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«Hero of Darkness (Web Novel) - Chapter 66: The Missing Enemy

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Chapter 66: The Missing Enemy

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Once again, the Flavot city awoke in the morning filled with terrified screams as multiple streets were now crowded with masses throughout the entire perimeter. All the 4 gates of the city that had thousands of people exit and enter through were now in shambles because suddenly, the influx in people that were leaving the city for good had risen.

And the reason being none other than Azrael… The Adjudicator.

Because last night, he had displayed such ruthlessness that even the most experienced fighters who had been through many wars would find it scary and no different than an actual battlefield.

Unlike what Azrael had done before, where he only put a pike through the bodies of the criminals and pin them on a wall… This time, the display of cruelty had put fear in even those who supported his actions and called him a hero.

Because the criminals that were now pinned on the street walls were no longer hung there in a single piece… Rather their body parts were spread out throughout the city while blood leaked out of them and the reeking atmosphere left many onlookers shuddering in fear.

If one street had the head of one of Azrael’s victims, the other street walls would have his legs or arms, another will have his fingers while the last one would host the splattered and torn up intestines. The mangled body parts covered in blood were spread throughout the city and not a single populated zone was left an exception to it.

This was by far, Azrael’s biggest declaration of war on the criminals and corrupted that lived in the city.

All of these streets had blood-painted walls with words written in blood that were the main cause why anyone who ever committed a heinous crime would feel like looking the death in its eyes.



He was no longer a hero of justice or someone who fought for the little guy. No, he was basically declaring himself to be the law itself.

The reason why he went to such extreme measures was because he knew that people would easily forget no matter how many criminals he killed and punished for their crimes. And eventually, the majority of the populace who only heard the name of Azrael only in gossips and rumors would come to even deny his existence.

Sooner or later, he was going to leave this place and his name and deeds would fade in history… People would still commit crimes in the dark alleys, innocents would be thrashed and trampled upon by the rich and powerful and all the efforts he put in creating his persona of Azrael would have no meaning left to it.

If he wanted to leave a mark in the history of this city… He had to not only kill these criminals, but also make the masses fear him. Otherwise, the same cycle would repeat and that would make no difference.

For Kahn, it was no longer about using these killings as a means to kill the people in his contract, but rather about the legacy he would leave.

Because a fearful man followed rules far better than one with freedom. Even though no one served any religion or any God in Rakos Empire… Azrael had put the fear of god in all the citizens of this city.


Kahn, the main culprit of this chaos woke up merrily in the noon after yesterday’s hectic work and simply enjoyed the view outside of his house.

He was now done playing the role of a warrior of justice and the Judge, Jury and Executioner. His short career was now over because he had to focus his time and energy on various things. He wasn’t going to be complacent and enjoy whatever little reputation and strength he had in his hands.

Complacency breeds pestilence that stops your growth and will eventually cause your downfall.

He took a bath and had Jerome bring his lunch.

“Sir, these are your letters for today. I think you should respond to at least a few of them. Some even come from noble clans who wish to have you join their ranks.” said Jerome as he unloaded a whole bag of letters on the table.

These were all the letters and invitations Kahn was receiving ever since his popularity rose with the incidents with the minotaur bodies and later it reached its peak with him beating the noble heirs at the banquet.

Kahn, who barely had any time to spare these days didn’t want to waste it on entertaining these self-proclaimed high class people and their useless notions. He had no need or the will the join hands with any of the forces. If it was some one-time deal, he would do it but making any commitment and joining any factions wasn’t something he wanted to get entangled in. He had no interest in playing a futile politics game in this small place that was on the edge of the empire.

“Tell them I’m unavailable for few days and won’t be able to reply.” replied Kahn as he enjoyed his fulfilling meal.

It was about time he hunted the next floor boss.

Kahn visited the Bromnir dungeon again… Simply because it was the closest one to the city and apparently, had the highest number of dungeon floors. Just that the people who came here were too many so there were not many monsters to hunt on upper floors. Only if you could fight and survive on the lower floors, then it’d be worth it.

Kahn reached the 13th floor this time and entered through the gates. His senses were all on alert as he searched for the enemies on this floor but couldn’t find any living thing other than the trees and plants on this dense and rocky valley.

Even his hunter’s intent hadn’t picked up any heat signature or a trail of any living soul.

Kahn couldn’t help but think in puzzlement…

“Has this floor been abandoned?”

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