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«Hero of Darkness (Web Novel) - Chapter 67: The Shapeshifter

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Chapter 67: The Shapeshifter

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Kahn wandered around the entire 13th floor of this dungeon but still failed to find any enemies or the floor boss despite spending a few hours with all his abilities activated.

“Where the hell is it?!” shouted Kahn in an annoyed tone because no way that the floor boss could leave the floor. If it did, there would be a mayhem outside of the dungeon and maybe the city would be at war because the higher the floors, the stronger the bosses were.

He looked around the trees and rocky valleys from time to time but still couldn’t find anything that would look like a monster or any being that would appear to be an inhabitant of this floor.

“I guess that leaves me no choice. Everyone, out!” commanded Kahn all of his subordinates jumped out from his shadow one by one.

“Legion, go look for enemies. Generals, attack anything you find suspicious and Omega… Smash!” said Kahn as he pointed his forefinger at Omega.

Omega let out a smirk and ran in the opposite direction.

What ensued very soon was multiple places on this dungeon floor getting blown up, caved in, giants peaks and boulders getting shattered while the dense treelines put on fires while the smoke from the burnt wood spread on this floor which nearly had a perimeter of 10 kilometers.

Kahn was literally smoking the floor boss out of its hiding.

After he too joined the shindig, the property damage raised significantly because he had the highest mana and attack range whether it was sword or magic spells.

After half an hour, suddenly Omega engaged in a battle and Kahn was quickly notified via Hive Mind skill.

He finally saw the floor boss through the shared vision as he and the rest of the subordinates were running towards the ongoing battle.

Kahn was stupefied after looking at the boss. Omega who was fighting it was having a hard time to even land a proper blow at it whether it was melee and ranged attacks.

And the main reason being that the floor boss had no proper body form. Sometimes it turned into the shape of a boulder and the next second it turned into limb-like structures that avoided the attacks extremely well. It was like a jelly that was changing its size and shapes without any problems.

As Kahn reached the midway to the battleground… He faltered in his footsteps after he saw something that made him drop his jaw on the ground.

The floor boss had turned into… Omega.

Kahn couldn’t believe his eyes as he saw a black Lycan who looked identical to Omega in every aspect. Whether it was the height, the fur or the claws. There wasn’t a difference in any way.

If Kahn didn’t have the mind connection with his commander… He too would’ve failed to differentiate between the real Omega and the fake one.

Omega was enraged to the core after he saw the floor boss imitating him in every way. It had a smug grin on its expression as it evaded his attacks from time to time and made mocking gestures.

[It has high sentience and it knows how to goad an enemy into exhausting themselves by provoking them.] Kahn thought and ordered all of his subordinates to stop their charge towards the battleground. The floor boss clearly didn’t know how many enemies were surrounding it.

[Keep it busy.] he ordered Omega as a viable plan hatched in his mind.

After watching the floor boss via Omega, Kahn quickly understood why he failed to find the floor boss till now despite spending hours wandering around the floor like an idiot.

Because this floor boss could Shapeshift into objects and even living beings. And to make it even more deadly, it could also completely mask its presence so well that even his Survival Instinct and Hunter’s Intent that were already twice more effective than before ever since he broke into the Grandmaster rank couldn’t find it.

No wonder it had completely mixed into the environment without leaving a trace. And if not for Kahn getting pissed off and ordering his subordinates to destroy the places on this floor, he would’ve never found it in the first place.

If this was Kahn before he faced the floor boss from the 12th floor and absorbed its abilities; he wasn’t confident that he would even be able to fight this floor boss.

The opponent was indeed very smart and tactful from what Kahn saw.

He ordered his Legion and Six Generals to surround the battlefield from corners without coming in sight. He exclusively ordered Oliver to take the high ground and be ready to attack if the shapeshifting floor boss decided to take the form of something that could fly in order to run away from the battle.

At this moment however, Omega was being pushed back by the monster with the same physical attacks as the former and mimicking his attack pattern. A true nightmare for those who hunted alone and in groups. Because no matter what, this floor boss could take the shape of a random object and you wouldn’t even notice. If in groups, it could take the appearance of your allies and then kill you when you weren’t looking.

Kahn trembled in amazement after he noticed how horrifyingly strong this floor boss was. It was one thing if you could copy someone’s appearance… But it was another thing if you could fight the opponent using the same attacks and fighting style as them.

[The 12th-floor boss only looked terrifying… But this guy is the actual bastard you should be afraid of.] spoke Kahn to himself as he finally prepared a plan to take down this floor boss.

Since its biggest advantage in a fight was to shapeshift into the enemy and copy their fighting style in time… Kahn was certain that the monster was a highly intelligent being to adapt so quickly in a battle.

But what if the boss lost its ability to think properly and had too many enemies that it couldn’t even copy enough of them?

Because soon, the floor boss was going live inside a nightmare.

And that nightmare would be none other Kahn.

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