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«I Leveled up from Being a Parasite, But I May Have Grown Too Much (Web Novel) - Chapter 105: The Undead Is Laughing In The City

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Chapter 105: The Undead Is Laughing In The City

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「This meat is so delicious」

「I’m glad」

Epi replies so with a blissful face while stuffing her mouth with grilled meat she bought from the street vendor. Coincidentally, I also bought the meat, and it’s certainly delicious.

Though the preserved food we ate in dungeon is palatable, freshly cooked food is the best.

The meat juice is overflowing in my mouth! Oil is overflowing from the meat! Suddenly, the fellow beside me asked for something else.

「Let’s try that green fruit next, Eiji」

「Okay okay」

The thing on which Epi set her eyes on was a melon, while she continued biting the skewered meat in her hand.

The melon is delicious as it is already. Now, it’s being cooled down with a magic tool that emits cold air.

「Next is――」

Our food tour lingers for a while.

「Fu~h. I’m stuffed」

Epi’s shouts delightfully while patting her stomach.

「Blood aside, an active vampire does eat normal food, huh」

「Well, blood is like an emergency ration for us. Rather, it’s not like we drink it on a regular basis. We won’t drink blood unless it’s necessary. Epi’s residence is filled with creatures that don’t contain blood, you see」

Well, so she’s saying that blood isn’t actually needed for them. Now that I think about it, Risa Haruna has also been living a normal life.

「But, we’ll get energized almost immediately when we drink blood when we are exhausted. So, will you let me taste yours?」

「No, I refuse」

「Fufufu, that’s fine, too. You’ll become an undead if your lifeblood is sucked by a powerful vampire, you know」

「I’ll be careful then」

I’m guiding Epi throughout the city while having such an unusual conversation with her.

The things which Epi enjoyed alongside dance and music were the buildings. She became excited just by seeing a normal store or a house. She became so exhilarated upon seeing the temple and the coliseum that she started drawing a sketch of it on a piece of paper she carried.

As for her artistic talent… Well, it’s better if we don’t talk about it.

After spending such a peaceful day, we returned to the inn by dusk.

A healthy and safe day.

And then, when we were about to return to our own room, someone showed up unexpectedly.

「Hey, Eiji-kun. Moreover, what a surprise! Epi has come again, huh」

We ran into Risa Haruna when we entered the inn.

A~h, why now?

I don’t even know how to respond in this situation.

I think I’ll be troubled if it turns into a dangerous situation again.

And yet, here she is, coming from the front, slowly inching toward us.


「Yes, Higan-sama. I discovered a method to move around safely on the surface」

「Oh. Since you’re along with Eiji, did he have something to do with that method?」

「That’s right. It’s because he lent me his magic tool that I could replenish my demonic element continuously」

「I see, I’m glad to hear that. The human towns are quite interesting. You may stay as long as you want to enjoy about it」

「I learnt so much in just one day. It seems there’s more to go, fufufu, this’ll definitely be interesting」

「Fuh. It’s okay as long as you achieve your goal. I’ll lend you my power if something happens. Since it’s been a long time since I met with Epi, someone might try to do something abnormal」

「Higan-sama―― So you noticed it, didn’t you? Epi is impressed. Since Higan-sama has gone as far as lending me your power, then I won’t feel reserved to use that offer when the time is ripe. Let me reward you since the current Epi is stronger than Higan-sama」

Epi is placing her hand on her puffed chest while exclaiming as such; she seems to be deeply moved by her own statement. She must have probably mastered that posture.

Risa Haruna left while waving her hand toward Epi.

Epi’s eyes continued gazing at Risa Haruna till she left from the door.

「O~~~Y. O~i, Epi」

「Eh? What’s the matter, Eiji?」

「No, it’s nothing. So, you’ve reconciled with Risa Ha―― With Higan」

「That should be like that before then, right」

Is that so?

I’ve not noticed that, though.

「A vampire’s mood is just like the autumn sky, so easy to change」

「You might say it that way. Aren’t you like that too, Eiji?」

Though I dodge that with a vague answer, I wonder what she’s really trying to do in the city. It’s as if she’ll end up saying something that will suit her tastes.

「Well, g’night」

「Yeah, g’night, too」

「Why are you speaking as if you’re my guardian?」

「I mean, we feel like a family, right? Epi and Eiji」

「As if! Well then, see ya」

Thus we left to our own rooms.

I became her guide for the next day, too.

We decided to saunter around the city for today.

Just like yesterday, Epi continues to exhibit a great deal of curiosity toward all the buildings. She even looked at windmill and water-wheel from various angles, as if licking on it.

When I’m wondering what’s so great about those buildings, I realized that in Unholywoods, they were using caves as residences.

It’s been a while since the last time she saw a building, but it seems they’re progressing very well.

And then, we came to outskirts of the forest.

Of course, unlike in Unholywoods, you can see the usual patches of sun visible through the gaps between the trees.

「Uh~~n, Fu~h. The sunlight is warm; the gentle breeze feels so comfortable. Epi feels really go~od」

I saw an extremely innocent side of Epi while she stretched her hands. She’s normally a haughty girl, but I really love this kind of face that she makes once in a while.

But then, it’s not like I hate her haughty attitude, though.

「Are you really an undead? How are you so cheerful in such a bright place」

「Is that so? It’s not just Epi, undead generally don’t hate bright places.」

「Yeah, gloomy places will make you feel restless, but places with sunlight will soothe your mind」

… Eh?

What was that voice just now?

Why can I hear a voice that isn’t mine or Epi?

I slowly turning around to determine the owner of that voice.

And then.


I didn’t bring my weapon with me since I never anticipated them to come.

Ah, I forgot that I have magic craft skills.

I silently create a sword for protection.

And then, Epi burst into a laugh all of a sudden.

「Pupu, what are you worried about, Eiji? It’s not a common zombie」

「No, it’s a monster you know, A MONSTER; if we don’t do somethi――」

「No way. Indeed, I’m a monster, but I’m not a dangerous one」

The zombie is responding upon hearing my wo- The zombie’s replying?

「You can talk?」

「I’m a zombie, after all」

The zombie with a pale complexion nodded while pointing his thumb at me.


「Uhm… My head hurts」

「Are you okay? Here, take this medicinal plant」

When I’m rubbing my head, unable to come to terms with this rather unimaginable situation, the zombie takes out a dried leaf from his rag-like pocket.

What a kind undead.

「Ah, thank you」

While worrying whether it’s okay to eat something that was touched by undead or if there were rotten parts on it, I bite it while having the most of it on my lips, since it’ll be an impolite action to the other side if I just throw it away.

Thereupon, a dry wind-like taste, reminiscent of mint, spread in my mouth.

My body and mind feels refreshed at the same time.

「There are good ones amongst the undead, huh…… Is what I want to say, but NAY! Good or not aside, why the hell is there an undead near the city? Is this some kind of monster raid?」

「I said no, didn’t I? This zombie is Epi’s comrade」

「Comrade? Ah, could you be the one who came to the magic academy previously」

The zombie nods upon hearing my question so.

「Yes~h, so you do remember me. You were so cruel at that time, you know? You just suddenly came to chop me up」

「Chop… No no no, I’m sure that I chopped a zombie, but why there’s no severe wound on you?」

「Zombie are already dead, so we won’t die anymore, as long as we were not exterminated」


What the hell with that rule-breaking state.

「We won’t be capable of reviving ourselves if we were cut into tiny pieces, but it’ll take only a moment if you severe our head. Moreover, in the end, Epi is a necromancer」

Epi places her hand on her hips while proudly saying so.

And the zombie is nodding by her side.

U~hm, in short.

「Does that mean this zombie, whom I cut, has its bodily functions brought down to a complete halt, but Epi then came along and used her necromancy skill to revive you? 」

「Yeah. You’re smart, Eiji. The skeletons and zombies who can’t move will be brought along by the one who can move, and then I’ll perform a revival ceremony for them later on」

It seems that not just any vampire can use this special skill, Epi’s too awesome.

「Hee~, that’s so amazing, Epi」

「Yeah. It’s a piece of cake. Now, praise me more!」

Epi is humming in a good mood.

I’m looking at her while mumbling, ‘What a simple girl’, but I notice that the zombie beside her is also looking at her in the same way as me.

「By the way, I understand that they’ve been revived, but why are they in this place? Are they meandering around, too? 」

「Yessh, something along that line. Or ratherssh, it’s half-correct. We came to see Epi-aneki and then report about the ssh*tuation in Unholywoods, you shee」

「Unholywoods… Oh right, Epi, I’m going to continue exploring that place, so how about you become our guide? It’ll save a lot of trouble if a native guides us」

「Well, I don’t mind about that. Since it’s been a while since I came here, let’s go there after I enjoy this place for a bit more longer」

Well, no need to rush like that, just take your time.

「Agreed. Since we already came here, let us see the peaceful living place of the humans」

「Say, you’re quite lively for an undead… Uh? We? 」

That word, it seems there’s more to the zombie.

「Ooh, we finally arrived, huh」

「Geez, you can’t just charge ahead by yourself, you know」

「Don’T YoU THinK ThaT You’RE ToO FireD UP?!!」

Thus, I heard such voices from behind.

When I turned around―― Here they are.

There are zombies, skeletons, ghouls, and ghost-like beings with transparent body, all of them together. Is this a Hyakkiyakyou*? [TL* : Numerous demons and spirit forming a line to walking in the middle of night, Read ‘Grandson of Nura’ manga for more information]

「Hahaha, of all the people here, I’m the most merry one. How embarrassing. Shall we go to the city, then?」

Those undead battalions, standing in front of the dazed me with a number that surpassed my imagination, formed a line and then marched toward Prowkai.

Is it really okay to leave them to their own devices?

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