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«God of Illusions (Web Novel) - Chapter 724: Ordeal Passed!

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Chapter 724: Ordeal Passed!

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His strike beaten back by a flash of nine-colored light, the demon king became enraged.

“Nine-tailed Fox!” he roared. Everyone could tell from the hatred in his voice how much he loathed the so-called ‘Nine-tailed Fox.’

Pitifully, the person he hated did not take him seriously at all.

Bai Xiaofei opened his eyes and looked at the furious demon king as the golden flame on his body slowly dissipated. Then, Blackie emerged and fused with him.

The long intermission was nothing but the blink of an eye with a snap of that woman’s fingers. What’s more, Bai Xiaofei also found out what she had called the power of faith. It was the milky white energy that the Bone Demon in the Infinite Mountain Range had left in the sea of his consciousness. He had tried to touch it before but always in vain. Now, not only could he touch it, but he could also use it!

“Unbelievable, for a small thing actually to contain such terrifying power,” Bai Xiaofei exclaimed as the power of faith spread out from his palm with a soft light.

Seeing the power of faith, the demon king’s face abruptly changed.

“How… how is it possible?! How can a mortal like you use its power?!!”

Cang Lan and the others didn’t know where the horror of the demon king came from, seeing that such horror could not be faked at all, they knew that he was finished!

“Unfortunately for you, I can,” Bai Xiaofei smiled and guided the power of faith to melt into his body.

At the same time, the terrified demon king mobilized the energy in his whole body.

“This king shall risk it all with you…”

However, the demon king couldn’t finish his words. What cut him off was the sudden plummet of energy and vitality in his body!

“Devouring the Heaven and Earth!”

Bai Xiaofei had once tried to use Devouring the Heaven and Earth while fused with Blackie and thought it was the complete version of the ability. In the end, however, he had failed because of insufficient energy and had been completely drained.

It was different now. The power of faith not only made up for his lack of energy, but even enhanced the skill!

A huge face appeared in the air. Its furry facial features looked even more frightening than the demon king. As its huge mouth opened into a pitch-black hole, a huge black beam rose from the demon king and flowed towards it. Along with this beam, the demon king’s energy and vitality were quickly sapped away…


This scream was the last mark of the demon king in this world. When Devouring the Heaven and Earth finally stopped, there was a faint smile on Bai Xiaofei's face.

It's over…

The next second, Bai Xiaofei fell straight from the air. Recovering from her shock, Lin Nishang caught him with a soft energy glow and returned him to the group.

“It’s not serious. He’s just drained.”

Her words put everyone’s heart at ease. After making sure that Bai Xiaofei was fine, they gazed at him with a strange light in their eyes.

How on earth did he do that? Was that his own ability? If so, why didn't he use it earlier? What’s the ‘Nine-Tailed Fox’ that the demon king shouted?

Just like how Bai Xiaofei had felt with the woman just now, everyone was full of doubt. But before Bai Xiaofei woke up, their questions were destined to be unanswered.

Meanwhile, the woman who had just saved their lives had returned to the dark space.

“You clearly have many ways, so why did you choose to give him Heaven’s power?” The man frowned as his face was covered in regret.

“Who told you to be so easily possessed before? I just helped to make him a little more similar to you. And are you sure he won't run into more problems that his own power can’t solve in the future? We’ve used up all our media. If we don't leave him something, what if he dies?”

Women always had plenty of reasons. Arguing with them was the most foolish thing in the world.

“Good, good! My wife is absolutely right! My wife makes the wisest decisions!” Seeing a trace of displeasure on the woman’s face, the man decisively admitted his wrongs.

As for Bai Xiaofei’s safety, he had completely forgotten about it. After all, his own life mattered more…

“Now that I’ve completed my mission, don’t forget yours. My sisters will return shortly!” said the woman craftily.

The sadness in the man’s heart had turned into a flowing river…

A sheep before marriage, a wolf after!

He now had a deep understanding of this sentence. Moreover, what he was to face was a group of wolves …

Back to the crypt under the Holy Snow Mountain,

The death of the demon king had returned peace to the entire area. Some survivors had started to clean up the battlefield. The storage bracelets lying everywhere on the ground and the collapsed origin mine filled the bags of many people.

Cang Lan’s group still kept watch at Bai Xiaofei’s side. Leng Liuli and Leng Liuying, who had regained consciousness, burst into tears to see Bai Xiaofei in a coma.

Looking at them, Lin Nishang shook her head helplessly. Love, the one word so difficult to give up on ah…

At that time, a dark cloud suddenly appeared and made everyone nervous.

“Don't worry, it’s the Snow Kingdom army,” said Cang Lan, an old acquaintance of the Snow Kingdom.

Soon, a beautiful figure came running at them. Leng Liushuang, who had come with reinforcements from the imperial city, joined the team guarding Bai Xiaofei, looking even more worried than her sisters.

“Snow Lion Corps, lock down the mountain! Allow no one to leave!”

A vigorous voice boomed. Everyone looked over and saw an old general with white hair and beard but in extremely high spirits.

The only marshal of the Snow Kingdom, the current leader of the Snow Lion Corps, Bryne's father, Orton!

“Orton greets Master Cang Lan!” Orton came up to Cang Lan with a wide smile.

Cang Lan welcomed him with a similar expression. He liked the straightforward marshal.

“Forget it, the juniors are watching. You are the marshal of the kingdom, can't lose your sense of appropriateness.” Cang Lan raised his hand in response to Orton’s bow.

Orton and the Leng sisters' father belonged to the same generation, so Cang Lan definitely deserved his ceremony. It was just that their appearances seemed otherwise. Cang Lan, who had lived for more than one hundred years, looked much younger than Orton.

This was the advantage of strength, allowing one to not only live longer but also age slower.

“Then Orton will be rude.” Cupping his hands toward Cang Lan, Orton turned to look at his lieutenant. “Except for Master Cang Lan, escort the others back!”

Hearing this, everyone’s expressions abruptly changed…

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