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«Heaven’s Devourer (Web Novel) - Chapter 1487: The Sea God's Halberd of Eternal Night

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Chapter 1487: The Sea God's Halberd of Eternal Night

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Translator: Midasthefloof

Wu Yu grinned as Qing Xu Immortal Lord followed them without bothering to hide her disdain and contempt.

As a man, he could not allow his woman to be belittled in such a manner. Since they were here today, then no matter what Luo Pin had wanted to buy, Wu Yu would not disappoint nor embarrass her even if he had to bankrupt himself in order to buy it.

There was a passage in this Great Void Weapon Armory that leads straight to the lowest level. Within intervals of the passage, there would be a palace and within each palace, there would be a Great Void Immortal Treasure on display.

Great Void Immortal Treasures could only be purchased with Spirit Ascension Pills. Spirit Ascension Pills were Great Void level immortal medicine. It was used to support cultivators in their study of heavenly rules and at the same time, help them to recover their heavenly rule power. It was the most common Great Void level immortal medicine.

Of course, Spirit Ascension Pills could also be used as currency to exchange for other items. In here, most of the items had a set exchange rate, a fixed price. Some special items might require the personal attention of the owner, Terminal Ruins Immortal King, to determine the price.

After entering, they saw that the Great Void Immortal Treasure displayed in the first palace was a long sword that seemed to hold the entire galaxy within it. Wu Yu and Luo Pin had not even gotten the opportunity to examine the treasure and Qing Xu Immortal Lord who was trailing behind them spoke pridefully and sarcastically: "Have you taken a good look? That is a Great Void Immortal Treasure. It can use heavenly rule power and costs 18 Spirit Ascension Pills!"

She spoke the last few words with emphasis.

She wanted to see both Wu Yu and Luo Pin wither upon realization of their inferiority and leave the shop in shameful silence.

However, she was disappointed. Wu Yu and Luo Pin only took one look at the sword and continued moving down the passage. Their expressions barely changed. After all, Wu Yu who had used the Riposte Needle and Greater Darkness Heaven before, would not even want such an ordinary Great Void Immortal Treasure. This sword was worse than the Lasting Blood Banner.

"Aren't you leaving yet? Let me see how long the both of you can last!" Qing Xu Immortal Lord was speechless. She did not expect to be forced to entertain such shameless customers today. If this was not part of her duties, she would have chased these two away.

"Forget it, Qing Xu, you are not on the same level as them. You are better than them." She could only comfort herself like this.

From then, each time she reached a palace, she would announce the price of the Great Void Immortal Treasure with a straight face. The prices ranged from 18 Spirit Ascension Pills to thousands of Spirit Ascension Pills. Actually, this shop had a great selection of Great Void Immortal Treasures. However, Wu Yu and Luo Pin continued to walk deeper into the shop expressionlessly.

"What the hell are they trying to do? Are they thinking of broadening their horizons in one go before leaving? I don't have so much time to accompany them in their tour." They have already viewed hundreds of Great Void Immortal Treasures and Qing Xu Immortal Lord was losing her patience.

Wu Yu and Luo Pin both stopped. Actually, they realised that this shop was well-stocked with Great Void Immortal Treasures and wanted to continue browsing. However, this Qing Xu Immortal Lord was annoying. If this was Wu Yu from the past, he would beat her up before continuing his shopping.

"Let's ignore her." Luo Pin was focused on the Great Void Immortal Treasures and dragged Wu Yu forward to continue their shopping. She was not too concerned about the prices. The main consideration was her own preference. Until now, she had not seen one that she liked.

"You guys!" Qing Xu Immortal Lord was enraged. She could only say that there are all kinds of fish in the sea. At first, she thought that they would be true to their boasts and could really buy a Great Void Immortal Treasure worth at least 10 Spirit Ascension Pills. However, now that they were halfway through the passage, she would tell that this couple had no means of buying anything and was just here to make a fool of her.

Except, according to the rules, she could only follow them. She could not chase them out of the shop personally. After all, Wu Yu and Luo Pin did not do anything unlawful.

"Forget it, I shall just take that this is my unlucky day. I shall accompany these two idiots all the way through the shop!"

She could only try her best to calm down. She pushed away all anger and allowed Wu Yu and Luo Pin to wander deeper into the shop. She observed them coldly. When Wu Yu and Luo Pin were seriously observing the various Great Void Immortal Treasures on display, she could not hold back her snigger and muttered: "Still pretending to be able to afford these treasures. I shall see if these two beggers can continue their performance."

"Life is really filled with weirdos! When I meet my friends, I must tell them all about these two idiots!" She cursed with gusto in her heart. Think about it, she had immortal kings amongst her admirers and some of them directly offered her Marks of an Immortal King. Even then, she did not agree to their romancing. However, today she had to waste time browsing the shop with two beggars!

As she had expected, Wu Yu and Luo Pin continued browsing and were now almost reaching the bottom of the Great Void Weapon Armory. If they walked any further, they would reach the back door and could even leave directly. She guessed that this couple would definitely say that they could not find anything suitable when they reached the end and then leave shamefully.

This was the innermost part of the Great Void Weapon Armory. She did not come here often. Even Terminal Ruins Immortal King did not allow her to linger here for long as the Great Void Immortal Treasures displayed here were all famous and most powerful. They were either previously owned by strong famous immortal kings or had killed some strong famous immortal king. These were the most precious of all Great Void Immortal Treasures and the dream treasures of many immortal kings. These were the treasures of Terminal Ruins Immortal King as well and even he was not so willing to sell them. He only asked for destined owners. Of course, these treasures were not cheap as well. Qing Xu Immortal Lord was too afraid to even utter some of the prices. They were worth at least 20,000 Spirit Ascension Pills.

Terminal Ruins Immortal King did not even list the price on some of the most precious treasures.

At this point, Qing Xu Immortal Lord was getting impatient. She crossed her arms and looked at Wu Yu and Luo Pin with a sardonic smile. She was waiting for the end of their performance and their hasty exit.

She could barely wait for it.

However, it was at this point that the couple stopped before a palace. Their eyes were locked onto the Great Void Immortal Treasure displayed inside the palace. Following their gaze, one could see a brilliant blue light shining from within the palace. It was sparkling like countless blue precious gems. A blue three pronged halberd floated within the brilliant blue light. This three pronged halberd looked as though it was made from crystals. It was blue and transclucent, yet it held the radiance of diamonds. At the same time, it was humming with power. Anyone would be attracted by it. Even Qing Xu Immortal Lord looked at this halberd with longing.

She had seen it many times but each time she saw it, she felt different emotions. This was definitely the Great Void Immortal Treasure that she wanted the most. It was her dream to have it. It was too pity that this was only a far fetched dream. Usually, Terminal Ruins Immortal King would not allow her to admire the halberd for too long.

"I didn't expect these two idiots to have such good taste. They know even my favourite treasure……" Qing Xu Immortal Lord was actually still sniggering at them but upon seeing this treasure, she cheered up slightly.

She did not expect that after examining the treasure, Wu Yu actually turned back to ask her: "Can you introduce this Great Void Immortal Treasure?"

Qing Xu Immortal Lord thought that she had misheard him. She was momnetarily stunned before she guffawed and said: "Do you really want to know? Are you really buying it?"

"That's right." Wu Yu grinned.

Qing Xu Immortal Lord laughed so hard that she bent over. She realised that this person was quite humorous. She wanted to see how Wu Yu would end his act. Hence, she introduced the treasure with passion: "Listen carefully, this is the Sea God's Halberd of Eternal Night. Its previous owner was the Eternal Night Immortal lord. The Eternal Night Immortal lord was a 9-Heavens immortal king! He controls the 5936th level of Heaven! At present, he is still the strongest of the 9-Heavens immortal kings! This Sea God's Halberd of Eternal Night possesses the Sea of Eternal Night Heavenly rule. As the weapon of a 9-Heavens immortal king, you can imagine its power. Of course, to you, it can only remain as an imagination."

"Not bad, how much?" Wu Yu smiled and asked.

Luo Pin did like this weapon and he also felt that it was a good choice. This weapon was not only pretty but was terrifyingly powerful.

Qing Xu Immortal Lord's eyes narrowed as she asked: "Do you really want to know?"

"Spit it out."

Qing Xu Immortal Lord was speechless. She had never seen a person with such thick skin. She was really curious now. How was this guy going to end his perfomance? Hence, she spoke loudly: "50,000! Spirit Ascension Pills! Not one less. I think at best you can only afford 3 pills."

She was prepared to enjoy Wu Yu's perfomance.

Indeed, after hearing the price, Luo Pin was surprised and asked: "Is it too expensive? Maybe we shouldn't buy it?"

Hearing her words, Qing Xu Immortal Lord laughed so hard that she could not stand straight. She had seen this act before. This was nothing more than a performance. This couple was just finding an excuse for themselves. She had guessed correctly that these two were here to just look around. She made sure to remember their faces. If she saw them outside, she would beat them up to make up for her time and patience today.

What she did not expect was for Wu Yu to reply: "That's nothing. It is actually cheaper than I thought. I shall buy this Sea God's Halberd of Eternal Night as a gift for you."

He was very generous.

Qing Xu Immortal Lord thought that she had misheard and clarified: "You guys are not leaving yet? You are still taking me for a fool? Do you think that I have no temper?"

Wu Yu's expression hardened as he spoke: "I've never seen one as foolish as you."

"Can you afford it? Stop wasting my time and leave, alright?" She was really losing her temper.

Just as she spoke, Wu Yu threw a sumeru pouch towards her.

"What's inside……" When she opened the sumeru pouch, and was about to continue berating them, she was stunned. She stood frozen to the spot, as though she had been fossilized. She stared blankly into the sumeru pouch. Her eyes were almost popping out of their sockets.

"You better count them properly that it is the exact amount inside." Wu Yu only said this one sentence to her and entered the palace. He grabbed the Sea God's Halberd of Eternal Night, took it out and handed it personally to Luo Pin. When Luo Pin received this Great Void Immortal Treasure, she realised that it was indeed very suitable for her. While she was displeased with Qing Xu Immortal Lord's service, she still felt lucky to find such a suitable Great Void Immortal Treasure. Wu Yu had thought that they would never find one in this shop.

Qing Xu Immortal Lord's face was twisted madly when her favourite treasure was bought by the person whom she thought would have the least chance of purchase. She was mad with shame and wanted to look for a crack in the ground to hide herself.

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