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«Grand Ancestral Bloodlines (Web Novel) - Chapter 1467 Easy?

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Chapter 1467 Easy?

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Ryu began to feel a hint of excitement.

Someone else might have taken quite a while to understand what was happening, but felt that he had already figured it out, and if he was correct, this wasn't a punishment at all, it was a boon even better than the Line of Fate he had been able to sense before the chains descended upon him.

The formation in this place-or what he thought was a formation-was more complex than anything he had ever sensed in his life. It was so far beyond his understanding that he didn't even bother to try and see through its secrets and he was entirely focused on benefiting from it.

The bouts of vertigo that he was experiencing wasn't because the room was making him feel dizzy, it was rather the room sending him signals that he was using his body incorrectly.

Just think about what it felt like to ride in a vehicle. The purpose of motion sickness was the signal that told your brain that your senses were experiencing something that your body wasn't, that sort of cognitive dissonance was the root of motion sickness and it could even be said to be an evolutionary quirk of those that had sharper senses in general.

It didn't need to be explained why sharper senses were better for an individual, but what was important here was that this room was amplifying that inherent sense millions of times over.

To make a long story short, it was like Ryu's senses were constantly relaying back to him that what his mind was commanding his body to do, wasn't exactly what his body was doing. It took a small little imperfection, stacked them up, amplified them, then relayed all of that back toward Ryu.

The number of flaws like this were so numerous that even when Ryu was trying to just take a single step, his body almost shut down completely. It seemed that according to this room, he wasn't even walking properly, let alone fighting, circulating his qi or Vital Qi properly.

Ryu began to focus on causing minor changes to his gait as he walked forward. With the Origin Flame, he was able to remember every feeling and sensation perfectly, and every time he made a small change that lessened the feeling of vertigo, he never forgot it.

Even as he walked forward, he found that qi began to move around him as though he was becoming in tune with the Heavens. But the closer he got to that feeling, the more he felt a different discomfort, one separate from the original vertigo.

He came to a stop and sighed. Nothing could be easy for him, right?

He had already made such a large advancement in just a few seconds. He had planned to flawless his gait, then his run. After he did that, he would work on using his Vital Qi alongside that. Once he had his body perfectly in line with itself, he would then try to get his qi going properly, and then take things one step from there.

If he was able to do that, every one of his movements would be in tune with the Heavens.

This was a bit of the strength that forming a Cosmic Seed would give you. But for context, if he had gotten this room from the moment after his Awakening. he would have gained some of the strength of a Cosmic Seed Realm expert from the very beginning.

Ryu had learned of a Bone Structure that could be perfectly in tune with the Heavens before, vaguely. It was a true Origin Grade talent, one known as the Heavenly Harmony Bone Structure. From birth, those born with this Bone Structure were able to battle leagues beyond their cultivation level just based on this one ability alone.

As an Awakening Realm expert, they'd be able to defeat Divine Vessel Realm experts already after having just completed a single Rite, the gap between them and everyone else at the start was that wide.

Of course, the benefit of being "in tune" with the Heavens would begin to decline after entering the Cosmic Seed Realm as everyone else began to slowly gain this strength as well, but this was only one ability of the Bone Structure and it also didn't take into account the improvement of said Bone Structure as its owner strengthened as well.

This room was giving Ryu an opportunity to mimic some of the effects of that Bone Structure using his perception alone. Unfortunately…

Ryu sighed, rubbing his forehead.

He had just become a Child of Chaos. Although it was only at the Initial Success, the benefits were there already, albeit suppressed in this round due to the focus being entirely on Dao.

His Child of Chaos constitution was interfering with his ability to benefit from this boon. How could he be in tune with the Heavens when his body was literally formed to reject the Heavens?

If he kept pushing and succeeded, he would actually go backward. His alignment with the Heavens would cancel out his Child of Chaos constitution and he would then just become…


At least that was what he speculated, he couldn't be certain. But the feeling of discomfort was clear and obvious. The moment his alignment reached a certain level, it began to push against his constitution and the clash was already starting to weaken them both…

And that was just with him fixing the rhythm of his gait. The alignment would definitely grow far stronger once he began to line up far more important things with the will of the Heavens.

'Nothing can ever be easy, huh?"

Ryu fell into deep thought. There had to be a way out of this.

This room was either based on a timer, or he had to walk out of here. If it was the former, it was fair enough, but if it was the latter, wouldn't he be stuck here forever unless he could resolve his two halves?

His immediate go-to was his Bone Structure once again, it had helped him out of an countless number of ruts just like this one. But…

How could he separate himself from the fate of the Heavens themselves? Especially when it was at the Heavens that had bestowed this Bone Structure to him in the first place?

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