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«Heyday Love: A Heaven-sent Husband (Web Novel) - Chapter 483 It Is Not Simple

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Chapter 483 It Is Not Simple

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Jing Shu yells and points the pistol at Agent Sun.

In an instant, Xia Ning remembers her bracelet, which is given by Yi Yunrui. Agent Sun has no weapons in her hand now, while Jing Shu puts the muzzle at her. So, Agent Sun can’t make any threats against her now. Xia Ning calms herself down.

“Who are you?”

Agent Sun stands up from the ground. She clenches her hands, but not because her hands are kicked painfully by Jing Shu.

“Sister Xia, she is Mei Ruo.” Jing Shu responds.

Mei Ruo?

Xia Ning feels greatly shocked!

Isn’t Mei Ruo under detention?

“Hum!” Agent Su snorts. She grabs her hat and drops it away, “Xia Ning, you bitch!”

It is right. The woman standing right in front of Xia Ning and scolding is no other than Mei Ruo.

“Mei Ruo, your father is dealing with your case. It is a chance for you. Why can’t you just let me go? Do you hate me so much?”

“Xia Ning, save it! Yi Yunrui may not realize your true face, but I do! You are a real bitch! You are a hypocritical bitch! You take Yi Yunrui away from me. Are you showing off here? Xia Ning, listen carefully, unless I die, I won’t give you a break all my life.”

Mei Ruo grits her teeth to give the speech as if she wishes she could tear Xia Ning into pieces.

Xia Ning purses her lips tightly while staring at the crazy woman in front of her.

Did she take Yi Yunrui away from Mei Ruo?

It is not surprising. She retreats, but those people push her harder!

If she doesn’t resist or fight back, no one will show any sympathy for her when she dies.

Xia Ning feels something inside her is changing. Her eyes gradually darken, “Yes? You will never give me a break?”

“Yes! I will never ever give you a break! Yi Yunrui is mine! Everything you have should belong to me!” That is true. If Mei Ruo married Yi Yunrui, everything Xia Ning has now would belong to her!

Mei Ruo is aware that Xia Ning stares at her. She sneers, “You people living at the bottom of the society have no power or family support. You can’t but make use of your physical beauty to earn everything! I lose because I am not like you. You are a bitch! You are a cheap whore! You are …”

A loud slap is heard.

Mei Ruo hasn’t finished her words when suddenly she hears the sound and is slapped directly on her face.

She widens her eyes to look at Xia Ning in disbelief, “Bitch… How dare you hit me! Bitch…”

Then, it is another slap.

Mei Ruo is still speaking when she is slapped again.


“Again?” Xia Ning freezes her eyes and raises her hand. Mei Ruo is given the third slap.

Xia Ning continuously gives Mei Ruo three slaps with all her strength. Mei Ruo almost feels dizzy and she hears buzz in her ears.

At this time, people from the security break in. When they see Mei Ruo, whose face is swollen, they go directly to get her under control.

“This woman can fight. Be careful.” Xia Ning doesn’t forget to remind them.

Jing Shu puts the pistol closer to Mei Ruo, “Sister Xia, don’t worry. Before the police arrive, I won’t give her any chance to run away.”

She has just finished her words when Zhang Hai comes in, followed by some special policemen.

“Take her away.”

Zhang Hai says and the policemen behind him come forwards at once and put handcuffs on Mei Ruo’s hands.

“One minute.” Xia Ning goes to Mei Ruo. She says word by word, “You won’t give me a break? Good. I have only hit two women. One is you. Mei Ruo, listen carefully. As long as I am alive, I won’t give you a break! What you have done not only brings yourself additional crimes, but also get your father involved in your trouble! As your father, I believe Deputy Chief-of-staff Mei can celebrate!”

Mei Ruo darkens her eyes. She lifts to look at Xia Ning in great surprise.

This woman…

“Take her away!” Xia Ning shouts in a cold voice. Mei Ruo is caught and taken away.

Zhang Hai goes after them. Jing Shu takes some steps forward. She puts the pistol in Zhang Hai’s hand, “Zhang Hai, this is brought here by the woman. There are my fingerprints on it…”

“It doesn’t matter. What happened here just now was recorded. You were just taking self-defense.” Zhang Hai briefly responds and turns to leave.

What happened just now has been recorded? Jing Shu blinks her eyes. She lifts to look around for cameras.

“Jing Shu.”

Xia Ning calls her from behind. Jing Shu immediately turns to go back to the Director’s Office and naturally closes the door after her.

“Shu, how did you know Agent Sun was Mei Ruo?”

“Oh. Zhang Hai called me.” Jing Shu said. She takes out her phone to show Xia Ning the records of calling, “Zhang Hai told me that Mei Ruo dressed herself up and entered World Era Weekly under the identity of Agent Sun. She came for you. I was shocked at that time. Luckily, I was not late.”

Xia Ning feels very confused, wondering how Zhang Hai knew that woman was Mei Ruo.

Wait. Yi Yunrui sent her a message just now!

Thinking about this, she takes out her phone and wants to call Yi Yunrui. At this moment, her phone rings. It is Yi Yunrui himself.

“Sweetheart, you are not frightened, are you?”

When Xia Ning hears her husband’s voice, she gives a sigh of relief. Naturally, she smiles, “I am fine. Mei Ruo has been taken away. Darling, where are you?”

“I am downstairs.”

After they finish the process in the police office, Yi Yunrui takes his wife home.

“I will arrange some bodyguards for you tomorrow.” Yi Yunrui puts some milk in front of his wife. He says decisively, “No objections. Sweetheart, this is an order!”

An order…

Xia Ning helplessly shrugs her shoulders, “Jing Shu is good…”

“Yes, tomorrow, set a position for Jing Shu in the Director’s Office. The girl also had some professional training.”

Xia Ning twitches her eyebrows, “Will the bodyguards stay inside the Director’s Office, too?”

Yi Yunrui thinks for a while and nods, “Yes!”

Xia Ning feels shocked, “No! I need to work. How can I work with the bodyguards around?”

“They won’t bother you. I will arrange that well. You won’t be disturbed.”

Xia Ning feels confused. But she knows that once Yi Yunrui shows his style as an army man, it is very hard to make him change his mind. Besides, Yi Yunrui promises that her normal work won’t be disturbed. He must have thought it through for her. Well, she may simply do as her husband’s order.

“Darling, how did you know Agent Sun was Mei Ruo?”

Yi Yunrui glances at the time and says, “Eighty hours. That is perfectly enough time.”

“Ah?” Xia Ning doesn’t understand. At this time, her phone rings. It is Tang Qieying.

“Hi, girl, did your husband surprise you these days?”

Xia Ning blinks her eyes, “Surprise?”

“Well? Doesn’t your husband tell you the truth?”

Xia Ning feels more confused, “What truth?”

“Anyway, he will tell you sooner or later. Ahem, your husband can’t hide his secrets from you. Girl, I may tell you in this way and you will know how awesome your husband is. If you have any problems with computers, you can go to your husband for solutions. He is almighty!”

“Oh…” Well. Isn’t it Zhang Hai who is excellent at computers? Why does she say it is Yi Yunrui?

“Well. I may stop here. You can slowly find out the other secrets by yourself. It will be absolutely wonderful and interesting. I may hang up now.”

Xia Ning hangs up the phone. She can hardly collect herself for a while after hearing Tang Qieying’s mysterious speech on the phone.

What on earth did Tang Qieying try to tell her?

Even Tang Qieying can’t tell her clearly what happens. It can be imagined how important the secret of Yi Yunrui is.

Thinking about this, Xia Ning looks at Yi Yunrui. She opens her mouth. She wants to ask, but she is afraid that she may not be expected to know that.

“Was it Ms. Tang?”


“What did she say? Why do you look strange?”

“…Oh. No. Nothing important. Well. You haven’t answered my question. How did you know it was Mei Ruo?” Xia Ning changes the topic. If she wants to know the truth, she will have many chances to ask in the future.

“The system told me.”

That system?

“What do you mean?”

“Minister Gu gave me the authorization to use it for eighty hours. I happened to see Mei Ruo entering the media building. So, I informed Jing Shu at once and told her to get ready.”

The system saw it? If it is true, the system is really awesomely powerful!

In an instant, Xia Ning gets very interested in the system. However, she remembers at once that even Yi Yunrui needs to apply for the authorization for access and time of use. It is imaginable what a confidential system it is!

She is not supposed to ask about that. Then, she may not do. She can’t cause any unnecessary problems to her husband.


Since the system could see Mei Ruo entering the media building, did it see her give Mei Ruo some slaps?

Anyway, the slapping issue… even if the system doesn’t see it, Yi Yunrui will find it out one day. She prefers to tell him now.

“Darling, I gave Mei Ruo three slaps on her face.”

“Hum.” Yi Yunrui nods, “She deserved them.”


“She deserved the three slaps.”

“Darling, Mei Ruo was your… Don’t you feel angry about that?” Mei Ruo was his previous lover…

Yi Yunrui feels slightly surprised to hear her words. Then, he holds out his hands to hug his wife, “You silly, what are you thinking about? Mei Ruo was my elder brother’s woman in the past. I only treated her as a future elder sister-in-law.”

Oh… It all clicks.

So, that means the whole story is Mei Ruo’s delusion!

“Darling, in your opinion, how could Mei Ruo run out?’

Yi Yunrui is just going to respond when his phone rings. He hangs up soon after a brief conversation.

“Mei Ruo said that someone helped her escape.”

When given the confession water, no one can lie.

Xia Ning feels surprised, “Who helped her?”

“She said she had no idea.” Yi Yunrui thinks for a while and continues, “She couldn’t know.”

Xia Ning feels very confused to hear her husband’s words, “Why could she not know?”

“Someone operated everything behind.”


Recently, everything happened with someone operating behind. Who could that someone be?

To be more exact, why did he do so? Is he going against her?

“Darling, … it seems that I have quite a lot of enemies.”

Yi Yunrui turns silent and doesn’t speak for quite a while. In the end, he gently pats his wife on her back, “It is not as simple as you think.”

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