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«I Am Loaded with Passive Skills (Web Novel) - Chapter 1608 A Destined Encounter, Misfortune! (3)

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Chapter 1608 A Destined Encounter, Misfortune! (3)

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The reason why the Holy Path was above the Way of the Heavens was because the Demi-Saint’s Power was no longer in the Way of the Heavens.

The Way of the Heavens was constant but intangible, and the Holy Path was impermanent but tangible.

The Holy Path that every Demi-Saint cultivated was for himself and the path he had chosen.

On the Holy Path that Jiang Buyi cultivated, this form could be called ‘cloud’.

Fate was like flowing clouds, sometimes it moves to the east, sometimes to the west. Except for the non-existence that represented death, it would never be still.

Jiang Buyi, who had reached the Demi-Saint Realm, could magnify his intuition through this flowing cloud knowledge path and turn it into an ability similar to foresight.

This ability was very slight and weak, and basically useless.

However, if the target was caught off guard, it could sometimes work wonders.

Just like at this moment, Jiang Buyi had a feeling that the black crow in the golden water droplet, his mission target, would appear at this place.

He had gone ahead instead of chasing after his target.

Being fully prepared would always yield results.

As for the little episode earlier…

To be honest, Jiang Buyi was shocked when heheard his name being called.

He couldn’t attack now, so when he saw that it was three ignorant juniors, he heaved a sigh of relief and rationally chose not to fight.

Before the exile order was lifted, he had already made a decision not to cause any more trouble.


A long wait…

Finally, at a certain moment, Jiang Buyi’s gaze moved away from the pale-faced and bloodless Taboo Puppet and looked towards the horizon.


A black shadow pierced through the darkness from the horizon and entered Jiang Buyi’s Holy Realm.

Jiang Buyi sneered.

The black shadow suddenly stopped in mid-air and turned around instantly. I returned the way it came as if it had seen a ghost.

“Since we’re here, let’s take it as it is. What’s there to be afraid of?”

Jiang Buyi didn’t even use the slightest bit of strength. He spoke in the Saint Language and his words drifted out like a spring breeze.

The black shadow in the sky stopped, turned around again, and rushed into the Holy Realm. In the next second, it seemed to have come to its senses and turned back again and fled for its life.

“I told you to stop!”

Jiang Buyi finally stood up from the rubble. His expression turned cold, and his Holy Will erupted from his body.

With a boom, the space within a radius of several hundred miles came to a complete stop. Everything seemed to have been imprisoned within.

Mu Zixi trembled and could not move at all. Her eyes were so dull that she did not seem like a human at all. She had a completely vacant look in her eyes.

“Big watermelon, big watermelon, big watermelon…”

“I’m a big watermelon. I didn’t see anything, I didn’t hear anything…”

The black shadow in the sky was restrained and finally revealed its true Form.

It was a three-legged crow. Its entire body was pitch-black like ink, and its aura was tainted with an unknown contamination.

But now, its original aura seemed to have been contaminated, and became very strange. Even its feathers had lost their luster, and it would lose its feathers with every flap of its wings.

Jiang Buyi was stunned.

He recognized this thing.

Three-legged Black Owl!

It was synonymous with the Chief of the Path Division, Ye Xiao!

“Ye Xiao?”

Ye Xiao finally transformed into a human form.

Her entire body was extremely illusory, and her aura was extremely weak. The feathers on her black cloak were almost all gone, and she bled continuously from the corners of her mouth.

Xu Xiaoshou’s guess was not wrong.

The Ye Xiao that had died was just an unimportant puppet body.

But this was the terrifying part of the Body of Decay.

The Five Decays of Heaven and Man used the connection between the puppet body and Ye Xiao’s main body to unleash the influence of the killing curse to the extreme. This in turn spread and affected Ye Xiao’s main body.

The current Ye Xiao, under the tribulation of the Five Decays of Heaven and Man, suffered from all kinds of calamities, curses, and bad luck. Even her combat strength had been affected.

She did not even dare to look at him.

The most important thing now was to quickly find a place to remove the tribulation of the Five Decays of Heaven and Man. Otherwise, if she delayed any longer, she, Ye Xiao, would definitely die an unnatural death!

Who would have thought that this was a Holy Realm, and she could no longer leave.

After being ordered to stay by the Demi-Saint in the Holy Realm, Ye Xiao had no choice but to stop.

She could only wait solemnly.

When she looked over, she suddenly felt happy.

“Jiang Buyi?”

Ye Xiao’s eyes lit up. She felt that her luck had turned around and that her life force had finally arrived.

Even though the Pu Xuan Jiang Clan from the Northern Region didn’t have much cooperation with the Holy Divine Palace on the surface, they had many connections in secret.

After all, Jiang Buyi himself had followed Dao Xuanji and participated in the Lei family’s massacre back then.

The relationship between the Jiang Clan from the Northern Region and the Holy Divine Palace was not close, but on a certain level, they were on the same side.


Ye Xiao’s eyes flickered when she saw the golden water droplet in Jiang Buyi’s hand.

“Is Demi-Saint Jiang here to help me?” Ye Xiao did not ask for help; it would show her inferiority; she just assumed he was here to help.

Since Jiang Buyi did not show any malice, he would not turn a blind eye to her situation, given the relationship between the Jiang Clan and the Holy Divine Palace.

The guy behind her still refused to give up and continued to pursue her.

Now that there was a Demi-Saint, she could combine her power of the God of Death. There was no need to run. She could directly counterattack and bury him here!

The Dark Division Chief obviously did not know that the relationship between Jiang Buyi and the Holy Divine Palace was not as strong as she thought.

Not long ago, Jiang Buyi had just killed the Chief of the Combat Division Teng Shanhai, in the presence of Rao Yaoyao…

Therefore, when Jiang Buyi saw that the crow was not a native creature of the First Hall of Sins, but the Dark Division Chief Ye Xiao, his face immediately fell.

Jiang Buyi could tell that Ye Xiao was being pursued.

He could even clearly sense who the person who pursued Ye Xiao was.

There was no doubt about it. Ye Xiao’s body was almost devoid of her own aura. It was full of the power of decay-the tribulation of the Five Decays of Heaven and Man!

“I’ve mistaken you for someone else. You can leave now.”

Jiang Buyi waved his hand to let Ye Xiao leave. When he saw that this person didn’t move, he took it as a snub. He glanced at the Taboo Puppet and said, “Let’s go!”

Ye Xiao didn’t waste her words and said coldly.

“Saint Rao Yaoyao is on her way. Demi-Saint Jiang can choose to leave or stay and help me.”

“Rao Yaoyao, a Saint?

Jiang Buyi was obviously stunned.

He recalled the wave of Saint Calamity before he entered Zhen Huang Palace.

So, at that time, it wasn’t Mei Siren who was being granted the title of Saint, but Rao Yaoyao?


How could Rao Yaoyao be so fast?

She was clearly still one step away… Oh, so this step was to become a Saint?

Jiang Buyi seemed to have understood something and was in a dilemma for a moment.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to help Ye Xiao, but now that he had found Zhen Huang Palace and did not need the Five Decays of Heaven and Man, he really didn’t want to see him again.

If Jiang Buyi really had to rank the person he least wanted to meet on the Abyss Island, the Five Decays of Heaven and Man would be ranked second. No one could be ranked first.

That guy’s ability was simply too disgusting!

However, the situation did not allow Jiang Buyi to think too much.

Just when the situation was in a stalemate, a cackle filled with absurdity and mockery drifted over from afar.

“Chief Ye Xiao, I really want to know…”

“What kind of confidence do you have that made you feel that you’re still lucky and that you’ll still have a bright future, after being hit by my killing curse?”

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