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«Grand Ancestral Bloodlines (Web Novel) - Chapter 1614 Harboring

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Chapter 1614 Harboring

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The skies above the Radiant Star Sect seemed to explode, and a power that had only just gotten out of one battle was instantly thrust into another.

High in the skies, a man radiating the might of a Fire Dragon descended. His fury painted the skies in red-black flames, the very Rage Flames that gave the Emperor of Dragons their power. The power of emotions was something only the strongest of techniques could tap into. And in this Realm, the Fire Dragons almost had sole ownership. And it showed.


Several auras appeared in the skies, from a grieving Aika, to even the likes of Old Xu, Jiao and Xiao.

Titus stood in the skies with his hands behind his back, his aura radiating down. Those with Bloodlines felt their own rolling. It felt like a suppressive effect that they had simply never experienced before.

Aika was in a foul mood and she almost lashed out immediately, but it was Old Wan and Samson that held her back.

Someone with the aura of a Fire Dragon had descended. Didn't that mean that this man was from the Ninth Heaven? Even if they tried to discount that, how else could a mere Dao Lord have such a powerful aura if they weren't from the Ninth Heaven.

Titus looked down on them, the temperament of a man who had lived for billions of years pressing down on them. Compared to those here, he had lived for longer, his experience was deeper, and it showed almost immediately. It was an unbridgeable gap, one that they felt viscerally.

And when it settled down on Aika, her fiery temper seemed to be suppressed and her heart was doused in cold water. She shook her head, looking away. She felt like Titus' temperament was affecting her in ways she didn't like and something within her resisted, just barely managing to break free before an indelible mark was left. She might be the strongest of the Radiant Star Sect currently, but there was no doubt that her Dao Heart was the weakest. No, maybe it couldn't be best described like this… rather, her personality made attacking her Dao Heart far easier.

"You are housing a member of my species. Bring her out, now."

Aika's heart shook again and her eyes turned red. Old Wan and Samson still had a firm grip on her, the former giving the latter a look. Samson nodded and held onto Aika, trying to send her thoughts to calm down as Old Wan stepped forward.

"Esteemed guest, we do, indeed, have a Dragon amongst our disciples. She joined of her own accord. If the Dragon Race prefers, she is free to speak with you-"

Titus waved a hand and Old Wan was slapped across the face. He shot into a distant mountain with such speed that it erupted in flames and began to quickly burn to ash before all their eyes.

"Wan!" Aika called out, her eyes turned bloodshot. She broke out of Samson's grip with a twist of her shoulder and a whip of her arm. Qi gathered around her like a storm, forming points of lights in the skies that danced like stars.

"Aika! You can't use your strength here!" Samson called out.

Aika deflated the moment she heard this. Indeed, this visitor wouldn't care about the lives and deaths of their Sect members, but how could she not? Just the fact he had appeared here was a checkmate in and of itself.

Titus looked down and reached out a claw, squeezing it down.

Aika's body shook. It felt like a Dragon's Claw was wrapping around her. She had heard faintly of the Bloodline Talent before, but she had never heard of it being used like this. Aika was a person who took a liking to Ryu purely because he spent a lot of time in her library. Despite her brash personality, she was a scholar in many ways, and that was a large part of the reason her Dao was both so complex and why her talent shone so brightly. However, the suppression of her Bloodlines due to lack of Fate was something their Sects were still grappling with, and she would always be grappling with them until they reformed the former Dual Radiance Sect. Even further than that, even if she did reform that Bloodline, she would only be at the pinnacle of the Eighth Heaven in terms of strength while this man… Was clearly of the Ninth. If she had any doubts before, seeing this novel use of Dragon Claw, her heart shuddered uncontrollably again. The fury was still in her eyes, but it was colored by despair.


She was slammed into the ground below, hitting the earth with such speed that cracks spread out wildly in all directions. The Sect shuddered and their walls collapsed.

Aika felt as though all the bones in her body had shattered, and Samson, who seemed to be the last who could stand in the skies now, felt his expression turn ashen.

'Old Wan was right. We really aren't ready to be on this stage,' he thought to himself.

Titus raised a hand to deal with Samson, but at that moment, a voice came out.

Two white-haired beauties, one with equally white eyes and another with radiant blue ones rushed out. As for the one that was calling out, it was the latter.


The voice came out like an agitated roar, it echoed like the rage of a dragon. But almost the instant it appeared, Titus waved another hand and Selheira was grabbed so tightly by a formless energy that she couldn't even speed, let alone move.

Titus snorted and seemed prepared to leave when his gaze landed on Eska.

"… This Sect is harboring remnants of the Taboo Powers?

Samson's heart turned to ash when he heard this. He knew that this would become a problem in the future. Even though Ryu had said Isemeine was a member of the Martial Gods, the Taboo Powers were the enemy of all nine powers!

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