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«Godly Model Creator (Web Novel) - Chapter 910: The entire city is infected!

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Chapter 910: The entire city is infected!

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Muguang City.

After Su Hao kicked the city gate, he saw a group of frightened people, which was followed by a series of angry voices.

“Don’t come in!”

“Quickly close the gate!”

“Get lost right now!”

Each one of them wasn’t polite at all with their tone. If it were during normal times, Su Hao would have raged by now, but the current Su Hao wasn’t mad at all. He just looked at those people in shock. Only a small number of them were espers as the majority of them were ordinary people. At this time, each one of them had a pale face.

The more important observation was…

There was a touch of green appearing on literally everyone.

“This is…”

Su Hao was shocked. With now over one hundred thousand ability talents, he could recognize what that touch of green was, pathogens! At this moment, everyone’s skin turned pale green, indicating that they were infected.

“Are they the only ones?”

Su Hao scanned them with an energy fluctuation. The entire Muguang City was established into a model, but his face became even uglier. Tens of thousands of people in Muguang City were all infected without exception!

“In the end, what exactly is happening?”

Su Hao was clueless.

He had travelled to a lot of cities, but he had never encountered a city like the one before him now. The whole city was infected with a disease. One needs to note that this is now the era of origin ability! Any illness that is rare can be cured with an origin ability, let alone this infectious disease.

“Don’t come over here!”

When the people saw Su Hao approaching them, they were so scared that they backed away.

“Little brother, don’t come over here!” A kindhearted man tried to dissuade him, “You will get infected! Quickly leave here!”

“Get out now! You are just courting your own death!

Some people scolded him.

However, without exception, they kept backed off and didn’t want to infect Su Hao. In fact, many of them didn’t dare to speak in the direction of Su Hao. Obviously, this terrifying infectious disease had a wide range of ways to be transmitted. Even if it is via air, one might get infected too.

“It doesn’t matter.”

Su Hao shook his head and wanted to say something, but how would the people of Muguang City dare to talk to him?

They could remember at the beginning; they put their hopes on the outsiders. However, after the outsiders got infected, even the investigation personnel of an organization got infected, then they had completely given up any hope. The only thing they could do now was to pray that no more people got infected.


Su Hao slowly took one step closer.

This isn’t a joke!

With his current strength, how could he be afraid of a single infectious disease?

However, without waiting for Su Hao to come into contact with everyone, some green light attached to Su Hao. Everyone around was shocked, “This doesn’t look good!”

“He’s about to get infected!”

Everyone suddenly had a change of expression.

As the green light emerged, it indicated the first stage of infection.

If there were no mishaps, the green light would then enter the victim’s body and then reveal themselves on the skin’s surface. Finally, the whole person would be infected thoroughly! It was impossible to guard against it. Starting from a few years ago, no one could escape from being infected once one steps into Muguang City.

“Sigh, one more infected one.”

“Aahhhh… damn it, why didn’t you listen to us!”

“Until when can we get rid of this disease!”

Everyone sounded sad.

At this time, Su Hao experienced the green light with his own body for the first time. The strong infectious ability did stun him, but under the influence of Rule Force, this green light was not even able to show its potency before Su Hao isolated it.

Moving this green light into his body, Su Hao began to analyze it.

He was very curious.

What kind of disease could develop resistance to the drugs that are now available in this era of origin ability and could infect throughout the city? However, the result of the analysis made Su Hao shocked. According to the result of the analysis, this thing… turned out to be the product of an origin ability.

In other words…

This green light is essentially origin energy?

Could he break it down?

A specially constructed origin energy… Based on Su Hao’s understanding, there was only one way to do it, which is to have an ability talent of the virus type! Among the one hundred thousand ability talents he absorbed, it’s not that there aren’t such types of talent, but it wasn’t that powerful.

Virus infection is somewhat a dishonest method.

However, this talent he encountered today was absolutely powerful! If Su Hao didn’t use the Rule Force to isolate it, he might have ended up as a victim too. This was simply unbelievable! Su Hao had no doubt that even with his physical fitness, once he got infected, only death awaited him.

What a terrifying ability talent!

What a terrifying strength!

“What the hell is this?

Within Kingdom of Heaven, Li Tiantian and the others also had a change of color. They had seen Su Hao’s analysis with their own eyes. It was a virus with strong infectivity and strong parasitism. The scary part was this virus is merely a variant of origin energy. In other words, there was someone hiding behind the scenes!

It was all thanks to Su Hao for finding it out.

If Su Hao didn’t notice it, allowing that man to quietly mingle in the Federation, what would happen in the end? The entire Federation might get infected by this virus!

By then…


Su Hao smirked.

The era of origin ability might end up as a biochemical age!

He would never underestimate any ability talent. Even a grade E talent must not be underestimated. However, for this ability talent to shock him into producing cold sweat, he was pretty sure… this thing he was facing now is definitely a grade S talent!

Only grade S talents possess such strength!

“I met such an esper again?” Su Hao whispered to himself.

These days, he had also met quite a number of grade S espers, but most of them were still in the development period. In fact, some were even clueless about their ability. Right now, in Muguang City, this person has already achieved great success and is using this terrifying power of grade S talent to seek his interest.

The most scary part was…

Su Hao had no idea who this person was!

As the energy fluctuation shrouded the entire Muguang City, there was not one person with a grade S talent. Could it be that that person managed to hide himself? Because every person had been infected in the city, naturally in the model world, they would appear to be in the same state.

In other words, it was impossible to differentiate them!

“This virus could actually affect others through energy fluctuations?”

Su Hao was shocked.

Looking at the countless people in the world model of Muguang City, Su Hao had to admit that this omnipotent city model had finally met its trouble for the first time, and it was quite the trouble. The only thing he could be sure of was that this person must be hidden among those people.

In other words, this grade S talent esper must have hid within Muguang City! One of those who were already infected on the surface!

“What to do then?”

Su Hao’s consciousness returned to reality.

He was a human being and not a god. To encounter this never seen before grade S talent and be able to solve it in minutes was impossible, especially when he had to face thousands of infected people. If he acted in a rush and caused the infected to become worse, then the entire city would be buried together!

“I need to take this seriously.”

Su Hao calmed himself down.

The thoughts in his mind were moving quickly as the analysis was quickly carried out. Who is behind all this? Why did he do this? When did he start to do this? What is the secret hidden behind this incident? Muguang City in Su Hao’s eyes had been shrouded in countless mysterious auras. This city wasn’t simple.

Similarly, he had too many unanswered questions!

How could he solve these doubts?

Su Hao’s mouth suddenly formed a smile. Right now, there is one great method in front of him, right? For someone like Su Hao who broke into this place forcefully out of nowhere, this was simply too easy.


Su Hao’s indifferent look vanished as he looked at the green light in horror.

“Model clone…”

“Infection virus test…”

“Test completed…”

Su Hao used a model within his body to complete the deduction and it quickly showed the same state as the deduction result in reality. Watching the skin on his body gradually turned green, “This… What the hell is this?!”

After that last sentence of his, Su Hao even screamed in fear.


What responded to him was only a sigh.

Everyone around him looked at him with sad eyes, “Yet another one…”

“Such a poor guy.”

“You’re the one courting death yourself! Who told you to ignore our warnings?”

Everyone berated him.

At this time, Su Hao seemed to have a bit of understanding regarding the current situation and looked at the crowd in fear, “What the hell happened? What is this? How did I turn green?”


Everyone observed a moment of silence as respect.

As if he had understood the situation, he suddenly broke the silence, “I, I want to go back!”

Having said that, Su Hao tried to leave.

“You can’t!”

“Absolutely not!”

The people of Muguang City, who had been quiet for a while, suddenly got angry and stopped Su Hao.

“What are you all doing?”

Su Hao went mad!

“You can’t leave.”

A man smiled bitterly. Watching the still clueless Su Hao, he finally confided the truth, “Have you not noticed that you are already infected? If we let you out, all the people that you came into contact with, your friends, your family, all will get infected by this damn virus!”


Su Hao looked horrified.

“You’re right.”

The people of Muguang City smiled bitterly, “A terrifying virus.”

“My master is a man of Origin Ability Association. He can help me.”

Su Hao turned his gaze, revealing a confident look.

“Origin Ability Association…”

That man smiled bitterly again, “Forget about Origin Ability Association, even the Federation is helpless!”

“How could this be?” Su Hao was shocked, “This virus is that powerful? Even a legendary world esper can’t cure it?”

“No.” That man shook his head, “This virus isn’t powerful, but the issue is… it has many terrifying effects. One of them is you must not leave Muguang City!”

“Do you notice that line?”

That man pointed to Su Hao. There was a faint white line one meter in front of the city gate. “If you’re infected with the virus, once you pass that white line, you will definitely die!”

Definitely die?

Su Hao suddenly felt a chill.

Raising his head, Su Hao saw at least one hundred people in front of him that were like the walking dead. Only a few of them looked over here as if they were looking at a dead man! Any outsiders who stepped into Muguang City, no matter how strong they were, they were all dead without exception.

Even after getting infected, you’re still an outsider.

In the eyes of those people, Su Hao was already a dead man!

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