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«I Get A Random New Occupation Every Week (Web Novel) - Chapter 1712: You Look Like An Internet Celebrity

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Chapter 1712: You Look Like An Internet Celebrity

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Translator: End less Fantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“No wonder the rest of the place is covered in dust while only that spot is clean. It turns out that he used an approach like this,” Li Xianghui said.

“The murder method has been confirmed, but there is another problem. How did the murderer confirm that Du Juan was asleep?” Gu Yiran said.

“He wasn’t in the room at the time of the crime, so there was no way to determine Du Juan’s state. If the tape had been removed early, Du Juan, who wasn’t asleep yet, would have noticed immediately. His plan would have been exposed.”


“Have you forgotten? When we were searching, we found a total of four pinhole cameras that were placed in the two bedrooms, the toilet, and the kitchen. Du Juan was closely watched, so her every move was clear to the perpetrator. It was not difficult to confirm her state at that time.”

Gu Yiran frowned and looked confused.

“Is it possible that the person who installed the surveillance cameras was the same person who killed Du Juan?”

“It’s very possible!”

“Let’s take these four cameras back first and get someone from the technical department to check them out. See if they can find the IP address that they are paired to. If they can, it won’t be difficult to find the murderer afterward.”

The two of them nodded in unison. They agreed with the next steps.

“We’ve more or less understood the situation at the scene. Let’s go back first.” Li Xianghui said.

“I’ll get someone to secure the scene later. If there’s anything else, 1’11 come over and check it out.”

Lin Yi and Gu Yiran nodded. It was already late at night, and it not a suitable time to discuss the case further. They decided to sleep on it and continue the discussion tomorrow.

“We have to keep a close eye on Song Zhe and Liu Fang,” Lin Yi said, “It won’t be good if something happens again.”

“Don’t worry, I’ve already called ahead.” Li Xianghui looked at it and said.

“I’m going to work at ten tomorrow. You don’t have to go so early. Sleep well at home.”

“Got it.”

After a few simple instructions, everyone walked out together and got into their cars to go home.

After midnight, Zhonghai became quiet and calm.

It was like a woman who had lost her charm and became simple and peaceful. At the same time, she was also a little lifeless.

Lin Yi held his head with one hand and drove expressionlessly.

The dim streetlights swept past his face one by one, and his mind was filled with thoughts of the case.

There was no doubt that the murderer had killed Du Juan at this time, which meant that she must know the truth of this matter or at least a portion of the truth.

The murderer was afraid that they would be exposed, so he took action in advance.

From this perspective, the suspicion on Song Zhe and Liu Fang would be greatly reduced, as they were under constant police surveillance, making it impossible for them to commit the murder themselves.

As for hiring someone to commit the murder, that too was highly unlikely, as there would be no need to resort to such crude methods.

Moreover, no one would dare to take on such a job.

Although money was a good thing, life was more important.

After thinking for a while, Lin Yi still couldn’t figure it out.

Now, the only clues he had were those cameras.

He hoped that someone from the technical department could track the IP address so that the truth would be revealed.

Just like that, Lin Yi slowly drove the car home and quietly returned to his room to rest.

However, a few minutes after he fell asleep, he heard a knock on the door.

Lin Yi got up from the bed angrily.

“He Yuanyuan, f*ck your grandmother!”

“How many years has it been since my grandmother died?” He Yuanyuan stood at the door and said.

“I want to eat your fried rice. Get up quickly.”

“I don’t have time to cook for you. 1 need to sleep.”

“If that’s the case, I won’t help you analyze the case.”

“I’ve analyzed everything. You’re as useless as a downed tool.”

“But 1 found something else.”

“Wait a minute!”

Lin Yi got out of bed and opened the door to find He Yuanyuan and Ji Qingyan outside.

“What did you find?”

“Cook first. I’ll tell you after you’re done.”

Ji Qingyan chuckled as she made her way downstairs. She was already used to the two of them behaving like this.

With Lin Yi’s current level, even if he didn’t sleep for the entire night, it wouldn’t affect his mental state. He simply put on his clothes and went to the kitchen.

Meanwhile, Qin Han and the other two were still sleeping soundly in the other villas and didn’t get up.

Lin Yi was also very considerate, doing a lot and bringing out their share as well.

“Tell me, what clues have you found?”

“Actually, it’s not anything important,” He Yuanyuan said:

“Yesterday, while checking their company’s documents, we found that Song Deyuan was working on a major project. If there’s enough time, we could further investigate the company he was collaborating with to see if we can find any clues.”

“That’s it?”

“Yes, that’s it.”

“F*ck, what kind of clue is this? If I had known, 1 wouldn’t have gotten up.”

“Aren’t you a little too demanding?” He Yuanyuan said.

“Besides, you’re the first to see me in my new clothes today. You should be content.”

As she spoke, He Yuanyuan even spun around on the spot. “1 realized that I can wear many of the clothes that Senior Sister bought. Senior Sister even said that I look like a celebrity in this outfit. What do you think?”

“You don’t look like a celebrity. You look like an internet influencer.”

“Which internet influencer?”

“Liang Zhichao’s mother.”

“F*ck!” He Yuanyuan cursed. “I wanted to tell you more clues on account of your good performance. Hehe… Bye bye I guess.”

“I’ll give you a raise.”

“Come, come, come. Let’s talk slowly.”

He Yuanyuan said with a smile,

“After you left yesterday, 1 had nothing to do, so I looked at their company’s materials again and discovered a shocking coincidence.”

“Go on.”

He Yuanyuan looked at Lin Yi mysteriously, her expression similar to Qiao Xin’s.

“In the three months before he fell off the cliff, Song De had changed the cameras almost everywhere he went. Moreover, the project was undertaken by his company!”

“Huh? Are you sure?”

“Are you doubting me? I’ve checked it twice. It’s genuinely the case.”

This clue surprised Lin Yi a little. It could be said to be a very important clue.

However, he still had to discuss the results of the analysis together with the team.

After the three of them finished eating, they went to work.

He Yuanyuan left the car with Gao Zongyuan and took Lin Yi’s car to the office.

After dropping the two women off at work and returning to the precinct, it was already past io a.m., and Li Xianghui and others had already arrived.

“Come on, we were just waiting for you,” Zhang Hui called out.

“You’re pretty capable, huh? I heard you cracked the locked-room murder method in minutes. You’re definitely going places,” Gao Mingjun said.

“It’s all thanks to Brother Hui, Brother Zhang, and Brother Gao.”

Gu Yiran,”???”

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