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«God of Fishing (Web Novel) - Chapter 2386: Extreme Cold Pearl

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Chapter 2386: Extreme Cold Pearl

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Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Although it was indeed beyond Han Fei’s expectations, it didn’t matter. Anyway, he had already guessed that Cao Mengde and the others were not simple.

In fact, when he broke into the Dragon Fighting Street, Han Fei already knew that there were crouching tigers and hidden dragons in that damn place. Every family could easily mobilize two Sky Opening Realm cultivators. And the shop owners were not ordinary people either. Although Han Fei didn’t look at the shop owners carefully, he knew that most of them weren’t simple.

Now, when Cao Mengde laid his cards on the table, Han Fei couldn’t help but ask curiously, “There’s one last question. If I save you but offend your families, this deal will be a huge loss. What benefits can I get from you other than flattery?”

Although Han Fei didn’t care about offending the big clans of the Divine Capital Dynasty, it didn’t mean that he was willing to be taken for a ride.

Cao Mengde said, “Zhou Run said that we really don’t have enough resources to move you. However, we know the secret of the Demon Domain…”

Cao Mengde was about to speak, when Han Fei interrupted him. “Wait a minute, is it that the World Origin in the Demon Domain hasn’t been polluted yet?”

“Hiss ~”

“Ah, well!”

Cao Mengde widened his eyes and looked at Han Fei in shock. Han Fei didn’t have many connections in the Divine Capital Dynasty, right? How did he know about the Demon Domain?

Regarding the Demon Domain, even they had spent a lot of effort to obtain the information.

Cao Mengde asked timidly, “Brother Fei, where did you buy the intelligence?”

When Cao Mengde said this, Han Fei’s heart sank. He said, “I didn’t buy the information. It’s just a guess. But since you can even get this information, heh, I’m afraid that everyone already knows it.”

Cao Mengde was confused for a moment. When Han Fei mentioned World Origin, the capital they planned to trade with Han Fei was gone!

Cao Mengde shivered. “We can find the entrance to the World Origin.”

Han Fei sneered and cast out his fishing hook, fishing out the Vast Ocean Navigator.

He said, “I can point out the entrance now.”

Cao Mengde: “…”

Seeing that Cao Mengde was confused, Han Fei said disdainfully, “Since you can get this information, so can others. Then your so-called entrance is meaningless. It’s even very likely to be a trap.”

Cao Mengde suddenly raised his head. It seemed to be possible. Zhou Run had also said that this information needed to be considered carefully. When he laid his cards on the table with Han Fei, he shouldn’t mention the entrance. Just now, he just blurted it out in a moment of desperation.

Han Fei saw that Cao Mengde was also dumbfounded. Obviously, he himself didn’t understand the situation. Although this guy only pretended to be a playboy, after so many years, he had inevitably developed some playboys’ habits and his thinking had degenerated!

Cao Mengde didn’t have anything else to say, but Han Fei said, “Forget it, it doesn’t matter. Anyway, according to my estimation, your time should be up in two months at most. Wu Bufan is the closest to here, and Zhou Run is not much behind him. They will meet us in half a month. If we take the initiative to go over again, it won’t take half a month.”

Han Fei felt that since Zhou Run was the leader of Cao Mengde and the others, he wanted to hear what kind of answer this person who disguised his appearance, strength, and personality as mediocre would give him.

Han Fei didn’t doubt the potential of Cao Mengde and the others, but he needed their explicit promise or remuneration. He was not free labor, and he would never do anything for free.

Hearing that, Cao Mengde’s eyes glittered. “Brother Fei, you’re so nice. Shall we go there now? The three of them…”

Han Fei grinned. “Mengde! I, Han Fei, have always hated evil, but I also need a reason to kill. Tell me, what’s this guy’s name?”

“Cao Buqi.”

“Oh, right. What heinous crimes has Cao Buqi done? If he is a good person, I will never do anything to him.Or I’ll feel uneasy.”

“A good person?”

Cao Mengde almost burst out into laughter. “Brother Fei, this guy deserved to be killed. You heard it just now. 4,800 years ago, I was still a boy. My brother was only a teenager. At that time, my brother was talented and awakened his Divine Bloodline. He became a Law Enforcer at the age of seven, became an Explorer at the age of nine, became a Venerable at the age of fourteen, and was already a peak Venerable at the age of eighteen. At that time, my brother’s talent was the best in the Cao Family. At that time, everyone thought that my brother had a chance to establish the sea in a hundred years, a chance to open the sky in a thousand years, and a chance to become a Monarch in the future. However, one day, in the Sky Crater World, there was an urgent war. We were chosen to go to support the army in the Sky Crater World… but…”

Cao Mengde’s eyes turned red and he shouted angrily, “But the disciple of the main branch, Cao Bumie, instigated his uncle to scheme against my younger brother’s Divine Heritage. They actually forcibly pulled out my brother’s divine heritage alive. When it was found, they had already stolen my younger brother’s divine heritage and added it to themselves. Fortunately, our branch’s patriarch who went to the Sky Crater World found it out. However, what’s done is done. No matter who has a divine heritage, it’s a divine heritage. My younger brother has already been crippled. Even the patriarch of our branch can’t do anything to them.”

Upon hearing this, Han Fei’s eyes turned slightly cold. He really hated things like this. Didn’t Ximen Ling’an end up in the Grand Desolate Village and meet him because her spiritual heritage was snatched?

Cao Mengde’s voice trembled. “Back then, my aptitude was mediocre and I could barely be considered a Heavenly Talent. However, my younger brother knew that it would be difficult for him to survive, so he asked the patriarch to transfer all his divine blood to me. That’s why I’m where I am today. I can’t let go of the grudge of killing my younger brother, so I pretended to be a playboy and lived a befuddled life. Brother Fei, no matter what, I, Cao Mengde, will definitely seek justice from the main branch… Well, it was this guy who captured my younger brother back then.”

Han Fei nodded slightly. “It seems that this person is indeed heinous and deserves to be executed. This Cao Buqi, you kill him.”


Cao Mengde trembled all over and the air billowed.

Han Fei saw that Cao Mengde hammered Cao Buqi’s body for a hundred seconds, waking Cao Buqi up.

Cao Buqi, who was woken up by the hammer, was stunned. Why was he suddenly heavily injured? He felt that most of his soul had been shattered.

When he saw that Cao Mengde was burning his bones with the Purple Demon Divine Fire, he was horrified. “Cao Mengde, how dare you kill me? The Cao Family’s main branch will not forgive you! You won’t be able to survive in the Divine Capital Dynasty!”

Cao Mengde grinned ferociously. “It’s none of your business. You abducted my younger brother back then. Have you ever thought of what will happen today? Hahaha… I’m going to extract your soul and refine it with the Nine Heavens Seal, burning it with the Purple Demon Divine Fire every day.”

While Cao Mengde was taking revenge, Han Fei forcibly erased the connection between the Extreme Cold Pearl and Cao Buqi. At this moment, it had become ownerless.

In Han Fei’s eyes, information emerged.

[Name] Extreme Cold Pearl

[Introduction] There used to be winter in the Chaos. In the depths of the Chaos, there is an extremely cold place. That place contains the profound meaning of the world’s extreme cold. The Extremely Cold Pearl was born from the Cold Sky Giant Beast. After freezing for a million years in the extreme cold winter, it was naturally born. Wearing this pearl, you can use the extremely cold power of the pearl to suppress all fires, which is comparable to the strike of a Monarch. Every time it’s used, it has to be replenished in the extremely cold land.

[ Quality ] Ultra-quality Godly Weapon

[ Attached Soul ] None

[Effect] It can suppress all fires and launch an ice strike.

[ Recastable ]

[ Unrefined ]

[ Remarks ] Don’t put a soul into it easily. The soul can’t be fused with the pearl unless it’s compatible with it.


Han Fei was horrified to see that the Extreme Cold Pearl could launch an attack comparable to that of a Monarch. Had he actually acquired such a treasure?

The strike of a Monarch! This was the only treasure Han Fei had obtained in the Sky Opening Realm that could unleash the power of a Monarch. It was indeed an ultra-quality godly weapon, a treasure! In Han Fei’s opinion, this treasure even surpassed the God’s Prayer Bead.

Han Fei couldn’t help but feel lucky that Cao Buqi didn’t directly use the ice strike of the Extreme Cold Pearl on him. Otherwise, he probably wouldn’t have been able to withstand it.

Fortunately, he didn’t underestimate this person and directly deprived him of his consciousness. Otherwise, once he had the chance to use this pearl, the outcome today would probably be reversed.

At this moment.

Cao Mengde was still crazy. Seeing this, Han Fei smiled and quietly killed the peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivator and the late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivator.

Even so, Han Fei didn’t forget the other two guys who had been burnt to bones by Cao Mengde with the Purple Demon Divine Fire, but caught them back.

Anyway, as long as their corpses were in his hands, he could find their Origin Stars.

At that time, he would keep the Origin Sea of this peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivator for himself. The other three would be sacrificed to the God of War. He wondered what kind of divine technique the supreme divine technique the God of War mentioned was…

A moment later, the place was a mess. The Sky Opening Realm demonic creatures that were quietly observing from a distance didn’t attack rashly, but Han Fei knew that there were more demonic plants nearby.

He didn’t want to be hunted by another seven or eight Sky Opening Realm demonic creatures.

He stopped Cao Mengde from destroying Cao Buqi’s broken body and threw him into his Origin Sea. Anyway, Cao Buqi’s soul had been extracted by Cao Mengde. It was just his body.

Cao Mengde thought that Han Fei wanted to use his body as a puppet! He heard that Han Fei had a Blood Fiend Puppet, which was very powerful.

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