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«Godly Empress Doctor (Web Novel) - Chapter 3874: Secret of Raoxi (2)

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Chapter 3874: Secret of Raoxi (2)

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Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The prince snorted. “It’s not what I think? Is there something else? Are you not going to marry Jun Linyuan?”

Feng Wu glanced at him. “I don’t know if I’ll marry Jun Linyuan, but… why are you so concerned? Do you want to marry me or something?” Thump!

What Feng Wu said almost frightened the prince to death!

He fell off the chair and almost broke his leg.

Feng Wu rolled her eyes at him. “Do you have to be so scared?”

The prince wanted to cry. “Even my father addresses you as Aunt-Master, okay?”

Judging by their seniority, the prince really was supposed to call her “grandma”.

Feng Wu chuckled. “Chenchen, be a good girl. Say hello, and I’ll give you a welcome gift.”

The prince wanted to hit someone.

Just then, the king came out with Patriarch Huyan.

He was surprised to see the prince chatting happily with Feng Wu. However, he soon greeted Feng Wu as well.

Feng Wu nodded in return.

She didn’t try to be polite at all. The prince was amazed by how tough she was.

Just then, the king threw a dirty look at the prince. “Shouldn’t you be bowing to your senior now?”

The prince was dumbfounded…

Feng Wu chuckled.

The king looked at Feng Wu in bewilderment, not knowing what she was laughing at.

Feng Wu finally stopped laughing. Seeing the prince’s flushed face, she wanted to laugh again.

She could understand his feelings.

Back in the shop when the first time the prince met her, she was just an ugly girl with no background. Later, she told him that she was Feng Wu, but even so, she was only a promising teenage girl in the Junwu Empire, whereas he was the eldest prince of Northern Yan.

But now, he… Feng Wu could only imagine how frustrated felt.

sne smiled at tne King. “Juncnen IS tne best. you nave to treat mm well.”

“Yes, he’s always been a nice kid!”

He was elated to hear Feng Wu’s praise.

However, he saw that the Patriarch didn’t look too happy and realized that he had been here for too long. Hence, he immediately led the prince out of the tower.

Feng Wu saw them off.

“Where’s Raoxi?” the prince asked curiously.

Feng Wu said, “She’s never been qualified to go inside. She always leaves after she cleans the floor. That’s why she’s not here.”

Feng Wu noticed that the corner of the king’s eyes twitched. Yes!

The two of them went back to the palace.

The study had been repaired, but some of the missing files weren’t that easy to repair, especially some precious books on the shelf. The king was furious.

“Get to the bottom of it!”

Before long, Little Zhao came back and whispered something in the king’s ear.

The king was shocked and furious.

He turned around and glared at the prince.

Frightened by the look in his eyes, the crown prince dropped to his knees.


Had his father found out about the mosquito burning down the study? That shouldn’t be the case…

The king only gave him one look before looking away. He waved at the prince and said, “You can leave now.”

The prince bowed respectfully before leaving the room, closing the door behind him…

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