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«Hail the King (Web Novel) - Chapter 1106.2 - Punishment from Fei (Part Two)

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Chapter 1106: Punishment from Fei (Part Two)

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The great masters could sustain their life energy with their strength. Demi-gods could easily live for hundreds of years. Therefore, even if they were 100 years old already, they would appear just like young people.

However, once these supreme masters lost their powerful strength, their bodies would instantly turn into the state of ordinary people who were about 100 years old.

This was exactly what happened to Busquets and Pedro.

In a flash, these two demi-gods’ powers were sucked away. Their powers condensed into two spheres of light, and they slowly floated into Fei’s hands.

Then, a light flashed by, and those two spheres of light disappeared.

Bam! Bam! Without the support of their powerful strength, Busquets and Pedro’s ancient bodies fell onto the hard floor powerlessly, and they groaned in pain.

Without their demi-godly powers, these two were no different from ordinary seniors who were close to 100 years old. They were extremely weak, and they even had trouble speaking.

Fei’s eyes landed on the last supreme master of Barcelona.

“No…” Alves understood the meaning in the King of Chambord’s eyes, and he screamed in panic, “Forgive me! I’m willing to serve Zenit! I’m a demi-god, and I have powerful strength. I know everything about Barcelona! I can be the vanguard for Your Majesty when you attack Barcelona! I’m willing to battle to the death for you…”

“You are right.” Fei nodded and said, “You are indeed very useful. Also, I can place a seal inside you, making you into my loyal pet, and you won’t be able to betray me. A demi-godly pet might be interesting.”

Alves couldn’t think too much since he wanted to live. Hearing Fei’s words, he nodded in joy and said, “Yes, yes. Your Majesty, please have mercy on me. I will be your pet! Your loyal dog…”

“However, it isn’t fun to have a dog that might bite its master at any time, right?” Fei’s expression suddenly turned sharp, and he said, “Besides, many Zenitians died at your hands, and those Zenitian women who were assaulted by you no longer want to live. I’m now the ruler of Zenit; how can I let someone like you whose body is stained by the blood of Zenitians live on? I will use the strength of Zenit to conquer Barcelona!”

Before Fei finished speaking, he reached out his hand, and an invisible power grabbed onto the desperate Alves and took him to mid-air.

A similar process happened on Alves.

In less than a minute, this demi-god of Barcelona lost all his power.

Alves turned into a short and tough senior who looked to be 80 years old and had a hunched back. He couldn’t even stand still. He now lay on the ground and breathed heavily with a weak pulse.

“I will return you and those two to the Barcelona Empire. The fate of pets should be decided by their real owner!”

Fei’s words pushed Alves into deep desperation.

Busquets and Pedro had seen how Alves kneeled and surrendered. After these three were sent back to Barcelona, Busquets and Pedro would be able to live comfortably before dying in a few years even if they couldn’t recover their strength. After all, these two had the Catalonian Bloodline.

However, Alves was different. He was more like a foreigner, and he had been arrogant and offended many people in Barcelona. Once he returned to Barcelona, his ending would be 1,000 times more tragic than dying.

Unfortunately, these three seniors couldn’t make any decisions for themselves now.

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