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«I Get A Random New Occupation Every Week (Web Novel) - Chapter 777 Dirty Tricks

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Chapter 777 Dirty Tricks

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After leaving Lingyun Group, Wang Yaxin and Sun Yongming walked to the parking lot angrily.

“F*ck, this kid doesn't know what's good for him. He doesn't even take us seriously!” Sun Yongming scolded.

“Don't worry, let me think of something,” Wang Yaxin said with a frown.

“How can I not worry? Our factory has to deliver goods every two days. If we can't deliver the goods tomorrow, the suppliers below will be furious.”

“I'll call President Zhang first and see how he handles it.”

“Alright, after all, this matter started because of him. He can't let us take the blame for this.”

Wang Yaxin nodded and took out his phone.

“President Zhang, where are you? Something happened here.”

“I'm preparing to go out to meet an important client. There are still ten minutes left before then. If there's anything, just say it fast.”

Wang Yaxin spent five minutes explaining the whole story to the person on the other end.

The latter was silent for a few seconds before the person on the phone said, “That Lin Yi is so arrogant?”

“He's indeed quite arrogant. Otherwise, he wouldn't have forced Cisco into bankruptcy overnight.”

“According to you guys, this kid is quite a ruffian.”

“Not only is he fooling around, but he doesn't care about morals at all. We just entered his office and haven't even discussed anything before we were scammed of a million yuan. I thought that this matter would be resolved peacefully by using this money as an apology, but he didn't buy it at all.”

“Since he's playing dirty, don't stand on ceremony with him.”

“What do you mean, President Zhang?”

“Didn't he ask someone to dig up the road? Get some people to go over and fill up the road again. I don't have to teach you how to do the rest, right?”

Hearing this, the two of them came to a realization.

“I understand, President Zhang.”

“Alright, I'm going out now. Call me if anything happens. I'm hanging up.”

“Alright, alright, alright. President Zhang, you go ahead.”

After hanging up, both of them heaved a sigh of relief.

“Old Wang, we've been doing business for so many years and were busy thinking about clearing our names. I really want to forget about the past,” Sun Yongming said.

“That's right.” Wang Yaxin laughed and said, “Since he's so shameless, let's not stand on ceremony.”

“Let's go. I'll call the people I know. Fifty should be enough, right?”

“You find fifty, I'll find fifty. If we call so many people over, won't they be scared to death?” Wang Yaxin laughed and said.

“I reckon that when the time comes, we don't even have to do anything. They'll personally fill the road themselves.”

“That's what I want to see.”

In the high-tech industrial park, the construction team was methodically digging up the concrete road.

It was now only a meter wide. Although it was not long, it was impossible for a car to pass through.

“Engineer Sun, how long do we have to dig?” A dark-skinned man said.

His name was Wu Guangfa, and he was an engineering supervisor at Chaoyang Group. He had been sent here with Sun Baoguo.

“I feel that this is enough.” Sun Baoguo said.

“Anyway, President Lin doesn't really want to repair the road. As long as we can stop the traffic here, our goal will be achieved.”

“Then let the crew rest for a while. They've been working hard all morning.”

“Alright, let's take a break.” Sun Baoguo said.

“Before we left, President Lin gave us 200 yuan each for food subsidies. Go get some food. I'm starving.”

“Alright, I'm hungry too.”

Wu Guangfa lit a cigarette and prepared to drive out to buy food.

However, just as he was about to get into the car, he suddenly saw a Bentley and Rolls-Royce stop in front of him.

Such a scene gave Wu Guangfa a fright.

He originally thought that Lin Yi was here to visit, but after thinking about it carefully, with his status, he shouldn't drive such a car.

It was very likely that an outsider had arrived.

The people who were resting at the side saw two luxury cars. They did not know who had come.

After the car stopped, Wang Yaxin and Sun Yongming got out of the car.

Sun Baoguo and Wu Guangfa looked at the two of them a few times and realized that they did not know each other.

However, from their expressions, they did not look very kind.

“Scram to the side, don't be an eyesore here.” Wang Yaxin pointed at Wu Guangfa's nose and scolded.

Seeing that the two of them were scolding each other the moment they met, the construction workers all stood up and straightened their backs. No one was afraid.

“Who the f*ck are you? Our construction here has nothing to do with you. Don't f*cking point fingers here,” Wu Guangfa scolded.

Wang Yaxin smiled and pointed at Wu Guangfa.

“I'm telling you, you'd better flatten the road before tonight. Otherwise, we won't be so polite.”

Upon hearing this, Sun Baoguo and Wu Guangfa guessed their identities.

They should be the people in charge of the two factories. Otherwise, they wouldn't have said such things.

“We have all the necessary approval for the construction here. Don't be unreasonable!” Sun Baoguo said.

“We're being unreasonable?” Wang Yaxin sneered. “I don't need to tell you what's going on with this project, so don't mess with us. Hurry up and fill up the holes!”

“F*ck, I've worked in construction for so many years and have seen all kinds of people. Don't think you can show off here!”

Sun Baoguo was still alright. As he got older, he had dialled back his temper a lot.

However, Wu Guangfa was different. He was only in his thirties, so he naturally could not stand such an insult.

Even without President Lin's ability, he still wanted to pretend to be as arrogant as the latter. Even God wouldn't tolerate this.

“Alright, you guys won't fill it in, right? Don't regret this later.”

Wang Yaxin took out his phone. “Bring everyone over. Send people to all three places.”

Hearing this, Wu Guangfa realized that something was wrong.

He suddenly turned around and saw dozens of people running out of the factory of Asian New Technologies. Moreover, all of them were aggressive. It was obvious that they were here to fight.

People who worked in engineering were usually not cowards, especially people like Wu Guangfa.

“What's the matter? Are you going to use force?”

“That's right,” Wang Yaxin said arrogantly. “I'll give you one last chance. Hurry up and fill up the excavated road. Otherwise, you'll have to bear the consequences.”

“What if I don't agree?”


Wang Yaxin kicked Wu Guangfa's body as the latter fell to the ground.

Wu Guangfa was very rational and had no intention of retaliating.

He was not a good person in the past. When he was young, he often went out to fight.

He knew very well that he had fewer people on his side. If they really fought, he would definitely not be their match.

Therefore, it did not matter if he was a little cowardly now.

After tricking these people, he would ask Boss Lin for instructions. This was the most correct approach.

Wu Guangfa was about to get up when he saw Sun Baoguo jogging toward him.

“Little Wu, are you alright? Do you feel a headache and are unable to stand up?”


Wu Guangfa was a little dumbfounded. ‘I'm only in my thirties. Am I that weak in your eyes?”

Why he not be able to get up after being kicked?

Wu Guangfa was about to speak when he suddenly saw Wu Baoguo winking at him.

Although he didn't understand what the other meant, it seemed like he didn't want him to get up.

What was going on?

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