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«Heaven’s Devourer (Web Novel) - Chapter 1079: A Reputation To Shake The World

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Chapter 1079: A Reputation To Shake The World

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Translator: Midasthefloof

When Wu Yu fought, he very seldom tanked things directly with the Invincible Vajra Body.

Because once he reached this stage, it basically meant that he had no other way out, and could only bet that he could not be killed.

This time, against such an overwhelmingly powerful attack from a seraphic dao treasure, Wu Yu had to fall back on this, and rebirth after his death.

Although it had been a risky gamble with his life, Wu Yu had succeeded!

The fourth tier of his Hexaworld Celestial King Buddha Body had been broken down and was close to completely crumbling when the Heaven Swallowing 10,000 Rampaging Dragons Formation finally broke through the defenses of Princess Yin. Before she killed Wu Yu's real body, her defenseless self was completely frozen over.

The Heaven Devouring Avatar's strength was no less than Princess Yin's in terms of Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy. Although the Dark North Royal Obelisk was inferior to the Imperial Insignia, it was still a superb advanced dao treasure. It was also coupled with the devouring ability of the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast, which was formidable in and of itself. And while the opponent was completely focused on killing Wu Yu, the Heaven Swallowing 10,000 Rampaging Dragons Formation was able to reach its full power, a crystallized, super-powered, black sphere of ice. In the center, the temperature descended to the extremes. Although it could not kill Princess Yin, it could deal grievous damage without a problem!

After all, the sheer cold of such a freezing was terrifying. At this moment, Princess Yin was frozen in the pose of using the Imperial Insignia to kill Wu Yu, as rigid as a corpse.

Within the ice sphere, all was within the Heaven Devouring Avatar's control. Princess Yin's expression changed drastically, panicked at being frozen. A black mystical dragon wrenched the Imperial Insignia out of her frozen hands. Because her body had been frozen, the spirit designs of the Imperial Insignia were severed as well. The moment Wu Yu froze her, the Heaven Devouring Avatar had already delivered the seraphic dao treasure Imperial Insignia into the Floating Dreams Pagoda.

This seraphic dao treasure would definitely put up a fight. But once in the Floating Dreams Pagoda, Wu Yu wagered that the mystical Floating Dreams Pagoda would be able to contain it. If he put it into a Sumeru Pouch, even an advanced dao treasure-level Sumeru Pouch, Princess Yin would probably be able to rip it apart with her control.

After all, the Imperial Insignia's owner was still Princess Yin.

The damage that the Heaven Swallowing 10,000 Rampaging Dragons Formation's frost had inflicted on Princess Yin meant that she would need some time to recover even if the ice was broken. Actually, it was Wu Yu who had truly taken serious damage. Anyone else would have died four times over already. If not for his Hexaworld Celestial King Buddha Body being equivalent to having six lives, he would already have died.

It was not the sixth tier Dao Querying cultivator Princess Yin who was strong, it was the Imperial Insignia. When the Imperial Insignia landed in Wu Yu's hands, it did not matter how injured his real body was. Princess Yin was doomed.

Wu Yu seemed to be given a new lease of life. Drenched in blood, not a single inch on his body was uninjured. But in this state, he appeared before the frozen Princess Yin, and his aura was impressive beside the corpse-like ice statue. Wu Yu gave it a forceful shove, and the huge ice block flew up into the sky!

At a certain altitude, it would attract the Emerald Bird Spirits of the Universe. If the ice shattered, Princess Yin would die as well.

This shocking development was clearly witnessed by Xiong Zhan, Jiang Wenyu, and Jiang Wuzhou.

The Full Moon of Nanshan could still run rings around Xiong Zhan, but the Elusive Firefly was almost wrecked and the Silver Moon Mantis was already wrecked. It would need a long time to recover in the Floating Dreams Pagoda. The fight was taking a heavy toll on Ye Xixi as well. She was in danger. If not for the fact that she was fighting a feigning battle - aimed at keeping her opponent occupied rather than going hard on - she too would have been dead long ago.

Wu Yu had managed to get the situation under control before the worst happened. He had not only defeated Princess Yin and taken away the terrifying Imperial Insignia, but he had also managed to put Princess Yin in clear danger that Xiong Zhan and the others could see clearly. As the ice began to rise, many green Spirits of the Universe had started to gather as clouds as they came cawing over. If they were too slow, Princess Yin would be dead.

To them, this was a huge deal. The three of them lost their minds, abandoning their opponents and hurtling towards Princess Yin.

This was the time to leave. Given his serious wounds, Wu Yu had no way to fight them to the bitter end. He regrouped swiftly with the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi and swept up the gaping Prince Le. Without a word, they fled at full speed.

Prince Le and the others were as tense as could be. Towards the end, their expressions were hopeless, thinking that Wu Yu was doomed. But this miraculous opportunity brought them an unspeakable bliss.

The grassy plain was not even, with many small hills that obscured one's vision popping up. If you could fly here, then Wu Yu and the others would be hard-pressed to go far. But, luckily, the Emerald Birds prevented that. When Wu Yu turned back for a look after fleeing for a long time, he saw the frenzied attacks of the Emerald Birds driving Xiong Zhan and the others back to ground. Once on the ground, they lost all trace of Wu Yu and the others.

"Can we escape?" Prince Le asked anxiously.

"Don't worry. They will need a long time just to break the ice. After all, Princess Yin will end up in several pieces if they smash it by force. Then it won't be me who killed her, but them," Wu Yu replied.

Hearing this, Prince Le let out a long breath with relief. Looking Wu Yu over, he asked worriedly, "Are you hurt?"

Wu Yu could hear his concern, and he nodded. "A small matter. I will be fine after recovering for a while. Right now, we have to find a safe place to hide out for a while. I'll be fine after recuperating."

Actually, he needed to recuperate mainly because he wanted to control the Imperial Insignia!

Such a wonderful treasure that he had snatched after risking his life. Wu Yu had no intention of letting it go to waste. In truth, this seraphic dao treasure was the real reason why Wu Yu had challenged that opponent.

After his Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy had swelled dramatically in recent times, he could clearly feel that the Infernal Sky Pillar could not readily express his strength anymore.

He needed a stronger dao treasure.

At that time, Princess Yin had appeared with the Imperial Insignia. Since she had forced the issue first, Wu Yu was not going to stand on ceremony.

"Wu Yu, did you snatch Princess Yin's Imperial Insignia? That's the reward that the Ancient Emperor personally gave to her…" Baili Zhuihun was stunned. He did not expect Wu Yu to be so bold.

Prince Le laughed. "Don't worry. She was the one who delivered it to him. Father Emperor bestowed it upon her, but she was unable to protect it. It means that she is incompetent."

Prince Le naturally would not object. He clearly understood that taking away the Imperial Insignia diminished the opponent's strength by a quarter, or even more. Wu Yu had dealt with one rival for him as well.

They continued to cover ground over the grassy plain. After half a day, they had completely left their previous battleground behind. This grassy plain looked the same everywhere. Therefore, there was no such thing as a safe place. But the Full Moon of Nanshan still had the Hidden Immortal, which they all boarded. The Full Moon of Nanshan also constantly strengthened the illusion spirit designs while Wu Yu recuperated and, more importantly, subdued the Imperial Insignia.

What they did not know was that this battle had caused huge waves in the whole Jambu Realm outside.

When Wu Yu dealt with Heaven's Imperial Insignia: Immortal Slayer Strike, snatched the Imperial Insignia, and made his escape, all within a short time, it was as though he had risen from the depths of hell to heaven itself.


At least at the Windy Fiery Skies Platform, the faces of many of the immortal kingdom leaders changed.

"This is like David against Goliath! With the seraphic dao treasure now in his hands, Prince Le truly stands a good chance now!"

"This Wu Yu is a miracle. He truly surpasses all expectations… But you have to respect him."

Some suspected that the Ancient Emperor had engineered all this, but no one dared to speak out. Besides, no one could be sure. If Wu Yu had taken the knife to an outsider, the likelihood that it was a conspiracy might be higher. But the opponent had been the Ancient Emperor's daughter.

Wu Yu had defeated Princess Yin, who had been cultivating for 400 years, and taken away her seraphic dao treasure, the Imperial Insignia. This news spread throughout the Jambu Realm very quickly.

His name again resounded all over the world, billions of people discussing his heroic actions. And this time, the Ancient Emperor had allowed them to watch the entire process.

"If the Ancient Emperor isn't behind this, then Wu Yu is truly a god. Such a comeback is truly unheard of. With such a Kingmaker, Prince Le truly stands a very good chance in the future! Given Wu Yu's current strength, he probably isn't far from the strongest bunch in the Ancient Soul Tower…"

"No need to aggrandize him. There are a lot of experts inside. When he ascends to the higher levels of the Ancient Soul Tower and meets stronger people, things will not be so certain."

"In any case, things will definitely get more exciting with him around. He's basically used Princess Yin as a stepping stone this time."

"Was the Imperial Insignia given to Wu Yu? Or Prince Le? After all, it's the Ancient Emperor's seraphic dao treasure. Wu Yu would probably give it to Prince Le after getting it, right? That makes more sense. After all, the difference between the two is too great. Wu Yu seems like he's turned from servant to served."

"I think it will be Wu Yu. After all, Prince Le can't handle it. Wu Yu won it himself. But I wonder if there will be friction between them. Actually, I felt from the start that Wu Yu is much more outstanding than Prince Le. And all of Prince Le's accomplishments were won by Wu Yu."

"That's interesting. Let's wait and see. If Prince Le becomes the new Yan Huang emperor, what will become of Wu Yu? Haha…"

All kinds of related discussions were flying back and forth furiously within the Yan Huang tribe. After all, this was an internal struggle.

Of course, from beside Phoenix Supreme, demon lord Eight Immortals Kunwu said to Phoenix Supreme: "They grew so strong. Perhaps they obtained something in Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence?"

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