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«Hokage: Ryo’s Path (Web Novel) - Chapter 521

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Chapter 521

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The name of that person was well-known in Konoha. No single person doesn’t know him. —The legend Shodai Hokage, Senju Hashirama.

Moreover, in the heart of Konoha ninja, Hashirama’s position can be said to be extremely lofty. These ninjas always believed in the Will of Fire —and they all almost regard Shodai Hokage as the Will of Fire itself.

But now, seeing Shodai Hokage was reincarnated by Edo Tensei, the Konoha ninjas in the medical team are in a mess. They simply don’t know what to do.

When Lain came out, she saw everyone looked complicated. She had guessed that this would be the case just when she heard the report just now.

“You all hide! Leave Shodai-sama to me!”

Hearing Lain’s words, the Konoha Ninjas startled and hurriedly backed away.

Kabuto saw Lain through the eyes of Hashirama. He controlled him and said to Lain, “Are you the girl who fuses Shodai Hokage cells and Awakening Mokuton? Let’s see if your Mokuton is as powerful as the real one.”

After saying that, a large tree emerged from the ground, and on each of its trunks, there was a red flower.

Upon seeing this, Lain immediately shouted to everyone: “Everyone! Hold Your breath! This is [Mokuton Wood Release: Advent of a World of Flowering Trees]. Everyone quickly leaves the camp! Fights Ninja, go protect the medical ninja! Don’t be ambushed by White Zetsu!”

When Lain was talking, the yellow pollen instantly permeated the entire camp of the medical team. Fortunately, the ninjas in the camp evacuated fairly in time, and most of them had left the pollen-shrouded area.

As soon as the ninja in the camp left, Lain had no worries. She turned her gaze to the Senju Hashirama. She sealed her hands, and then a big tree broke out from behind the Shodai Hokage. Several vines were growing on the tree trunk. —Shizune used her Chakra as nourishment. The vines grew crazily and then extended to the front of Hashirama, instantly tying him.

One end of the vine rooted into the ground, resonating with the earth, and began to absorb the Chakra of Senju Hashirama.

Yakushi Kabuto sneered and controlled the trees that Hashirama had just summoned to rush towards Lain. Looking at this, Lain had no choice but to jump into the air to escape. However, her tree was uprooted by Senju Hashirama’s tree.

Senju Hashirama got rid of the vine’s shackles and immediately did a hand-seal. Then, with a huge tremble, a huge Mokujin appeared from the ground.

This Mokujin waved his arms and grabbed at Lain.

Facing the Mokujin’s palm, Lain didn’t panic. Instead, she handed out a small silver with her hands seal summon, and Xiaoyin took her away from Mokujin’s attack.

Lain took this opportunity to close her eyes to absorb the surrounding natural Chakra. Soon Lain’s eye sockets appeared with black eyeshadows…

Then Lain jumped off Xiaoyin’s back and summoned Mokujin.

With the blessing of Sage Mode, Lain’s Mokujin looks a bit more vivid than Hashirama summon’s Mokujin. Lain controlled her Mokujin to raise its hand and hit Hashirama’s Mokujin. Within reflex, Hashirama’s Mokujin stretched out its arms to catch the fist of Lain’s Mokujin.

Seeing this, Lain waved the other hand and punched Hashirama Mokujin’s head. The Mokujin was taken back a few steps.

After several successful attacks, Lain noticed something wrong… Senju Hashirama’s Mokuton was really strong. —Only after she entered Sage Mode could she suppress Hashirama’s Mokuton. But, once Senju Hashirama entered Sage Mode, she would have no chance.

However, even though Senju Hashirama in front of her had been pressed for so long, he still hadn’t entered Sage Mode —It is likely that he did not know how.

Thinking of this, Lain’s confidence increased greatly. Her attacks were getting faster and faster, and her strength was getting even stronger.

In fact, as Lain had guessed, Kabuto really did not know how to use Shikkotsu Forest’s Sage Mode. Moreover, Ryūchi Cave’s method of absorbing natural Chakra also had no effect on Senju Hashirama.

Therefore, Senju Hashirama, controlled by Kabuto, had no way to enter Sage Mode. —And without Sage Mode, Kabuto felt that Hashirama’s Mokuton wasn’t as powerful as the legend. Even Lain’s fake Mokuton can suppress Senju Hashirama.

Facing Lain’s offensive, Kabuto gritted his teeth and chose to give up. He no longer controlled Hashirama’s actions. Instead, he’s simply leaving the non-self-conscious Hashirama to fight Lain. Kabuto felt that non-self-conscious Hashirama could drag Lain for a long time, and without Lain there, those medical ninjas would not dare to treat the wounded.


On the other side, Uchiha Madara finally arrived at the battlefield where Jiraiya and others were.

The sound of fighting from the battlefield made Madara’s heart throb. Ever since the battle with Senju Hashirama in the Valley of the End, he had been hiding in the dark. —First, it was to turn on Rinnegan. And later, because of age, he had to rely on Gedō Mazō to survive. So he hadn’t fought to his heart content for a really long time.

Thinking about that made his expression excited. He looked at the alliance forces in front of him. He muttered, “Although this body is not very comfortable, it is enough…”

After saying that, Madara charged forward. He was like a wolf entering a flock of sheep. The Ninja Alliance was beaten by him one by one.


At this time, Gaara and the others found anomalies. It is reasonable to say that right now, the Ninja Alliance Forces were dealing with cannon fodder. There should be no casualties.

After everyone glanced at each other, they quickly rushed over to the battlefield.


After approaching the Ninja Alliance Forces, Ōnoki saw a figure in the middle of the battlefield. That figure really had this domineering aura.

“Hey! Just a joke, but… That person seems to be … Uchiha Madara!” Jiraiya unbelievable said.

“No… he couldn’t be Uchiha Madara.” Ōnoki took a deep breath.

However, the name of Uchiha Madara instantly made the four people’s expression present became solemn.

After a long silence, Ōnoki said: “Contact the coalition headquarters first! Tell them about the situation here. Uchiha Madara is not an enemy we can handle, and no one knows his Powerful better than me.”


After hearing the news from the battlefield, Tsunade nodded and immediately told Yamanaka Ryo about the information about Uchiha Madara through Yamanaka Inoichi.

Hearing this, Yamanaka Ryo heard immediately stood up from his chair and disappeared directly from the headquarters. Not even Nara Shikaku came to discourage him.

Knowing about this matter, the staff members were also dumbfounded. —No one expected that Uchiha Madara was there.

Pakura could only brace herself and asked Nara Shikaku, “Shikaku Senior, what should we do?”

“What else can we do? Immediately announce to the alliance forces! Ryo has already taken the fight against Uchiha Madara himself for the victory of the alliance forces. The leader’s dispatch will greatly improve the morale. We must also take this opportunity to resolve the troubles elsewhere!”

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