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«Gourmet of Another World (Web Novel) - Chapter 759: A Thick and Huge Er Ha Brand Spicy Strip

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Chapter 759: A Thick and Huge Er Ha Brand Spicy Strip

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Wavering Light Holy Land

Within the floating lotus pond, jade green leaves rustled and scattered across the heavens, and numerous dainty lotus flowers can be seen from within. With their buds blossoming forth, they illustrated the scene into a much more beautiful state.

Suddenly, the pond began to tremble. The lotus flowers rustled around as the pond split into two. An enormous lotus bud gradually floated up from the center of the jade-green pond.

In the next moment, that bud spun, and a flower emerged from within, exuding an alluring fragrance.

A graceful figure stood up from within the bud.

A long, silky, and smooth satin appeared above the heavens as it gradually descended. Subsequently, the descending satin wrapped around the alluring figure.

The smooth powdery skin allowed the satin to glide over it like water as a hint of blush could be seen beneath the silk-like skin, causing everyone to fall into a trance.

The figure raised its head, unveiling a captivating face. It’s long and silky hair fluttered as the figure tilted its head.

Numerous experts had solemn faces as they bowed outside of the pool.

“Milady, the life tablet that Chen Long had left within the Holy Land… shattered,” said one of the experts as he informed the woman that had emerged from the lotus.

That woman had long hair and snow-white skin. She possessed a complexion that gave her a powerful aura of someone at the top of a hierarchy.

Her eyes remained as tranquil as ever as she stepped onto the lotus leaves, gingerly leaving the lotus pond.

The woman’s feet were as clear as crystals, and every step she took was as beautiful as a jade, bewitching anyone that saw it. She was emitting a beautiful and enrapturing aura as well.

“Chen Long? The Almighty expert who held a sunbow and had half a step into the Divine Spirit Realm… is dead? Other than the few Holy Lands, who else can slay him?” The woman commented coldly as she raised her seemingly fragile yet delicate hand to caress her hair.

“Milady, not just Chen Long, even Chen Cang and Chen Gong died as well. The three Chen brothers had all fallen,” the man reported earnestly.

“Where did they die?”

“The Valley of Gluttony.” That man lowered his head to a bow.

The woman was startled, then revealed an enchantingly beautiful smile.

“Very well… So it’s the Valley of Gluttony, huh? I haven’t repaid the Valley Master of the Valley of Gluttony for hurting me in the past! You are not required to report this to the holy leader. I shall personally take a look into this matter… Meanwhile, I will attend to my personal matters.”

That lady’s blood-red lips moved as a sharp glint flashed across her phoenix-like eyes.

Heavenly Spring Holy Land

Amethyst Elder abruptly opened his eyes as a heap of black gas flowed out from his mouth.

“Old Lin is dead? Old Han is dead as well… All trash.” Amethyst Elder let out a soft sigh. His Heavenly Spring Holy Land had really suffered a huge loss this time around. It doesn’t make sense for so many of their experts to fall.

“Unfortunately, I didn’t make it in time… Otherwise, this elder shall personally make a trip down to investigate thoroughly. I want to know which imbecile is going against this elder again and again!” Amethyst Elder slammed his hands down, reducing the statue in front of him to dust.


The news of the Road of Gluttony being the entrance to the inheritance had spread like wildfire. After all, most of the elders from the Valley of Gluttony had originated from various external major powers.

After a series of speculations, the elders had vaguely deduced that there was something off about the Road of Gluttony. Therefore, a vast amount of experts made their way towards the Road of Gluttony.

The one leading was an Almighty individual. His aura crashed out in all directions as he went through the Road of Gluttony with a grave face. Upon seeing the grand and unobstructed tenth road, everyone in the group was trembling in excitement.

All of them strode forward into the road and saw an eye-catching and awe-inspiring golden palace.

When this scene unveiled in front of them, everyone had a crazed look on their faces.

The white pillar of light that had shot up towards the heavens had originated from the palace. Everything they saw outside was none other than just a facade. There was actually an entire palace hidden beneath it.

As the crowd stood in front of the palace, all of them heaved in a deep breath of air upon seeing it.

Chu Changsheng was completely exhausted as he sat down at one corner, gasping for air.

Saint Daughter Zi Yun was crouching dispiritedly on the ground. She glanced at the palace from time to time.

Whitey held onto the War God Stick as it stood there in a daze, while Shrimpy laid on top its head, spitting out mouthfuls of bubbles.

Yan Yu’s head was swollen, and his entire being looked very pitiful. He laid on the ground, grasping onto his life by a thin thread.

Mu Cheng and Liu Jiali were showing signs of confusion as they stood at the side.

There was the drunk Wen Rensheng, as well as the bare-chested Mo Liuji.

Those that had charged in were astounded by the presence of this group of weirdos.

Wasn’t the inheritance right in front of them? Why weren’t they fighting over it?

Perhaps they were waiting for something?

What was there to wait for?

Some experts had their suspicions as they scrutinized their surroundings intently. After thoroughly scanning the golden palace, the bunch of them then made their way into one of the halls.

Soon after, one by one, they exited the palace with a somewhat gloomy expression.

“Which one of you bastards here destroyed the things in there? Despicable!”

None of them believed what they’ve seen and charged into the various halls around. To their surprise, every hall had been thoroughly plundered and destroyed like the Knife Skill Hall.

Majority of them began to reveal a constipated look on their faces, while the strongest expert in that group also felt a hint of resignation within his heart.

Could it be that this inheritance was something they can only look and not obtain? They could only look on at the side as someone else obtained this insane amount of resources and wealth?

“Since we can’t enter by normal means, then let us fight our way in!” suggested the Almighty expert in a cold manner.

In the next moment, everyone present cheered and let out battle cries, seemingly to show that they agree with that Almighty expert’s suggestion.

However, after a while, each and every one of them stared awkwardly at each other.

Who should be the one to make the first move?

Staring coldly at the masked figure standing in the distance, Bu Fang tightened his grip on the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife as he pinned up his hair.

Right before the figure competed against Bu Fang, its entire body began to change drastically. Its glowing eyes began to radiate an endless amount of brilliance.

A moment later, a menu appeared before Bu Fang, describing the basic dishes that needed to be prepared for this round’s duel.

Bu Fang scrutinized the menu and realized that there wasn’t a single high-level dish involved…

The kitchen knife danced elegantly in his hands as he proceeded to prepare his dish.

The masked figure opposite him moved as though it was perfectly mimicking his movement. However, compared to Bu Fang, the figure’s movements seemed not as smooth.

Obviously, the figure was comparatively lacking compared to Bu Fang, even though it had carried out all the procedures flawlessly.

After processing the ingredients, the kitchen knife swung outwards, causing the ingredients to fall into the wok. That wok had already been coated in cooking oil, so the fragrance was densely packed in the dish.

Bu Fang glanced coldly at the masked figure as he pursed his lips. Then, his movements began to increase in speed. He cooked as fast as a flash of lightning and had instantaneously emerged as the fastest chef.


The wok trembled, and the flames underneath it raged on furiously toward the skies. Opposite the wok, Bu Fang remained as tranquil as ever.

As the ingredients within the wok began to change in color, joy surfaced from the depths of his heart as well.


He prepared the plate and scooped the dish onto it. Bu Fang then covered it with a layer of rich sauce, completing the dish’s final step.

Bu Fang sealed up his dish with a cover, trapping all of the fragrance and aroma, which was bursting from the dish.

He was extremely confident in his skills. He felt that there was already no doubt about the winner of this round.

His opponent had similar skills to a third-grade chef. It was exceedingly weak, be it experience or patience. Bu Fang was already kind enough to allow this opponent of his to catch up with his pace.

Meanwhile, the Nether King swayed his head full of black hair as he prepared for his examination as well.

Truth be told, he had never really expected that he would be forced to undergo such a test.

Nevertheless, the Nether King felt that it was rather pleasant for him to have acquired the opportunity to personally try out culinary arts.

Anyone with a slight clue would have guessed the Nether King’s intentions.

Nether King Er Ha covered his face and let out a weird laugh.

“Bu Fang, this young brat. Since he doesn’t want to let this king eat some Spicy Strips, then this king shall personally cook some Spicy Strips… I will definitely stun that brat!”


A menu appeared in front of him.

The Nether King beamed his eyes as he scanned this menu. His lips lifted into a cold arc, and a wave of dark energy began to radiate out profusely. With a single wave, the menu was reduced into dust.

“With a dish in my heart, I will definitely cook it. No one can stop me this time… This king’s love for Spicy Strips will create a miracle!”

After ranting for a moment, the Nether King began to prepare his Spicy Strips.

Er Ha Brand Spicy Strips. Indeed, it was exhilarating to look forward to it.

Nether King Er Ha’s opponent was also a masked man. He similarly followed the menu’s instructions carefully to cook. His actions flowed flawlessly and smoothly like water, and it gave someone a perfect and tranquil feel to it.



That masked man lifted his head and gazed on coldly.


Another loud explosion went off as Nether King Er Ha’s stove was engulfed by a cloud of green smoke.

The smoke was accompanied by a burnt smell, causing people to frown immediately.

The masked man once again lowered his head as he carried on cooking. Soon, a dish was completed and ready to be served.

The piping hot dish was transferred into the prepared porcelain plate as a pillar of light came crashing down from the heavens.

That pillar of light completely inundated the dish, and numerous mythical and ancient runes can be seen from within…


A loud sound echoed out as the entire stove began to tremble unceasingly. That pillar of light looked as though it was about to be extinguished.

Nether King Er Ha opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of black gas.

A dumbfounded look can be seen from within his eyes as well.

Suddenly, another pillar of light similarly shot down from the heavens and enveloped his finished dish.

Soon after, the light began to glow with increasing intensity, only to vanish suddenly in the end…

A buzzing sound resounded within Nether King Er Ha’s ears, causing him to feel somewhat startled and perplexed.

Suddenly, the Nether King disappeared entirely from the stove.

The palace’s bustling noise was suddenly replaced by silence.

Everyone focused their gazes toward the pillar of light, as well as the figure that gradually appeared within it…

In an instant, everyone was flabbergasted.

The Nether King wiped his face as his lips were pursed into a wry smile.

Such embarrassment… He, the amazing Nether King Er Ha, had actually been chased out by this puny inheritance.

Wasn’t he just slightly lacking in culinary skills? Wasn’t the Spicy Strip prepared by him just a little worse than that brat’s? Was it necessary to be so ruthless?

He opened his palm, revealing a few thick and huge black Spicy Strips. The Nether King’s nostrils expanded as he revealed rows of pearl-white teeth. Shortly after, he let out a loud maniacal laugh.

Bu Fang was still kept in the dark regarding the neighboring Nether King Er Ha getting disqualified. Of course, even if he knew, it was still within his expectations.

That guy’s sudden appearance was a complete accident. As for him participating in the inheritance test, it was nothing more than a joke.

Nonetheless, Bu Fang still knew that the Nether King didn’t need this inheritance at all. This so-called inheritance was of little to no use at all to that great Nether King.


The pillar of light that had enveloped Bu Fang’s dish was flooded with numerous mythical and ancient runes. Without a doubt, Bu Fang had achieved victory.

The dish opposite him had been crushed, and the pillar of light had collapsed.

Shortly after, the illusion in front of him had vanished. Bu Fang then realized that he was already standing on the first step. It seemed as though it wasn’t as difficult as he made it out to be.

As he took another step toward the second step, the kitchen knife spun another round and continued to dance gracefully in Bu Fang’s hands.

The crowd outside the golden palace made a huge ruckus.

One of them activated their true energy, causing a huge uproar. They aimed to launch an all-out attack against the palace, bursting in and snatching the inheritance for themselves.

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