight of An Lin’s digestive discomfort. “An Lin, you’ve reached your limits! The only fate that awaits you from here is death!”

He pointed a finger up at the starry sky and yelled in a voice imbued with a boundless divine might, “Karma Death Star, descend!”

A loud rumbling erupted, followed by an anticlimactic “pffft” that sounded as if someone had blown a raspberry.

After that, everything fell completely silent.

The Heavenly Earth God: “???”

An Lin howled with laughter upon seeing that. “Hahaha, you say I’m at my limits, so why are your stars farting? Hurry up and throw some more planets at me!”

The Heavenly Earth God’s expression completely darkened.

He pointed a finger into the sky again. “Great Frost Star, descend!”

He was going to summon an easier star this time.

The starry sky resonated once again before that same anticlimactic “pffft” erupted.

The Heavenly Earth God: “…”

“Hahahaha… Keep going! Throw some more stars at me!” An Lin roared with laughter as he continued to engulf the star that was crushing him to the ground. If he didn’t completely get rid of that thing, it would continue to hunt him down for all of eternity.

The Heavenly Earth God’s expression was filled with rage and humiliation as he pointed upward yet again. “Small Saber Star!”

That was the easiest planet he was willing to summon. He would be too embarrassed to summon anything weaker.

However, the same thing happened again.


“Hahaha… Hahahaha… You call that the Small Saber Star? Are you sure it’s not the Small Fart Star?” An Lin was doubled over with laughter, and eight percent of the Malicious Spirit Star had already been engulfed.

The Heavenly Earth God abruptly turned his gaze upon An Lin, and the latter was instantly struck by a sense of boundless pressure and killing intent.

The Heavenly Earth God stepped forward, covering a distance of several hundred kilometers with each step as he rushed toward An Lin. Monstrous power of stars intermingled with the power of the earth erupted from his fist, which he rammed viciously down at An Lin.

“Great Earth Star, descend!”

He roared as his massive fist came crashing down.

An Lin was astonished. “Wait a minute, that’s not a star! That’s your fist, you shameless b*stard!”

“Shut up!” the Heavenly Earth God roared as his fist continued to descend.

An Lin was still engulfing the Malicious Spirit Star and couldn’t evade, so he could only take the attack head-on.


The extreme power of the earth erupted in the form of golden shockwaves, instantly reducing the remaining planets to dust. However, that was only the residual force from his attack; the majority of the power was aimed at An Lin.

An Lin unleashed his power of darkness with all his might, fusing his darkness divine dao into his very being, making his entire body pitch-black in color. He was merging his power to engulf all things with his body, which was the most efficient and practical way to cop a beating.

The Heavenly Earth God’s fist came crashing down with an insane power, as if he were trying to destroy the entire world.

An Lin stood like a resilient cockroach right beneath the gargantuan colossus of a fist, withstanding the boundless pressure hurtling toward him. Every inch of his body was trembling violently, as if it were about to give out at any moment.

The power behind the fist completely erupted, pulverizing the earth for several thousand kilometers and creating a crater tens of thousands of meters in depth. An Lin was situated at the very center of that crater, but he was still standing!

He had his hands pressed firmly against the Heavenly Earth God’s fist, which was as large as a continent!

The Heavenly Earth God’s expression faltered in surprise upon seeing that.

All of a sudden, a burst of sharp pain shot through his hand.

A pillar of darkness had punctured his fist!

An Lin emerged from the darkness and transformed into a lightning-fast afterimage as he flew through the air. He raised his Evil-Slaying Sword and slashed it toward the Heavenly Earth God’s head. “Six Strikes of the War God, Shadow Tiger!”

He was moving extremely quickly, but the Heavenly Earth God’s reactions were just as fast.

Countless specks of starlight shot forth from the galaxy around his left hand, and they hurtled toward An Lin at close to the speed of light.

An Lin was unable to ignore that attack, so he could only defend himself with his sword.

Boom boom boom…

Starlight and darkness clashed, exploding like bursts of vibrant fireworks.

An Lin was stalled by the countless specks of silvery-white starlight.

A sinister smile appeared on the Heavenly Earth God’s face. “An Lin, you wouldn’t have tried such a dirty trick in the past! And you still say you’re not at your limit?”

“You wouldn’t be using a little party trick like this to attack me in the past either!” An Lin countered with a mocking smile.

“Shut up!” The Heavenly Earth God had already withdrawn his hand and was swinging it viciously toward An Lin again.

“Evil-Slaying Sword, Royal Divine Monarch!” An Lin took the initiative and unleashed a peerlessly powerful sword projection toward the oncoming fist.


The boundless power of the earth clashed with the bottomless power of darkness, transforming heaven and earth into a battleground between those two powers.

An Lin was blasted flying by the power of the earth for over a hundred kilometers, and the Heavenly Earth God was also forced back a few steps by the power of darkness.

“Again!” An Lin arrested his momentum before swinging his sword at the Heavenly Earth God again.

“You think I’m scared of you?” the Heavenly Earth God roared with thunderous rage as he retaliated with his fists.

Another earth-shattering collision ensued before both of them were sent flying.

However, neither side was willing to give up, and they clashed over and over again…

Boom boom boom…

This was a legendary battle between two god-like beings who could easily destroy entire planets.

Resounding booms erupted relentlessly and were audible in every corner of the world.

Before they knew it, their battle had become a melee brawl.

Both of them knew that their opponents were close to their limits.

In that state, a physical battle was the most efficient way to fight.

The Heavenly Earth God had already transformed into a miniature version of himself, which was only just over a hundred thousand feet tall, and he had done so in order to maximize his physical combat prowess.

In the end, their melee battle also reached its climax.

An Lin infused his power of darkness into his Fist of the Heavenly Dao and pulverized the Heavenly Earth God’s head.

Meanwhile, the Heavenly Earth God’s punch was even more devastating, and it reduced An Lin to a pile of mincemeat!

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