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«Godly Empress Doctor (Web Novel) - Chapter 1532: Untitled

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Chapter 1532: Untitled

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“Your Majesty, I —”

Empress Dugu had just started to speak, when Emperor Wu shook his head at her. “My empress, please leave.”

With his dark face, he looked severe and authoritative.

Empress Dugu knew Emperor Wu too well. Seeing that he was genuinely angry, she didn’t dare say another word and backed down.

Everyone else stayed away for fear of getting into trouble, but people like Empress Dugu and Mrs Zuo remained outside the tent and paced back and forth.

Back in the tent.

Emperor Wu stared at Jun Wuxia, and his brooding eyes reminded her of an eagle.

Intimidated, Jun Wuxia stumbled back involuntarily.

“You’re a princess of the empire, but your behavior is odious!” Emperor Wu looked from Jun Wuxia to Feng Wu, and he felt even more infuriated.

He couldn’t understand why he had such a foolish daughter. How unfair!

Pursing her lips, Jun Wuxia wanted to say something, but she couldn’t utter a word.

Her eyes were filled with hatred when she glanced at Feng Wu out of the corner of her eye.

“How dare you hold a grudge against Feng Wu?!” Emperor Wu felt as if flames were burning in his chest, threatening to destroy everything!

“Your mother begged me to forgive you, but you’re just so stubborn and won’t admit your mistake! Jun Wuxia, how dare you?!” Emperor Wu pointed at Jun Wuxia and said, “Your title…”

“Father —” Jun Wuxia was finally scared.

Because she saw the ruthless look in Emperor Wu’s eyes and finally realized that if she continued with her willful behavior, she really would be stripped of her title.

“Father!” Jun Wuxia scrambled toward Emperor Wu on her knees and wrapped her arms around his thigh. “Father, it’s all my fault! I’m just an ignorant girl, so please forgive me. I’m really sorry. Father —”

After all, they were father and daughter, and the bond was impossible to break.

When Jun Wuxia acted tough and stubborn, Emperor Wu was so furious that he became very intimidating.

Now that Jun Wuxia’s attitude had softened, Emperor Wu relented as well when he saw the pitiful way she cried and pleaded with him.

However, despite his feelings, Emperor Wu still kept his face straight, and he stared at Jun Wuxia.

“What good will just begging me do?” Emperor Wu glanced in Feng Wu’s direction.

In a critical moment like this, Jun Wuxia suddenly became a lot smarter.

She knew what her father meant. He was telling her to apologize to Feng Wu.

But deep down, Jun Wuxia was very reluctant.

She was a proper princess, and Empress Dugu was her mother, making her far more superior to other princesses. But now, she had to apologize to a commoner.

But if she didn’t apologize…

Clenching her fists and grinding her teeth, Jun Wuxia shook from head to toe. She slowly walked over to Feng Wu and gave a deep bow —

“I’m sorry…”

There, she finally said it.

She burst into tears as soon as she spoke before she turned around and ran out.

She moved too fast for anyone to stop her.

Now that she had apologized, Emperor Wu didn’t know what to do with her after she fled.

“She’s incorrigible!” Emperor Wu said angrily.

But after all, Jun Wuxia had apologized, so Feng Wu said calmly, “Your Majesty, please don’t be mad. Her Royal Highness is still young. I’m sure she’ll become more considerate when she’s older.”

Those words wouldn’t sound too odd if it hadn’t been Feng Wu who said them.

Since she was younger than Jun Wuxia.

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