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«I Am Loaded with Passive Skills (Web Novel) - Chapter 2381: Playing with the Five Regions (1)

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Chapter 2381: Playing with the Five Regions (1)

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“The Gray Fog Hand appeared in the Qilin World!”

“The Gray Fog Hand directly captured the Four Symbols Secret Realm!” “The Sealing Power has sealed almost an entire world, and countless Spiritual

Cultivators have been affected.’

“The Spiritual Cultivators at the Sovereign Stage had their spiritual sources completely sealed. They have yet to recover. We’re pulling back our troops and halting our operations.”

“Qilin World, Caiyun City. The great array of our side hall has failed. We can’t use it no matter what… It’s the same in the neighboring city!”

“Headquarters! Saint Mountain Headquarters! There’s a problem with our communication devices, and the internal spiritual array is completely ineffective. Even a Master Stage can’t solve this spiritual array problem.” “We’re looking for a way to remove this seal. According to our preliminary estimation, it should be the higher void or demi-saint who can do it. Headquarters, please give us your instructions!”

The moment communication was restored, almost all the communication devices in the Transformation Division at the Saint Mountain headquarters nearly exploded.

Questions came thick and fast from the side hall and intelligence agencies in the Qilin World.

Even those from the nearby worlds who saw the phenomenon of the Gray Fog Hand sent messages to ask about the situation and whether they needed timely support.

The Transformation Division was in a terrible state.

When the information was sent to Dao Qiongcang, the Hallmaster of the Sacred Mountain Gui Zhe, who was seated in the Saint Hall, suddenly stood up and clapped his hands after a moment of silence.

“Good! Good! Good!”

He looked into the distance and felt the vast power of the distant Holy Emperor. His eyes sparkled.

“You saw it?”

Dao Qiongcang turned to Ai Cangsheng. “Did the Holy Emperor Fengtian make a move?”

Ai Cangsheng had naturally seen the Gray Fog Hand way in advance.

As soon as the power fluctuations appeared, he had already checked it out before it even condensed. He had even readied the Evil Sin Bow.

He originally thought that Dao Qiongcang would be helpless against the Gray Fog Hand in the Qilin world. Ai Cangsheng debated whether to remind him or stop it.

Who would have thought that Dao Qiongcang was actually excited about this!

Under the Eyes of the Great Path, the entire Qilin World was paralyzed at that moment. Everyone panicked.

One could imagine how arduous the next step would be for the Holy Divine Palace.

After all, that was the power of a Holy Emperor!

No one knew what kind of influence the Holy Emperor Fengtian had on the entire Qilin.

Under such circumstances, what was Dao Qiongcang so excited about?

“So, you are a Saint Servant?” Ai Cangsheng asked suddenly.

“Uh…” Dao Qiongcang was stunned and then he laughed. “I didn’t expect you to be able to joke about it?”

After a pause, Dao Qiongcang sat down. However, he could not suppress the joy in his eyes. “Ai Cangsheng. Let me ask you. What is the most important thing in life?”

“All living beings under Heaven.”

“Heaven…” Dao Qiongcang fell silent.

“Ahem.” He turned and looked at Ai Cangsheng’s serious expression. The corners of his mouth twitched. “Actually, you don’t have to answer my question in such a serious way. For example, your joke just now was very funny.”

“This question is not funny.”

When Dao Qiongcang heard this, he shook his head and sighed. He could only answer his own question. “In a person’s life, face is the most important. Especially those old fellows who take advantage of their seniority.” Dao Qiongcang pointed above him.

Ai Cangsheng turned his head back indifferently and did not reply.

Dao Qiongcang spread his hands and a smile appeared on his lips. He said emotionally.

“How can a Holy Emperor launch an attack?”

“Even a Holy Emperor has made a move. How can a demi-saint deal with it?”

“Even I can’t do anything about it!”

Dao Qiongcang clasped his chest, his expression a little flustered, and his words became more nervous.

“Look at how the Holy Emperor Fengtian blocked my Heavenly Group’s battle channel with just one attack. How scary was that!”

“If something happened just now, what could I do? I’m just a small demi-saint! ”

As Dao Qiongcang spoke, he pushed his chair away and walked out of the Saint


“That’s great!”

“I won’t ask you anymore. The answer is that the Holy Emperor is the one who needs to fight. Now, I finally have a good reason to invite someone…”

He stopped at the door and turned around. “Ai Cangsheng, who do you think I should invite?” He asked eagerly in anticipation.

“You already said that face is the most important thing in life. Is this still a problem?

“Wangze Holy Emperor.” Ai Cangsheng said.

“Hmph… hmph…” Dao Qiongcang squinted but he did not comment. The expression he showed Ai Cangsheng was subtle and had an air of mystery about it.

He turned around and left!

Ai Cangsheng’s expression froze.

His eyes were still blank, but the fists on his thighs suddenly clenched.

There was only one person left in the Saint Hall.

The Eyes of the Great Path followed the figure who shook his head and did not look solemn as he ascended the Stairway to Heaven. Finally, he shifted his gaze back to Gong Yang Mountain.

After a long silence.

Ai Cangsheng suddenly picked up the Evil Sin Bow and stared coldly at the

Stairway to Heaven.

In the end, he still put down the Evil Sin Bow. He seemed to have thought of something and smiled.


“You want to use this to make me angry?”

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang…”

On this day, several shocking and furious sounds suddenly erupted from the peak of the Sacred Mountain Gui Zhe.

The people in the Jade Capital City raised their eyes and saw the black stream cut through the sky and pierce through the space as it headed to an unknown place.

Some people guessed that there was movement in the City of the Dead Bodhisattva again.

The person that Emperor Cangsheng kept an eye on must have caused some trouble again.

However, there were also people who could tell that the arrows today did not seem to be aimed in the direction of the City of the Dead Bodhisattva.

Its targets were all over the world. Some went to the Eastern Region, some to the Southern Region, some to the North, and some to the West…

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