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«Heaven’s Devourer (Web Novel) - Chapter 1080: Tortoise Shield Dragon Boat

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Chapter 1080: Tortoise Shield Dragon Boat

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Translator: Midasthefloof

Here at the fourth level of the Ancient Soul Tower, you would basically not be attacked by the Spirits of the Universe as long as you did not take to the skies.

And then the only threat remaining was the other experts in the Ancient Soul Tower.

At the fourth level of the Ancient Soul Tower, there were mostly fourth tier Dao Querying cultivators, with some fifth tier and a few sixth tier cultivators.

Princess Yin and the others were considered the most elite at this level. The fact that Wu Yu had bumped into them was indeed a stroke of bad luck.

There were many martial cultivators from major immortal kingdoms here, as well as ghostly cultivators, demons, and sea region demons. But on the whole, it was still rather difficult for the Full Moon of Nanshan's illusion techniques to be broken. Even if they were detected, they could not get past the Full Moon of Nanshan. Therefore, the fourth level of the Ancient Soul Tower was rather safe.

This was exactly why Wu Yu could fully immerse himself, both body and mind. His real body needed a large amount of God's Way Pills and some healing immortal medicines to speed along the regeneration of his physical body worlds. This was a tricky process, but not a difficult one. After all, his Invincible Vajra Body had an innately robust regenerative ability.

In order to save time, he had entered the Floating Dreams Pagoda, where he would have five times as much time.

Also to save time, Wu Yu decided to try letting the Heaven Devouring Avatar attempt subduing the Imperial Insignia.

If he succeeded, then both the real body and the Heaven Devouring Avatar could use the seraphic dao treasure. Wu Yu's real body was more used to staff-like dao treasures, but he was a dab hand with a longsword as well.

The Heaven Devouring Avatar had always been using a sword, and was no longer affiliated to frost thanks to the variation in lifeforms that it had devoured. Therefore, it was more orthodox now, and not as dark as before. It could basically use any dao treasure.

Seraphic dao treasures were fortuitous encounters. For now, Wu Yu decided to let the real body wield it. After all, he was more used to the fighting style of his real body. Previously, he had relied on the Heaven Devouring Avatar's support almost by default.

In the Floating Dreams Pagoda, his Heaven Devouring Avatar spent most of the time blood bonding with the Imperial Insignia.

In truth, Wu Yu very seldom desired a new dao treasure with such fervor.

However, he felt a pang of regret. The Infernal Sky Pillar had been with him for a long time, but it had been destroyed. If not for the Infernal Sky Pillar, Wu Yu would definitely have died to an unblocked hit from Heaven's Imperial Insignia: Immortal Slayer Strike.

His real body and Heaven Devouring Avatar both entered the Floating Dreams Pagoda. His real body focused on healing, while the Heaven Devouring Avatar completely subdued the unruly Imperial Insignia. The seraphic dao treasure, bereft of its owner's Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy, was hard-pressed to resist Wu Yu. More, because the Heaven Devouring Avatar was a primordial spirit, it could directly enter the spirit design world, where 790,000 of them resided. He found the two immortal treasure spirits there.

One was a golden roc dragon soaring in the clouds with two huge wings. The other roamed the dark seas, resembling a mystical tortoise, but with the head, tail, and arms of a dragon. These two huge beasts coexisted without disturbance in their respective domains. But as Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar entered as a black vortex, it elicited simultaneous animosity from both.

They knew that this was the one who had defeated their owner and taken them away.

Subduing them here was a test of sheer primordial spirit energy and will.

"ROAR!" Both huge beasts bellowed their defiance at Wu Yu. The roc dragon's voice was shrill in the skies, while the tortoise dragon's was rumbling in the seas and made the waters tremble with its bass.

Wu Yu was not worried. He had plenty of time. Besides, there was an ancient rule: Wu Yu had obtained them through defeating their owner. In such a situation, they would face Wu Yu under pressure, and not see him as an easy fight.

At least it showed that Wu Yu was stronger than their original owner. Of course, immortal treasure spirits did not immediately submit to owners on the basis of strength alone. After all, they would have some feelings for their original owner. Their impression of Wu Yu was that he was a being that couldn't die!

"I am different from Princess Yin. Perhaps I will not need you for too long. It might be a few years, or even less.

"But in that short time, I will definitely give you a more meaningful experience." Perhaps immortal treasure spirits did not understand too well, but Wu Yu's will was to reason with them.

Next, Wu Yu did not prolong the issue. He used the Heaven Devouring Avatar to engage them in a hard fight directly. Wu Yu's advantage was that his Heaven Devouring Avatar could be both physical body and primordial spirit. It also had a versatile arsenal, not limited to only spiritual attacks.

Even Princess Yin could take them down, so Wu Yu had that psychological advantage. Even if they resisted him, Wu Yu was of a mind to break them.

It might not be accomplished in a day. Then he would take two, or three!

The two beasts had a fairly stubborn will. Especially since it was a seraphic dao treasure, it was more powerful than the other immortal treasure spirits that Wu Yu had encountered before.

Attack after attack, pressing and pressing. Beaten back by their combined efforts and then counterattacking anew.

Wu Yu knew that he might not be able to crush these two beasts in terms of will yet, but he had an advantage of being nigh impossible to kill. And he would not stop. Perhaps he could not win in a short amount of time, but he would use his perseverance to relentlessly crush them into utter submission.

The two huge beasts were already scared of Wu Yu. Next, they were in for hell. Wu Yu's constant attacks, even from the Heaven Devouring Avatar alone, were enough.

After about five days, the two huge beasts were finally tamed.

Although there might still be some discontent, Wu Yu had succeeded in blood bonding, and was now their new owner.

It did not matter that they were discontent or resentful. But in the future, they would revise their view of Wu Yu as they followed him, because Wu Yu was the owner that all dao treasure immortal treasure spirits truly wished to follow. His future was unlimited.

However, a successful blood bond was just the beginning. Wu Yu also had to thoroughly understand the spirit designs in the Imperial Insignia. It was not just the Offensive Spirit Designs. Offensive and Defensive Spirit Designs were only the surface, while the core was the most important. One had to have sufficient understanding of the core spirit designs inside before one could properly master the Offensive and Defensive Spirit Designs.

The Imperial Insignia's three great spirit designs.

With the Roc Dragon in the lead, the Offensive Spirit Design, Imperial Dragon Sword: Golden Roc Covers the Sky.

With the Tortoise Dragon in the lead, the Defensive Spirit Design, Imperial Dragon Shield: Mystical Tortoise Rattles Hell.

And with the Roc Dragon in the lead, and the Tortoise Dragon in support, the most terrifying Heaven's Imperial Insignia: Immortal Slayer Strike. This was the basis of this seraphic dao treasure.

Wu Yu spent an enormous amount of time studying these spirit designs.

To the outside world, only a day had passed.

Next, Wu Yu spent 50 days just to get a limited general understanding of these spirit designs. And then he spent another 10 days before he could nominally use them. While he was about as deadly as Princess Yin, it was actually due to his inexperience. When he got more familiar, he would reach a much higher level than Princess Yin.

But even so, Wu Yu's fighting power still saw a great leap. He had obtained an even mightier weapon. Before, it was as though he had been wielding a blunt knife with great strength.

About a dozen days had passed in the outside world. Prince Le and the others had waited very patiently. They knew that Prince Le obtaining the Yan Huang Golden Bead would depend entirely on Wu Yu.

After so many days, his real body had already reached its whole state. His fighting power was at a peak, even stronger than before.

When he emerged from the Floating Dreams Pagoda, Prince Le and the others were all excited, wishing to see the capabilities of the Imperial Insignia.

"When we meet a strong enough opponent, you can all see it then. But for now, let's head up to the fifth level of the Ancient Soul Tower."

In these few days, they had been disconnected from the world. They did not have any news about the Yan Huang Golden Bead. However, they were still in the Ancient Soul Tower, and so it had probably not been caught yet. They still had a fighting chance.

"Yes, let's hurry to the fifth level. There will be more chances there," Qu Fengyu said.

The Full Moon of Nanshan stowed away the Hidden Immortal and dispelled the spirit designs that he had put into place. Everyone surrounded Wu Yu eagerly now, awaiting his show.

In truth, the tortoise dragon's transformations were not as simple as just the Imperial Dragon Shield: Mystical Tortoise Rattles Hell. The dao treasure was capable of many other variations. For example, the Imperial Insignia had utility spirit designs. One of them was the Tortoise Shield Dragon Boat Design. Wu Yu activated this design, and the Imperial Insignia transformed into a turtle-shaped warship before their very eyes!

They entered it. The Tortoise Shield Dragon Boat was completely sealed without a crack. Its defensive abilities were not far from the Imperial Dragon Shield: Mystical Tortoise Rattles Hell, only it did not have powerful counter-attacking abilities.

The Tortoise Shield Dragon Boat took to the skies. Under Wu Yu's control, it was fairly swift. Wu Yu was confident that he could reach the golden vortex before the Emerald Birds arrived. The lightning was fairly dense, but it would not be easy to penetrate the Tortoise Shield Dragon Boat. This dao treasure was about as strong as Prince Yu's Soul Restraining Ancient Cauldron. And back then, the Soul Restraining Ancient Cauldron had taken them up with ease as well.

However, there was a bit of a surprise. As they rose up into the air above the horizon-less world, they stood out.

Wu Yu saw that they had been discovered by people from afar, who immediately charged them.

"Scumbag, return my Imperial Insignia!"

It was Princess Yin. She had already more or less recovered!

However, Wu Yu was not at all afraid of them now. He continued to rise up towards the golden vortex without pause.

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