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«I Am Loaded with Passive Skills (Web Novel) - Chapter 2439: The Patterns Merging to Create a New Life (1)

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Chapter 2439: The Patterns Merging to Create a New Life (1)

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Tiansang Spirit Palace.

Under the veil of night, three figures walked along the shores of Goose Lake, their silhouettes distant against the murky backdrop.

Passing by a few scattered Acquired Stage spiritual cultivators, despite their loud footsteps, the trio didn’t draw any attention from the practitioners.

“Brother, is this Second Brother Sang’s territory…?”

Clad in a red robe, Storyteller supported Bazhun’an, his ears filled with the whispers of frogs and winds, stirred by the tranquil night.

What a secluded paradise it was!

Here, it was too peaceful, too beautiful, completely removed from worldly strife.

As soon as one entered this place, even the soul relaxed, just the thought of the Struggle for the Great Path was exhausting!

“It all began with Lord Shou’s initiation…”

Elder Liu Changqing sighed deeply, his body and will were actually dominated by Xuan Wuji.

Bazhun’an walked in silence.

At a certain point, he suddenly stopped, feeling a slight pain in his chest.

As they passed by a powerful Acquired Stage Third Realm spiritual cultivator hidden in the trees, who was on the verge of a breakthrough, the violent aura nearly knocked Bazhun’an over into Goose Lake.


Storyteller’s vision darkened, rushing forward to support him; he was incredibly weak!

After the incident on Abyss Island, his cultivation level plummeted to the first realm of Spiritual Cultivation, his energy movement akin to withered wood, weaker even than an ordinary person.

A strong wind could lift him off the ground.

“Spiritual Cultivation, Fourth Realm…”

Bazhun’an muttered, casting a glance at the young man sitting cross-legged on the ground, stopping Storyteller from confronting him and demanding an explanation.

They were already at the higher void level, what dignity was there in competing with someone at the Acquired Stage?

“Patience is key.”

He turned his gaze back to Goose Lake, hands resting on the white jade railing, reminiscing as he watched the plump geese frolic in the water.

“Who dares to intrude upon the Spirit Palace at night!”

At that moment, a startled shout echoed in the air.

Accompanied by it, several imposing figures clad in black landed, surrounding the trio.

These enforcers in black exuded formidable auras, most of them at the peak of the Innate and Master Stages.

Zhao Xidong, now the Chief Elder of the Spiritual Law Division, floated down to the top of a weeping willow, isolated from the world, chewing on a blade of grass, his gaze sweeping down with disdain:

“On this day, at the Tiansang Spirit Palace, someone dares… a goose?”

Zhao Xidong’s words abruptly halted, almost causing him to ascend into the heavens.

Because at that moment, as his gaze settled, he recognized the leader of the group, a first realm spiritual cultivator, and gradually, his pupils widened in shock and horror!


“Boss, speak up!”

“Say the line you rehearsed for so long!”

“It’s been so long since anyone dared to intrude upon the Spirit Palace. Today’s the perfect opportunity, we can have some fun…”

The law enforcers suppressed their excitement, communicating with the new boss telepathically.

As the identities of Lord Shou, Spirit Palace Sleeveless, and the Dean, Spatial Upanishad Ye Xiaotian, were exposed and each departed from the Spirit Palace, little did they know that the reputation of the Tiansang Spirit Palace in the vicinity would become terrifying!

Even the Holy Palace struggled to produce so many wolves, yet the small Spirit Palace had produced three!

So much time had passed, and yet today’s Spirit Palace had remained peaceful, with no one daring to lay a finger on it.

This rendered the Spiritual Law Division virtually useless.

The newly appointed law enforcers eagerly awaited encountering a strong enemy, eager to whip them severely to vent their frustration.

Little did they know, in their mundane drills… no, crisis exercises, Zhao Xidong, the mighty leader who usually dominated, now appeared as weak as a wilted plant, unable to utter a single word.

Just as all the law enforcers were puzzled, they saw their new leader Zhao Xidong scream and hysterically shout:

“Dean, save me!!!”


Why was it so different from the usual exercises?

This blood-curdling cry tore through the sky from the Outer Yard, disturbing the Inner Yard and startling countless disciples who were practicing through the night.

As the disciples puzzled over the situation, they looked up and saw the Palace Guarding Array suddenly activate, realizing that a major enemy was attacking.


Spatial waves rippled in the void, and Xiao Qixiu, wielding his sword, flashed out from the Inner Yard, appearing above Goose Lake in an instant, his aura extraordinary.

“Who dares…”

His words faltered as he reached for the spiritual sword at his back, his action ceasing as he looked down.

As he glanced down, Xiao Qixiu saw the eight-fingered man supported by a man in a red robe.


What was this guy doing at the Spirit Palace?!

Unbearable memories resurfaced…

Xiao Qixiu subconsciously tried to call for Elder Sang, only to realize he was no longer there.

He wanted to call for Ye Xiaotian, only to recall that he had “betrayed” the Palace.

“Qiao Qianzhi!”

He shouted in frustration, completely lacking confidence that he alone could face Bazhun’an, not to mention the Saint Servant Storyteller and the new face with an aura roughly at the higher void level.


Special spiritual veins appeared in the void.

“Huh? You are…”

Qiao Qianzhi’s dubious and flabbergasted face appeared, half of his face concealed, his lower body solidifying, and his eyes trembled as the special spiritual veins froze in the void.

His lower half vanished, as did half of his face, leaving no trace of his presence.

“Qiao Qianzhi!!!”

Xiao Qixiu was infuriated to the point of nearly bursting with rage.

But Old Qiao was cowering, leaving all the pressure to himself as the Inner Yard Dean.

“What are you doing here?”

Xiao Qixiu gritted his teeth, restraining himself from drawing his sword.

Not drawing his sword left him feeling insecure, yet drawing it would put everyone at risk—this was too agonizing!

“I remember you.”

Bazhun’an raised his head, pondering for a moment before smiling. “But it’s been a long time; you seem to have… improved a bit?”


He had to rein it in!

Now that Elder Sang was gone, there was no one to clean up the mess if things got out of hand at the Spirit Palace.

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