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«I Might Be A Fake Cultivator (Web Novel) - Chapter 1680: Gathering of Powerful Beings

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Chapter 1680: Gathering of Powerful Beings

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Not only did An Lin want to publicly execute the Heavenly Gods right now, but he also wanted to invite supreme beings from all over the continent to witness their deaths.

As expected, spreading joy was much more satisfying than reveling in joy with oneself!

Would any powerful beings choose to participate in this grand event?

An Lin believed that the answer would be a definite yes. The only unknown was how many powerful beings would choose to participate!

The Four Nine Immortal Sect was destined to welcome the most significant moment in their short history.

The mysterious land of the east had become the center of all attention.

An Lin leisurely tasted some fragrant tea as he silently observed the commotion rippling throughout the outside world.

At this moment, the cry of a crane traveled over from the distance.

His pupils contracted and his mouth gaped open in shock as he looked up toward the sky.

Flying through the sky was an extremely elegant and graceful immortal crane. Its feathers were pure white and flawless, and its robust claws shone with a noble golden color. Moreover, its long neck made it appear especially proud and mighty. However, the most salient characteristic was the crane’s eyes.

Its eyes were almost larger than its head, and they stuck out like two gigantic watermelons. They were jet-black and radiating with vigor, yet they looked as if they were about to fall off at any second.

Uh-huh… its appearance was extremely unique!

No matter where it flew, it would attract large amounts of shocked and surprised gazes!

It was the large-eyed crane!

“Human piggy ba—Bah! Celestial Maiden Tian Yu, welcome!” An Lin held in his laughter as he waved toward the beautiful and elegant female sitting on the back of the crane.

The large-eyed crane let out a proud cry as it flapped its wings and landed before An Lin.

A faint yet mesmerizing smile appeared on Lin Junjun’s face as she gracefully leaped off the crane’s back. “Sect Leader An Lin, it’s been one hundred years since we last met. I’ve missed you greatly.”

“I haven’t seen you for one hundred years, and you’ve become more and more beautiful.” An Lin felt that Lin Junjun had become more graceful and poise since the last time they met. “The large-eyed crane is also becoming increasingly peculiar and unique,” he praised.

Lin Junjun’s face twitched involuntarily. She raised her dainty fist, then suddenly realized that she was no match for An Lin. She sulkily lowered her fist and humphed. “I’m here to pass on a message. Emperor Ziwei and my father will arrive here in nine days. Right now, they’re traveling to the Lang Ya Forbidden Realm to retrieve a valuable item.”

“What valuable item?” An Lin asked curiously.

“Heh, it’s got something to do with you, but I’m not telling.” A dazzling smile spread across Lin Junjun’s face as she said this.

An Lin: “…”

Only knowing half of the information made An Lin feel extremely uncomfortable.

Lin Junjun’s mood became even brighter upon seeing An Lin’s distressed expression.

This kind of feeling is so soothing! So what if you’re super-bad*ss? This Celestial Maiden can still make you feel distressed, no?

In front of An Lin, Lin Junjun only had this one simple desire remaining.

The large-eyed crane haughtily swept its gaze around the surroundings. Then, its gigantic eyes popped out even more as its attention was drawn to a certain spot. “So big!” it exclaimed in a tender voice.

Lin Junjun nodded and marveled, “Sect Leader An Lin is risking his life to direct this spectacular show… It’s definitely a historical event with no precedent. In fact, it’s very likely going to be a legendary feat that is never going to be replicated again!”

A ginormous crystal screen that measured thirty thousand feet in length and ten thousand feet in height rested on the Four Nine Immortal Sect’s dao plaza. Its pixels reached an amazing three quadrillion, and it also provided a pure 4D virtual surround experience!

Not only could it simulate and live-stream holographic projections, but it could also simulate the sound, smell, taste, feel, divine sense, vital energy sense, pressure, and other qualities of the battle. This ginormous screen strived to provide its audience with the most realistic and stimulating experience.

This was the super-advanced technology of the Purple Star Civilization.

Of course, the most important technology was Bai Ling being able to communicate through two realms and live stream the events of the Divine Mirror World into the Main World, the Tai Chu Continent.

Countless different organizations on the Tai Chu Continent would also live-stream the images that appeared on the Four Nine Immortal Sect’s ginormous crystal screen. The number of media outlets that received broadcast licenses numbered in the tens of thousands…

It was evident just how much time and effort An Lin had put into this historical event.

“An Lin, answer me honestly. What’s the success rate of this public Heavenly God execution?” Lin Junjun appeared a bit anxious as she looked toward the male beside her.

An Lin extended a single finger.

Lin Junjun frowned deeply. “Only ten percent?” she asked worriedly. “That’s far too risky… We can’t continue with this plan. Why don’t we take this slowly? Or perhaps we can wait for more powerful allies to appear.”

An Lin rolled his eyes. “What I meant was… the success rate is one hundred percent!”

Lin Junjun was stunned. “Where is all this confidence coming from?”

Heavenly Gods weren’t defenseless cats or dogs. What they represented was the supreme laws of the Heavenly Dao! They possessed unparalleled powers, and they would be able to perform all kinds of miracles during battle. Even divine beings of the God of Creation Stage wouldn’t dare to make such a bold and outrageous claim!

“I’m giving myself this confidence.” An Lin smiled.

Lin Junjun: “…”

Fine, she had nothing to say anymore. She didn’t want to be forced to swallow her words again.

The two of them started to chit-chat about the past and other trivial matters as they awaited the most spectacular show in history.

Numerous powerful beings had already started to arrive at the Four Nine Immortal Sect. They all wanted to witness this historic public execution.

The first arrivals were naturally the powerful beings from the Kingdom of the Nine States.

Cultivators ranked at the Soul Formation Stage or above could enter the Four Nine Immortal Sect’s dao plaza to watch the public execution on the ginormous crystal screen. As for weaker cultivators, they could only watch the public execution on the ten-thousand one-hundred meters large screens dispersed throughout the Realm of the Fallen Phoenix.

This was unavoidable, as this historical event had attracted far too much attention. If the number of spectators wasn’t limited, the Four Nine Immortal Sect would definitely be bursting with people. There was simply no way that the Four Nine Immortal Sect could hold so many people!

Nine of the ten days quickly flashed by.

The number of spectators gathered in the Realm of the Fallen Phoenix had already surpassed a whopping ten million!

Goosebumps formed on An Lin’s arms as he gazed at the massive crowd before him. In fact, this large crowd of spectators didn’t consist of any members of the Kingdom of the Nine States United Army. After all, the armies were all stationed at their relative posts at this moment. This was because they had to guard against potential counter-attacks from the Heavenly Human Tribe United Army.

These ten million individuals had all hurried over from all over the continent in order to witness the live stream of the public execution!

They were clearly able to watch the live stream from their own locations as well… So why did they all gather here?

The reason was very simple. They were here for the atmosphere!

An Lin almost vomited blood upon hearing this reason. If he led this crowd of zealous spectators outside, they would no doubt be able to form an extremely powerful army!

Of course, the number of powerful beings who qualified to enter the Four Nine Immortal Sect’s dao plaza was also frighteningly large.

There were over one hundred thousand Soul Formation Stage cultivators, hundreds of Return to Void Stage supreme beings, and a whopping fifteen Dao Integration Stage super mighty beings. Even the Ghost Tribe divine being, Patriarch Zhu Yin, had come to witness the execution. He had transformed into an ordinary Soul Formation Stage male and come here with his dao partner, Li Yiyin.

The combined power of these spectators was so high that they could potentially destroy another Heavenly Gate with An Lin.

Not only was the outside world stunned by this event, but even the pavilion lords, elders, and disciples of the Four Nine Immortal Sect were greatly astonished. There were far too many powerful individuals present! At this time of intense battle and great danger, how did these powerful individuals have the spare time to come here? Was it really a good decision for them to come here?

At the same time, the disciples of the Four Nine Immortal Sect were also extremely exhilarated. Seeing so many powerful individuals arrive at their sect was truly a thrilling and prideful matter!

Right at this moment, Emperor Ziwei and the Celestial Thearch ripped open the void and arrived above the Four Nine Immortal Sect.

Their arrival immediately drew the attention of all the present spectators.

An Lin’s heartbeat quickened in anticipation as he gazed passionately at the two arriving figures.

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