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«Godly Stay-Home Dad (Web Novel) - Chapter 1536 Completely Crushing Him

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Chapter 1536 Completely Crushing Him

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“I don't care.”

Cheng Kong didn't intend to continue attacking while facing an expert he know little about. Even if he could deal with the other party, it would take him too many of his trump cards, and the gains wouldn't make up for the losses.

All the people present had their own thoughts.

But the ones who were most shocked were the surrounding subordinates of the three major forces from the Southern Mountain Area.

“Holy Son Mo has actually been sent flying by a single punch?”

“If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed it.”

“I'm afraid if Divine Woman Kong were to take action, she might not be able to send him flying with a single punch.”

“It's different. Divine Woman Kong is proficient in supernatural powers and magical techniques, and that master is also a Body Cultivator. I think that the mysterious man attacked with all his strength, while Holy Son Mo Qinghan suffered a loss just because he was testing the waters.”

“In that case, that man is too scheming. He took advantage of the situation.”


While some people were talking, Mo Qinghan returned to his normal state.

He was slightly injured, but it was nothing serious.

“No one but you has ever been able to hurt me in the past 16 years.”

Mo Qinghan rose into the air and said with a low smile, “It's really good. I've almost forgotten about the feeling of being injured.”


Boyi retreated dozens of meters because he knew that Mo Qinghan was really angry.

Cheng Kong said lightly, “Since Holy Son Mo wants to take action himself, I can't stop him.”

As he spoke, he looked at Zhang Han and said, “As for you hurting my servants of the Black Dragon Palace just now, I'll look into it later. Haha, let's see if you can deal with Mo Qinghan first.”

Hearing this, Zhang Han was expressionless and still calm. He put his hands behind his back and said calmly, “As I said, the four of you can fight me together.”

“How arrogant,” Kong Ling'er said. “But I like it. Many versus one isn't my style. If you can defeat the three of them, then I can consider fighting you.”

After saying that, she also took a few steps back.

A large area was left for the battle between Mo Qinghan and the mysterious man.


Mo Qinghan took out a sword, placed it in front of his chest, and slowly drew it out.

The scabbard was silver, the hilt was black, and the body of the sword was blue.

“This sword is called Blue Dream.”

Mo Qinghan smiled coldly and said, “Its body is made of Blue Dream Stones, which are eighth-tier spirit treasures. I've refined it for 39 years and made it my life-bonded spirit treasure. When the Blue Dream Sword is used, it won't return to its scabbard without blood on it. Tell me your name. The Blue Dream Sword doesn't kill nameless people.”

His words caused quite a stir.

Most of the people discussing were from the ancient martial arts world.

“What? It's made of eighth-tier spirit treasures?”

“What is a Blue Dream Stone?”


They didn't know, but all the people of the three major sects knew that the Blue Dream Stone was a kind of illusory stone. It could mesmerize people easily. Combined with some illusions, its moves could be even stranger.

The most distinctive feature of the Starlight Divine Sect's Mo Qinghan was his Blue Dream Sword.

“It's entirely made of Blue Dream Stones?”

Zhang Han looked at the sword carefully and said with a smile, “It's really a reckless waste.”

“What do you know?” Mo Qing coldly said. “This sword is the spirit treasure personally refined by our Starlight Divine Sect's Master. Do not make me repeat myself. Tell me your name.”

“My name.”

Zhang Han suddenly said these two words, and then he fell silent.

The scene quieted down.

One second, two seconds, three seconds…

Ten seconds had passed, and everyone was waiting for Zhang Han to say his name.

But it seemed that he didn't want to continue.

It was not considered a good thing to keep others guessing.


Mo Qinghan's breathing quickened. “Are you toying with me? Very well. Since you've pissed me off, I won't just kill you.”

His eyes swept past Zhang Han and swept across Mengmeng and the others. Almost everyone could feel Mo Qinghan's sharp gaze.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The leader of the Thousand Cranes Sect was very straightforward. He directly led his team to retreat and moved dozens of meters to the side.


Zhang Han suddenly smiled faintly and said, “You are Mo Qinghan from the Black Dragon Palace… Oops, no, the Starlight Divine Sect. Holy Son is a very powerful title. But what's the big deal about your glory?”

“You're so confident.”

Kong Ling'er didn't want to talk at first. At this time, when she heard what Zhang Han said, she couldn't help but say, “Mo Qinghan, are you going to fight with him or not? If you are not, I'll fight with him.”

“Hell yeah, I am!”


Mo Qinghan raised his long sword and swung it forward with all his might. The long sword danced in the air. Gradually, its speed became faster and faster, forming a blue lotus.

“Blue Lotus Kill!”

Boyi's expression changed slightly as he thought to himself. “Blue Lotus Kill is one of the three most powerful occult arts of the Starlight Divine Sect. One can launch different Blue Lotus Kills with any weapon. I've seen people perform this move with jade flutes, spears, and Dragon Blades, but I've never seen one use a Blue Dream Sword. With Blue Dream Sword in hand, Mo Qinghan should be able to force out at least two trump cards of his opponent.”

“It's actually the Blue Lotus Kill!”

Cheng Kong, who was not far away, frowned and said, “It's difficult to cultivate Blue Lotus Kill. It's a top-level occult art for controlling weapons. It's said that this move has eight top auxiliary treasures with swords being the top ones. A sword can display great might with this move. Moreover, Mo Qinghan has the Blue Dream Sword to couple with Blue Lotus Kill. It's too powerful.”


Kong Ling'er let out a soft cry of surprise in front of everyone, “I never thought that you would be able to cultivate the Blue Lotus Kill to the Mastery stage.”

“Mastery-staged Blue Lotus Kill?”

The subordinates of the Starlight Divine Sect exclaimed one after another.

“Holy Son Mo is too powerful!”

“This move will definitely kill the enemy. That man doesn't stand a chance to make it.”

“It's one of the three great occult arts. Combined with the Blue Dream Sword, it is impeccable.”

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The long sword kept rotating. Combined with the sword-commanding method, the moves made by the Blue Dream Sword formed blue lotuses and began to exert their power.

The Illusory Sword made the blue lotus flowers bigger and bigger, and crystal blue petals began to float in the surroundings.

It was like a romantic shower of petals.

“It's so beautiful.”

The attention of Ye Feiran and the others were completely drawn over, as though they had fallen into a dream.

Even Mengmeng and the others were mesmerized.

But as the illusion started, Yue Wuwei waved his hand.

The eyes of the people in the team became clear again.

“Go to hell!”

Mo Qinghan wanted to kill Zhang Han in one blow.

Looking at Zhang Han, who was standing with his hands clasped behind his back, he was quite annoyed.

“How dare he pretend to be tough at this time?”

“Not a bad move.”

Zhang Han nodded slightly. His eyes were calm to the extreme.


Mo Qinghan said coldly, “Let's see how long you can keep standing there!”

He made a gesture of casting with his right hand. The blue lotuses bloomed and the petals rained down. They all turned into sharp blades and slashed at Zhang Han with overwhelming momentum and extreme might.

Right at this moment, Zhang Han moved.

His eyes were shining. He looked through the layers of petals and saw through the illusion. He stretched out his right hand and grabbed the Blue Dream Sword.


Boyi, who was standing at the side, was slightly shocked. “Is he courting death?”

“Grabbing a sword with his bare hands? Hah! He's just too bold and stupid!” Cheng Kong laughed coldly.

“What is he doing?” Kong Ling'er was also curious.

“It seems very stupid to grab the enemy's sword with bare hands during a battle.

“Unless his cultivation level is several levels higher, he could not use such a trick.

“Now it seems that he's also at the Peak Stage of the Mastery Realm. He's too arrogant in the face of Mo Qinghan. Is he blind?”

Under everyone's gaze, Mo Qinghan's eyes were full of victory.

“Go to hell!”

He suddenly shouted.

The Blue Dream Sword revealed its original form and stabbed forward.


To everyone's surprise, there was no dull sound or extra fluctuation but a sound of metal colliding.

The Blue Dream Sword was caught in Zhang Han's hand.

He was not injured at all.


Boyi gasped and felt a chill in his teeth. He exclaimed inwardly. “What kind of means is this?”

Cheng Kong asked, “Is his hand stronger than an eighth-tier spirit treasure? How is that possible?”

At first, Kong Ling'er's hat had moved a bit, but now it had stopped moving. If it weren't for the veil covering her face, it would have been easy to see the puzzled expression on her face.


Zhang Han looked at his shining right hand and felt a little excited.

“This is the master-level Pure Yang Body.

“It's extremely strong.


His opponent was using merely an eighth-tier spirit treasure. Even if an ordinary cultivator used a ninth-tier spirit treasure, it wouldn't hurt Zhang Han at all.

In the Cultivation World, especially in battles, things were different. Some people could hurt Zhang Han, whose Pure Yang Body had reached the Mastery stage, with a seventh-tier spirit treasure. To put it more exaggeratedly, some people could also achieve that with a sixth-tier spirit treasure. However, even if some people tried to injure him with a ninth-tier spirit treasure, their effort would be in vain, which was under the condition that their realms and combat capability were similar.

Mo Qinghan was a talented man, but the method he used had too many flaws.


A heart-rending sound rang out again.

Zhang Han suddenly stretched out his left hand and grabbed the hilt.


Mo Qinghan was shocked and angry. He performed an incantation gesture with his right hand and controlled the Blue Dream Sword.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

The Blue Dream Sword began to tremble.

It wanted to break free from Zhang Han's grip.


Zhang Han smiled. His eyes were shining with white light, and his hands were shining like the sun, making people unable to look straight at him.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Crack!

Many people were dumbfounded when the light dissipated, and everyone could see the scene.

“He… he broke the Blue Dream Sword with both hands?” Boyi was shocked again.

“How could it be?”

Cheng Kong was in disbelief. He even suspected that this was an illusion of the Blue Dream Sword with occult art. His expression instantly changed when he saw that it was not an illusion, “How did he do it?”

“My Blue Dream Sword!”

Mo Qinghan's eyes turned red.

He almost went crazy.

The long sword was the eighth-tier spirit treasure that his Sect Master had personally rewarded him. He had kept it with him for so many years, and now it was broken by his opponent directly.

This feeling was simply too infuriating.

“The sword's biggest flaw is that it's made entirely of Blue Dream Stones.”

Zhang Han sighed with emotion and said, “You've been nurturing the Blue Dream Sword for decades, but it hasn't been taken away. It seems that you, the so-called Holy Son, haven't even been to the center of the Galaxy. The Blue Dream Sword only stayed in the Southern Mountain Area at the end of the Galaxy, so it hasn't been spotted by others.”

There were different places in the Galaxy. Its center was the most prosperous place. The Dao Seeking Cultivators there often went to many remote Star Areas as well as other Galaxies. The more experience they had, the more they would know.

Zhang Han believed that many people in the center of the Silver Dragon Galaxy could see the flaws of the Blue Dream Sword.

He didn't expect that he would benefit from it in the end.

“I thought that the Starlight Divine Sect was a respectable power, but who would've thought…”

Zhang Han shook his head slightly and took out another sword.

It was the Seven-star Sword, a Profound-grade treasure.




He made a casting gesture with both hands. Under everyone's gaze, he directly refined the Blue Dream Stone. In just three seconds, wisps of energy flowed into the Seven-star Sword.


The original seventh-tier Seven-star Sword had broken through to the eighth tier. The profound and mysterious aura it emitted indicated that its level turned from the first-grade eighth tier, to the medium-grade eighth tier, and then to the top-grade eighth tier.

The aura of the Seven-star Sword had now reached the top-grade eighth tier.

With the Blue Dream Sword as nourishment, the Seven-star Sword had recovered a great deal.

“Oh my god! Dad has just completely crushed him.”

Mengmeng chuckled and said, “Mo Qinghan must be pissed off.”

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