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Chapter 97: Open Campus

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Translator: Tyo Mochi and Cnine

“You wouldn’t be able to continue this fight in your current situation. I’ve won.”

“Da—mn it. H-how can it be. How can a mere human be stronger than me?”

“Well, I can just say that you can find humans out there just as strong as vampires.”

Though I managed to say that with a calm tone, my heart is pounding like crazy. I thought I was done for when she used charm on me, but the result is rather surprising.

It was way too dangerous and never come to my mind about what I should do when my movement is sealed in the midst of a combat. I just barely made out of it in the last moment.

Nevertheless, I won.

Good grief, how unlucky I am for meeting Risa Haruna today.

When I look at Risa Haruna with a grudge, she is clapping her hands. Oi, aren’t you too carefree here?

“Please don’t get me involved in this matter anymore, Risa Haruna-san.”

“My bad. Though it was a close call, I’m glad that you won.”

“Are you really regretting this? Well, since Epi is acting like that with Risa Haru- Ah, so Risa Haruna is your human name, since you don’t want to cause a trouble, huh. It seems to be rather troubling, but I know how you feel.”

“Kuh… How, how can a mere human gain Higan-sama’s trust?”

“Er, how should I say… Why did it turn into such a development?”

I have no choice but to reply appropriately to the glaring Epi. Suddenly, Epi is heaving a grand sigh.

“Ha~h, whatever’s the reason, a loss is a loss. I can’t win against a human and it seems it’s still hundred years too early for me to follow Higan-sama. If it’s just power, I’ll acknowledge his power, but… THAT’S TOO SLY! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THIS HUMAN!”

“Since she is currently cohabiting with the humans, isn’t it natural for Risa Haruna to rely on a human? It won’t even take hundred years for her to go along with an inappropriate man.”

“You know about her true nature, right? And yet, why are you fine with that?”

“Naturally, whether she’s a vampire or a human, Risa Haruna is Risa Haruna. Trying to act cool will only bring trouble for her.”

When I glared at Risa Haruna, she smiles back at me.

It doesn’t change anything at all.

“I see. So human doesn’t care about whether she is vampire or human. So, you’re together with Higan-sama because you recognize the current her. I see, that’s just normal. I mean… Higan-sama is recognizing the person who recognized her.”

Epi is looking straight into Risa Haruna’s eyes.

“Did you meet with this human-like person after you came to the surface?”

“Yeah, I know what you want to say, Epi. Even though I just abandoned my power, I know it is an event that’s hard to comprehend amongst fellow vampires. It’s not like I would force you to understand my situation. Different people have different preferences. But, let me clearly say that I’m aware of what I will receive in return. That’s all.”


Epi is bowing her head.

Though she might not have comprehended those words, she calmed down for the time being at least.

In that case, this is my turn.

I cancel my skill and then walk I am a step away from Epi.

“It’s my turn then, Epi.”

Maybe the recent fight against her was actually quite effective.

“You said that you wanted to fight in the basement now, right Epi? I was also thinking like that. I don’t want to look at your pathetic figure, but I will turn a blind eye as long as you do the following two actions: release all the hostages and return the treasure.”

“I can’t agree to that condition. I have come this far for this magic tool.”

“In that case, I can only use force to make you submit. Since we’ve been in combat, I have already lost my resistance in doing some cruel things. I’m not a soft-hearted person, after all.”

I take a step to approach her.

Epi’s already trembling. She’s staring into my eyes with her tensed body, after which she silently placed the box containing the treasure on the ground.

“You really won’t do anything if I give you this?”


“Not just me, but to all of the undead in this academy?”

“I won’t as long as you won’t do anything bad from now on.”

Epi stared into my eyes for a moment. She then gave me the box and stepped back.

I take that as her agreeing to my suggestion and then took the box.

“Ha~h, why did we come at such a bad timing. For me to have ended up in a meeting with Higan-sama and this human aberration. But a promise is a promise, so I’ll just go back.”

“Go back? To where?”

“Unholywood. You would never come there, won’t you?”

Epi is sticking out her tongue while muttering something.

Soon, she stopped that action and then looked at Risa Haruna and me.

“I told all of them to retreat. See ya. Pondering about it a little, it seems our plan has failed but something good did happen out of it.”

Epi ran toward the back of the magic academy building while holding on to her flank.

She’s avoiding the street and might be on the way toward the place called Unholywood.

Something unexpected happened in the end, but is this really the end?.

Well, whatever.

“Eiji-kun, those undead have retreated, but what just happened?”

Jackrosa appeared from the academy building. Suu and Minan also appeared.

A case closed, but it seems I’m still yet to finish my job.

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