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«I Don’t Want To Go Against The Sky (Web Novel) - Chapter 568: Deal With All These People And It Will Be Quiet

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Chapter 568: Deal With All These People And It Will Be Quiet

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“Sect Leader Lin, you don’t have to attack this small sect, let me do it.” Water Emperor said.

“Scram, who said that I was here to wipe them out? We are friends.” Lin Fan stared at Water Emperor in rage. Did this person have a hole in the head? Didn’t he take a look at what the sect situation was?

In the distance, Wandering Dragon Sect Wang Xiaosa was really short and he had a round face. There was a towel tied on his head and he was carrying a bucket in his hands to wash his clothes as he walked slowly from afar.

Suddenly, when Wang Xiaosa saw strangers appearing at the entrance, he was shocked. Last time there were a bunch of bandits who found this place and wanted to occupy it.

Although they were chased away, Wang Yu Shu was injured and only survived with much difficulty.

Today, other people came once more.

How could he not be nervous?

“Who?” Wang Xiaosa hollered in rage. He was really weak but he wasn’t a coward at all.

Lin Fan turned his head and looked.

At this moment, Wang Xiaosa saw Lin Fan’s familiar face. After being stunned for a short while, he was filled with delighted, “Sect Leader Lin…”

For Wandering Dragon Sect, Sect Leader Lin was someone he was grateful for.

Because of the money he left, Wandering Dragon Sect’s life became much better. At the same time, he even helped them relocate, so he was really their savior.

“Elder Wang.” Lin Fan raised his hands and pointed at him. He smiled, “I haven’t seen you for so long, how has life been?”

Wang Xiaosa hurried over and was a little embarrassed, “Sect Leader Lin, how am I the elder?”

Shortly after, Wang Xiaosa hurriedly said, “Sect Leader Lin, please. Don’t stand outside. If big brother and second brother find out you are here, they will be delighted.”

At the start, Wandering Dragon Sect thought that this Wandering Dragon Sect was only weak on the surface. Actually, the people inside were all terrifying, otherwise, how would Lin Fan know them?

However, now he only wanted to ask: were his eyes playing tricks on him?

The fellow who appeared was an elder. To him, that was okay.

But the key was that his cultivation was a joke. He wasn’t even at Master Realm; he was around Martial Path Stage 12, which was just too lousy.

Wang Yu Shu and Wang Linfeng heard the voice outside and hurried out. When they saw Lin Fan, they were delighted.

“Sect Leader Wang.” Lin Fan smiled and cupped his fists.

Wang Yu Shu smiled, “Sect Leader Lin.”

Shortly after, a bunch of kids ran out. They hadn’t seen Lin Fan in a long time but were familiar with him. It was like they had seen him every day.

Actually, this was because Wang Yu Shu often told them that Sect Leader Lin was their benefactor.

For these kids, they obviously didn’t know who Sect Leader Lin was.

This was why Wang Yu Shu thought about it for a moment and told them that it was Sect Leader Lin who cut up their god beast to feed all of them.

Instantly, all the kids recalled.

There were even some who were sad. Thinking about the death of the sect god beast and that they couldn’t see it in the future, they reminisced the past.

Lin Fan didn’t come over for a reason but just to relax and also help Wandering Dragon Sect relocate once more.

That night, Wang Xiaosa killed another sect god beast. Of course, this time it wasn’t like before as Wandering Dragon Sect had raised many animals.

What shocked Lin Fan was that deputy sect leader Wang Linfeng was actually reading.

Based on what he knew, the three of them were brutes and couldn’t read.

He then asked and found out that because they didn’t know how to teach these kids, so they learned themselves and taught them whatever they learned.

Lin Fan was really impressed and respected them for it.

Water Emperor was tired. Things were totally different from what he expected and everything was so boring and uninteresting.

If he knew that this would have happened, he couldn’t have come out.

Wasn’t it good to remain in Martial Path Mountain?

Why did he have to run out and be a lackey?

Lin Fan said, “Sect Leader Wang, I am going to relocate you into my Martial Path Mountain territory. That would be safer for all of you. What do you think?”

Wang Yu Shu said, “Sect Leader Lin, you have done so much for us. How can we bother you again? Actually, this place is good. The only problem is that there are bandits in the mountain range.”

“Bandits?” Lin Fan frowned and then said, “Water Emperor, go and find those bandits and wipe them out.”

“Sect Leader, I haven’t finished eating yet.” Water Emperor said. One really had to say that this small and broken sect might not have been good but they were good at cooking.

“Eh?” Lin Fan frowned. This Water Emperor didn’t listen to him and actually didn’t do what he instructed. Damn, if his cousin was here, this old fellow would have been very unlucky.

Based on his cousin’s personality, he would slap him and scold him for actually hesitating on doing what his cousin told him to do.

“I will go, I will go?” Water Emperor sensed that the gaze was a little off. He was terrified and headed out.

A Dao Realm Stage Seven expert could easily find bandits in a small mountain.

For these bandits, their sad life had begun.

The next day, Lin Fan and Water Emperor left Wandering Dragon Sect.

Lin Wanyi, Old Ancestor Zhao, and Su Changsen all came to Martial Path Mountain. They knew that the four alliances had totally disappeared.

Although many top sects relocated from their original addresses, before they had the strength to fight Lin Fan, they wouldn’t appear.

“Father, everything else depends on yourselves.” Lin Fan said. He suddenly thought back to how he didn’t need to attack Imperial Dynasty.

His father and the rest could go personally and that would be enough.

King Wutong occupied the Imperial Dynasty. Needless to say, his strength was just so-so. Compared to peak experts, there was a large gap.

Imperial Dynasty had a huge army, but in front of three experts, that would just fall apart. They would have no chance to fight back at all.

Lin Wanyi said, “Okay, it is not difficult to wipe out King Wutong’s Imperial Dynasty. If we weren’t being wary of the top sects and the Alliance, how could they have existed up until now?”

The situation was like that then.

Those top sects stared at them.

The Alliance also stared at them.

Zhao Family Dragon Island’s matter was enough to show how aggressive the top sects were towards them.

But it was all solved now.

Lin Fan’s actions caused the top sects to suffer heavy losses and their foundations to be damaged. If they want to recover, they had to reach Lin Fan’s current strength.

If not, it was impossible.

Su Changsen said, “The time we have waited for is finally here.”

For experts like them, who the master of the Imperial Dynasty was didn’t matter but they had to be of the bloodline.

If Xiao Qi was not interested in the position, they could give it to the other brothers. That was something they didn’t really care much about.

“Fan’er, what are you prepared to do next?” Lin Wanyi asked.

“Rest, there is nothing I want to do now.” Lin Fan didn’t tell his father that he wanted to personally head to the Alliance. After all, such actions were quite arrogant.

If Father knew, he definitely wouldn’t let him go alone and would want him to bring him alone.

But for Lin Fan, he didn’t want anyone to follow him.

He would definitely face dangers there and with Father’s lack of understanding, he would charge in front of him. If things really happen, then he would really be filled with regret.

So, he was prepared to head to the Alliance alone.

Lin Wanyi headed forwards and patted Lin Fan’s shoulder, “It has been tough on you.”

For him, as a son, he really had a tough life.

If not for him, such things definitely wouldn’t have happened.

Lin Fan smiled, “No, it isn’t tiring. I just got tired of playing.”

Instantly, Lin Wanyi stared at Lin Fan as if he was going to kill him.

But he was just joking.

He wasn’t serious.

“Water Emperor, divinator, Saint Ru Fo, the bunch of you follow my Father.” Lin Fan said.

“Okay, no problem.”

Water Emperor was the first to agree. Although he wasn’t able to see anything at the top sects, it was a good choice heading to the Imperial Dynasty.”

“Father, it is not early, so I think you should head back soon. The Imperial Dynasty definitely knows about the situation. If King Wutong finds out, he will probably be on the way of fleeing.” Lin Fan said.

Lin Wanyi said, “It is okay, he won’t be able to flee. His time is over and without any other top sect restricting us. He has no way of making a comeback.”

Not long later, maybe because the chance of restoring the Imperial Dynasty was ahead, Old Ancestor Zhao couldn’t help but rush Lin Wanyi and the others to set off. They left Martial Path Mountain and their target was Imperial Dynasty.

Lin Fan watched as they left and said to Gou’zi, “Go change and also prepare hot water. I am going to take a bath.”

If he wanted to head to the Alliance, naturally he had to be clean.

He had wanted to go to the Alliance a long time ago. The societal situation was similar to the world he was in previously. But it didn’t matter as the Alliance had to be wiped out.

In the room, Mu Gang wiped Lin Fan’s back. This wasn’t the first time, so Mu Gang was used to it already. But each time she did it, she would still be shy.

“Young Master, I am done.” Mu Gang said softly and slowly snuck out while carrying all the things.

Lin Fan got up. His body didn’t look like that of someone at the peak of Martial Path. He was like a rich family kid who enjoyed life; his body was really soft and tender.

He changed into new clothes and then felt pumped up and energetic.

It was time to have a good chat with the Alliance.

He pushed open the door.

Who knew that Gou’zi was waiting outside?

“Young Master, are you heading to the Alliance?” Gou’zi asked.

Lin Fan said, “Eh, it seems like I can’t hide anything from you.”

Gou’zi said, “Young Master, I have always been saving you and I know what you are doing from your actions. But the Alliance is really dangerous and would you be in danger going there alone? Why don’t you wait for old master and the others?”

“Don’t worry, there is no danger. You must be confident in me, I don’t do things that I am not confident in.” Lin Fan smiled.

He could hide it from his father but not Gou’zi.

But he did have a reason for being worried.

Gou’zi had not seen how terrifying his current strength was.

“Okay, I will come back soon. It will take at most two to three days.”

Lin Fan thought about it. He would head over to wipe out Alliance Headquarters. Kill the commander, kill Zhu Daoshen, kill Wu Zhige, and kill nine-star general. After killing all of them, things would become quiet and peaceful.

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