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«Heaven’s Devourer (Web Novel) - Chapter 1147: Patron Saints' Hall

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Chapter 1147: Patron Saints' Hall

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Translator: Midasthefloof

After a night of preparation in the hectic Immortal's Capital, preparations for the grand coronation ceremony were finally complete.

Wu Yu had stayed with Luo Pin until daylight. Luo Pin was sitting on the bench in the pavilion, while Wu Yu lying down, his head resting on her smooth thighs. They had spoken throughout the night.

It felt like they could talk about anything and everything, and never run out of things to talk about.

He hoped that this moment could last forever, but that was not realistic. As the sun rose, he knew that he had to rush back to the royal city for the coronation ceremony.

A new emperor had come.

"I remember the eve of my last coronation. On that night, my life reached a turning point. I had thought that tonight would be as difficult and arduous, but things seem to have passed without any turbulence. Nothing seems to have happened." Wu Yu was unwilling to leave her embrace.

"But although this time has been smooth-sailing, this, too, has become a turning point in your life. From an insignificant mortal's birth to Emperor Yu, whose name rings throughout the world," Luo Pin said.

"I hope that, like the last time, this is also a good beginning!"

At this time, Regent Di Shatian was already urging Wu Yu to return, seeing that he was not at Prince Le's Residence. They would have to begin the first step of the coronation ceremony at daybreak.

Within the royal city, all the eminent ministers, aristocrats, and royal family members were seated. All the preparations were complete and the grand ceremony would proceed immediately upon Wu Yu's arrival. Many years had passed, and now Yan Huang was finally welcoming a new emperor. Many were seized with deep feelings.

The entire Yan Huang Ancient Country, including all the Yan Huang Tribe members and many who were not, were also especially somber. They had bathed and dressed, and donned ceremonial items. The Ancient Country's castles were all richly adorned and gay beyond their usual mien. Cheers for Emperor Yu enlivened the place, and large festivities were underway. The city lords and provincial lords led the citizens in cheers for the long life of Emperor Yu. Many other activities swelled the lands of Yan Huang to excited fervor.

"If I am in the Jambu Realm, I will constantly be in contact. Next year, on this day, I will go to the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas to look for you." Wu Yu held on to her petite hand, unwilling to let it go.

"Yes. I want to know where you are, always." Luo Pin was unwilling as well. Although she was older and had more worldly experience, it was still her first time experiencing love.

Their final moments of warmth together ended with full daybreak, when Wu Yu had to leave. The City of 10,000 Kingdoms was moving as well. Under Di Shatian's direction, many of the high-ranking officials had come to invite the Ambassadors of 10,000 Kingdoms to attend the second ceremony of the coronation. This was also the most important ceremony. After its conclusion, the Yan Huang Ancient Country would hold a feast and treat the Ambassadors of 10,000 Kingdoms to the finest delicacies that the Yan Huang Ancient Country had to offer.

Even for an ordinary coronation, they would be invited. And now that they were at the Immortal's Capital, they would definitely attend, as a show of face for the Yan Huang Tribe.

After which, if they wished to linger at the Immortal's Capital, the Yan Huang Tribe would definitely continue to offer them hospitality. If they wished to return to their own territories, the Yan Huang Tribe would see them out respectfully as well. The national banquet would mark the conclusion to the coronation ceremony.

Regent Di Shatian had already sent the details of the coronation ceremony to Wu Yu the previous day. He had looked it over. Actually, he would not need to do much. Di Shatian had arranged everything, Wu Yu only needed to follow along. Piece of cake.

This coronation ceremony had to be attended. After all, Luo Pin would still be at Yan Huang during this time. Wu Yu would definitely follow the Ancient Emperor's bidding.

After returning from the City of 10,000 Kingdoms to Prince Le's Residence in the Immortal's Capital, he saw that Regent Di Shatian was already there waiting.

Alongside him were the other siblings of the Ancient Emperor, such as the two regional dukes - the Eastern Region Duke, who presided over the East Region Divine Continent, and Futu Region Duke, who ruled the Futu Divine Continent.

In terms of administrative rank and authority, they were counted among the highest in the Yan Huang Tribe, and basically wielded authority on behalf of the Ancient Emperor. In the places they watched over, they held absolute authority. And amongst them, the Regent was slightly higher than the two of them.

Of course, with Wu Yu now being Emperor Yu, the three of them would defer to Wu Yu, who was the highest authority in Yan Huang Ancient Country.

Besides these three kings, there were also royal family members, such as the past princes and princesses. They were here as well, including those familiar to Wu Yu, like Prince Yu, Prince Xiao, and Princess Xi. Their heads were bowed, afraid to speak. They seemed terrified of how things were today - Wu Yu was already a superhuman who had already flown way past them.

Wu Yu had yet to be formally crowned, and so the Regent still called him “Prince Yu,” albeit with a healthy dose of respect. He smiled. "The time is almost upon us for the grand ceremony. Prince Yu, please follow me into Patron Saints' Hall."

"Mm." Wu Yu nodded.

He had already reached that level of presence.

Authority without anger.

The coronation ceremony was divided into two segments. The first was an ancestral offering, the second was the coronation. The ancestral offering was at Patron Saints' Hall, where the ancestors of the Yan Huang Ancient Country were laid to rest.

Of course, those resting here were all who had died before being able to reach immortalhood. The emperors who had attained immortality had all gone on to the sky palaces. Therefore, there was the Yan Huang Heavenly Pillar, which represented the authority of all the immortal emperors, and the Yan Huang Tribe could even communicate with the immortals through this Yan Huang Heavenly Pillar. Of course, it was said that only the Ancient Emperor could do this.

In any case, Patron Saints' Hall was the sacred ground of the Yan Huang Tribe. It was a holy place where one would take oath before the forebears. It was definitely not a place that would brook any nonsense. Therefore, the first item in the coronation ceremony was to inform the ancestors that Yan Huang would be crowning a new emperor. It was also for Wu Yu to meet these previous emperors and ancestors.

Therefore, only the most important members of the royal family, ministers, and aristocrats of the Yan Huang Tribe would be present. Today, only the princes and princesses, the concubines of the Ancient Emperor, as well as the royal uncles and aunts needed to be present. They would kneel thrice and kowtow nine times to the ancestors. The steps were rather complicated, but they simply needed to comply with the instructions. It was not difficult.

Patron Saints' Hall was one of the three largest halls in the royal city of the Immortal's Capital. It was holy and forbidden ground for the Yan Huang Tribe, and access was usually barred.

It was the most sacred of grounds.

Led by the Regent, the Futu Region Duke, the Eastern Region Duke, and the others, Wu Yu walked to the huge gates of Patron Saints' Hall. Patron Saints' Hall was extremely solemn. It was actually a hall and not a full palace, and it was filled with row after row of tombs. Each tomb was covered in gold and jewels that indicated status. The higher the status, the deeper it was, and at the center of it all was the Yan Huang Heavenly Pillar.

There were already many Yan Huang royal family members waiting at the door of Patron Saints' Hall, perhaps a few thousand. Wu Yu glanced through them, and even the South Emperor from South Emperor City had come.

Of these thousands, perhaps 1,000 were extremely beautiful women who looked young and also had great bearing. It was a stirring sight, and Wu Yu knew that these were the Ancient Emperor's concubines, of differing statuses.

However, the Ancient Emperor had not designated a queen, and so there was no true leader amongst the concubines. This also proved Immortal Su Sang's existence. Who could compete with an immortal for the position of king?

These 1,000 concubines were merely a representation. The Ancient Emperor was said to have 10,000 concubines, and some unrecognized as well. If not for the fact that they had been able to bear a child for the Ancient Emperor, they would not even be qualified to participate.

The Ancient Emperor's concubines had their own statuses. Those who were experts in their own right, of noble birth, and had borne many children of great accomplishments to the Ancient Emperor would hold higher statuses and titles.

There were also concubines who came from humble birth and were sent to the harem on the basis of their beauty. Yet they had never met the Ancient Emperor before, and were of low status. They were about the same as palace ladies-in-waiting. Those that had not even met him were basically failures. And with a new emperor crowned, they would be sent out of the palace to a different place to grow old.

Of course, this might be a relief for them.

The thousand concubines here were the success cases. Many had borne children, or at least had some background. Some had cultivated quite a lot, and it was said that some concubines had reached the ninth rank, the highest rank. Although they could not enter the government, this status was about the same as the Regent’s. There were only a handful at this rank.

However, Wu Yu was not too interested. These were all divine beauties, perfect features, slim of hip and full of bust. Those were just the basics. Each had their own unique features. Many were young and of special character. Any one, singled out, would be special in a crowd. They were all very alluring, and yet when 1,000 of them were gathered together, it was a saturation of beauty. Put Luo Pin in their midst and she would still be the most striking.

Besides the concubines, those that could participate in this ancestral ceremony were the Ancient Emperor's own seniors. It was not easy for them to still live on, and many were nearing their deaths and dissipation of dao.

Many of the others were the younger siblings of the Ancient Emperor. This group was scattered throughout the Yan Huang Ancient Country, holding down various corners of the nation. Even in the Immortal's Capital, they held great power, such as Di Shatian, Di Yuantian, Di Nantian, the Futu Region Duke, the Eastern Region Duke, and many others…

What remained were the princes and princesses. Besides those that had been banned, the rest were mostly here. To Wu Yu, they were all familiar faces.

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