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«Great Demon King (Web Novel) - Chapter 758 - Threats and promises

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Chapter 758 - Threats and promises

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The seventeen flying swords revolving around Rose stopped moving abruptly. The swords overflowing with bone-chilling aura were all pointing straight at her. Rose felt numb from head to toe. Her mind was in a big mess.

Han Shuo, wielding the Demonslayer Edge in his hand and wearing a callous expression on his face, slowly stepped towards Rose. With his eyes staring fixedly at Rose, Han Shuo asked in a calm voice, “Why should I trust you?”

Han Shuo’s Fifth Corps was currently on a shortage of manpower and he had no assistant of highgod strength. An expert of Rose’s class would be highly sought after by any powerhouse. At present, in the House of Han, Han Shuo was the only expert of highgod strength. If Rose would surrender and serve him, the strength of his House of Han would raise tremendously.

Although it was true that he had a feud with Rose, when Han Shuo thought of it carefully, he realized that Rose had not inflicted harm to those around him. He had been winning every conflict they had.

Facing the seventeen flying swords spewing chilling aura and under Han Shuo’s menacing gazes, Rose appeared rather anxious. She hastily replied, “There isn’t much animosity between us - nothing irreconcilable. There is no need to kill for some minor friction over in a low-level material plane!”

“I am asking, why should I trust that you would be my servant and serve me sincerely?” asked Han Shuo in cold voice. He raised the Demonslayer Edge and pointed it at Rose as though hinting that he will butcher away if he doesn’t hear what he wanted to hear.

Rose knew that she must give Han Shuo a satisfying answer or she will surely die!

Flashes of lights came from her eyes as she rapidly turned over in her mind for an answer. After a moment of hesitation, she replied, “I will give my oath in the name of the Darkness Overgod!”

“I don’t believe in oaths!” shouted Han Shuo coldly. “Give me something more tangible!”

Rose put on an astringent expression on her beautiful human face. She said in a disheartened manner, “Do you have a better idea?”

Han Shuo kept silent for a moment before he answered, “Open up your soul. We will form a master-slave contract!”

Rose was shocked. For the master-slave contract to form, one party must completely surrender their soul to the other party. After the master-slave contract is complete, the master could end the slave’s life with just one though. Once bound by the contract, there would be no trick that Rose could play.

“You will either die, or you will surrender your divine soul and form a master-slave contract with me!” Han Shuo knew that Rose wasn’t sincere in surrendering. He put on an impatient face. The Demonslayer Edge in his hand and the flying swords started glistening brightly as they gradually pressed on towards Rose.

As the swords inched closer and closer towards Rose, the fear showing on her face became more and more pronounced. Rose even felt as though the space around her had been frozen still. The seventeen flying swords were releasing some kind of bizarre energy that was slowly cutting away her escape route.

A highgod usually had their own unique method of escaping during an emergency. Naturally, it would come at a cost. Using the lifeline might severely injure their body or perhaps consume an outstanding, invaluable highgod weapon. Han Shuo believed that Rose too had an emergency escape method.

Rose being so hesitant in deploying the escape method could only mean that using it will cause her tremendous harm. As Han Shuo approached step by step, he secretly controlled the seventeen flying swords to release imprisoning energy. The region surrounded by the seventeen flying swords was filled with chaotic energy, cutting Rose away from any possibility of escaping.

When Rose sensed the bizarre fluctuation of the space around her, she felt as though she had hoisted her own petard. Her plan was to pretend to surrender and find an opportunity to escape. However, she had failed to anticipate that Han Shuo would be so treacherous to cut away all her hope of escaping.

“Rose, don’t waste time anymore. No matter what tricks you had up your sleeves, they are now all useless!” Han Shuo’s cold and indifferent voice sounded, “While you were hesitating and trying to buy time, I have cut off all your means of escaping. Now, you have just two choices: You can perish, or you can surrender me your soul and accept a master-slave contract!”

Rose listened to Han Shuo’s words with tearless grief. Her mind was thrown into a great panic when she sensed chilling killing intent coming from Han Shuo.

She was unwilling to be any person’s slave. She knew that once the master-slave contract was formed, she will lose her freedom for the rest of her life and be reduced to a tool of Han Shuo’s. However, if she does not surrender, she will lose her life altogether. Rose was torn between the equally difficult choices given to her.

Han Shuo, staring coldly at Rose, slowly moved the Demonslayer Edge towards Rose in a threatening manner as he shouted, “Do you really want to die?”

This shout of his was extremely ear-piercing. Han Shuo had in fact utilized Demonic Siren, a unique demonic technique. His voice, carrying miraculous energy that could hypnotize a person, surged into Rose’s mind and soul.

Had it been used at any other moment, the Demonic Siren would not be effective on Rose. However, as Rose was current in a rattled and flustered state of mind, the Demonic Siren worked like a charm.

The indecisive Rose was immediately affected by the hypnotic power of Demonic Siren. At once, she shrieked, “I surrender!”

Upon finishing those words, Rose surrendered her divine soul, giving up all control to Han Shuo. Han Shuo’s consciousness entered deep into her soul without the slightest resistance and tied the two into the most unfair contract in the world.

Glistening dark radiances flashed in Rose’s eyes as the two stared at each other in the eye. A moment later, the process was completed. An imprint was formed within Rose’s divine soul. It was connected to Han Shuo’s consciousness. Han Shuo now had the ability to end her life with just a thought.

“I, I… “ Rose sensed that something was wrong as soon as the master-slave contract was formed. She looked at Han Shuo in a frightened face and shrieked, “What, what have you done to me?!”

Han Shuo shrugged. With a big smile on his face, he answered, “Form a master-slave contract with you, of course!” He withdrew the Demonslayer Edge and the seventeen flying swords to show that he was no longer hostile towards Rose.

“Ahhhh!!!” Rose screamed in pain. Her sharp claws started fluttering about violently. It seemed that she was having trouble accepting the fact.

Han Shuo watched as Rose, who was in deranged mode, chopped off all the towering trees in the mountain range with her wild claws. Sands and rocks were sent flying. A wide area was flattened and deforested.

Han Shuo had merely been watching at her violent act smilingly all along. After the master-slave contract was formed, there was nothing Rose could do to reverse it. From that point onwards, she will be a loyal servant of the House of Han. It would be a wonder if Han Shuo doesn’t feel happy about getting a highgod servant.

After going crazy for some time, Rose gradually calmed down. Under Han Shuo’s smiling gazes, her enormous spider body gradually shrunk while her sharp claws slowly disappeared into her body. Her head and face, however, remained the same.

A brief moment later, Spider Goddess Rose had transformed into a young woman who had a pair of long and slender legs. Her monstrous spider body had turned into a curvaceous female human body which, combined with her beautiful face and the exotic, seductive aura she gave off, made her incredibly attractive.

She wore a dark, skin-tight gown with mysterious patterns, highlighting the flawless curves on her body. As if she was not eye-catching enough, she had a head full of long and white hair that had the luster of spider silks.

Han Shuo had trouble associating the beauty standing proudly before him with the enormous human-faced spider he saw just a moment ago.

“What, what did you do to me?” Rose asked while glaring at Han Shuo resentfully. Her eyes were still as chilling and cold as before.

“Er… I bound you under a master-slave contract,” Han Shuo was in a daze. After quickly shaking his head to wake himself up, he remarked, “Wow, I almost couldn’t recognize you after you transform to your human form!”

“No, before forming the master-slave contract!” Rose looked at Han Shuo with resentful eyes and said in a cold voice, “You must have done something to me! Otherwise, there’s no way I will accept a master-slave contract so easily. I get an intense feeling that something isn’t right after the contract was formed!”

Highgods were, after all, highgods. Even in a flustered state of mind, their minds would remain extremely vigilant. Had her mind not been in that spiritless state, the Demonic Siren wouldn’t have worked on Rose. After coming to her senses, she immediately realized that something was amiss. She might have sensed that Han Shuo had used some dirty tricks on her.

“First of all, call me master!” reminded Han Shuo coldly. He added, “Now that the master-slave contract has formed, you are my slave and I’m your master. So you better start addressing me properly!”

A master-slave contract doesn’t just allow the master to kill the slave at will, it also forms a bizarre connection between the two parties. Rose stared at Han Shuo in an aggrieved manner and Han Shuo stared back at her with cold eyes. As Han Shuo was now her master, Rose soon admitted defeat. Although unwilling, in the end, she called in a low voice, “Master.”

“Good!” Han Shuo nodded and said, “A slave should not question their master. Let’s go, we will leave the Demon Mountain. From today onwards, you, Rose, is no longer a Spider Goddess, but a humble servant of my House of Han. You better forget your original identity as soon as possible.”

Rose stared at Han Shuo with her bright and cold eyes while her sexy, full lips pursed up lightly. It appeared that she had not come to terms with her new identity. As someone who was arrogant in character, she instinctively loathed her new lowly appellation.

Throughout the endless years she had been alive, she had been proud and tall. Even when she faced highgods stronger than she was, she had never suffered such humiliation. But now, she was cast from her high throne and became a slave to a puny god from a low-level material plane she previously deemed insignificant. She couldn’t feel more sullen when she thought of it.

Han Shuo had clearly observed the emotions showing on Rose’s face. He knew that it was impossible to make the highgod serve him sincerely within a short time. But fortunately for Han Shuo, the master-slave contract had been formed and Han Shuo had plenty of time. Therefore, he did not mind it too much.

“Right, I’m very curious about your escape technique. If I did not imprison the space, how will you escape?” Han Shuo turned to Rose following closely behind him and asked while they were heading to Fort Lasberg.

Rose suddenly seemed rather coy. She avoided Han Shuo’s eyes and asked in a low voice, “Can I not answer that?”

“Nope!” replied Han Shuo.

She glared at Han Shuo angrily before she explained, “I can use my hair to escape. But doing that will cause my divine energy to fall back and all my hair to fall off. I will become bald!”

“Are you more afraid of losing your divine energy or your hair?”

“My hair, of course!” replied Rose immediately. She looked at Han Shuo coldly and added, “If it wasn’t for the fact that I will look ugly without hair, how would I be restrained by you and be reduced to this state!”

<i>Indeed, women will be women. Even alien females are bound by the same, universal tendencies.</i> thought Han Shuo as he shook his head. He was left between laughter and tears. It turned out that Rose was afraid of losing her hair that she spent too much time hesitation and lost the chance of escaping. How baffling!

However, it was worth noting that other than her pair of slender and long legs, her snowy-white long hair was most pleasant to the eyes. Her smooth and lustrous white hair combined with her coquettish face and beautiful legs made her look incredibly seductive.

“Where are you bringing me?” asked Rose as she followed behind Han Shuo.

“Fort Lasberg,” replied Han Shuo calmly.

“Can I not go?” Rose hesitated and said in a soft voice, “I don’t like places with lots of people.”

“You must come with me,” Han Shuo out on a faint smile and said, “Preference can be changed. From now on, you must try to get used to it. Just follow me, do whatever I ask you to do, and don’t give me nonsense. If I’m happy with your performance, I will nullify our master-slave contract after one hundred years.”

Rose had been wearing a reluctant and unwilling face all along. But when she heard that Han Shuo will nullify the contract after one hundred years, her eyes lit up. In a somewhat excited tone, she asked, “Is that for real? You will nullify our master-slave after one hundred years?”

For gods like Rose, one hundred years was a very short duration. She became excited when she heard that regaining freedom was not far away.

Han Shuo nodded and said smilingly, “That depends on your performance. If your performance is up to my satisfaction in the coming one hundred years, I will surely honor the promise.”

“Alright then, I will follow you to places with lots of people. I only hope that you will honor your words!” Rose agreed straightforwardly.

“Good, that’s the spirit. Don’t worry, I will give you freedom after a hundred years!” assured Han Shuo solemnly. Though one hundred years was a short time for Rose, it was plenty enough to achieve many things for Han Shuo. Besides, Rose might decide to stay in the House of Han after regaining her freedom.

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