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«God of Fishing (Web Novel) - Chapter 2136: Clash of Light and Darkness

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Chapter 2136: Clash of Light and Darkness

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Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Originally, if Tai Yuan and the others hadn’t said anything, Han Fei didn’t intend to let the kings witness this battle.

This scene might be grand, but the kings could still know the basic situation of the Chaotic Wasteland from others’ description.

The reason why he agreed was that Han Fei felt that seeing it with their own eyes might be more shocking and remind them how dangerous the Sea Realm was.

Han Fei had controlled the Sky Hanging Mirror for so many years, so it wasn’t difficult for him to create a sky curtain.

The sky curtain bloomed, showing the real-time situation inside and outside of the city walls. Except for the fact that there was no voice, it was almost no different from watching a movie.

For a moment, someone was surprised. “Is this the Sea Realm? Someone has a tail? And a horn on his head?”

Zhang Xuanyu said, “There are a few people in the city. When they stand up, they are like knives. What weird creatures.”

Han Fei said, “They are not creatures, but the Blade Clan. They were born with four bodies like knives, but after they transformed, they kept two hands in the shape of knives.”

Le Renkuang asked, “What race is the one covered in scales?”

Han Fei said, “That’s the Ten Thousand Scale Clan, the ruling race in the super-large sea area where we are. They have Monarchs.”



All the kings gasped. Did they encounter such a powerful race the moment they came out?

Le Renkuang was dumbfounded. “Living Monarchs?”

Han Fei said, “Of course!”

Luo Xiaobai asked, “Are they fighting? There are three lines of defense inside and outside, and why are their weapons emitting a milky luster?”

Han Fei said, “You need to know this place. It’s called the Chaotic Wasteland…”

Outside, while the entire city was preparing for battle, Han Fei was teaching Luo Xiaobai and the others about the Chaotic Wasteland.

The kings exclaimed in shock from time to time.

“What? A village of only 300,000 people has a Sea Establisher?”

“What? People here can easily encounter a group of ominous creatures with thousands of Venerables?”

“How is it possible? 30% of the people in a city are Venerables, and dozens are in the Sea Establishment Realm? How can there be so many strong masters?”

“What? A city with millions of people has a Sky Opening realm powerhouse guard ir?”

For a moment, all the kings were dumbfounded. If what Han Fei said was true, then the Sea Realm was too terrifying. This was the most remote place in the East Sea Divine Realm. Then what kind of place was the Divine Capital Dynasty?

However, when Han Fei finished explaining everything, everyone’s heart did a flip. Since there was a Sky Opener in this city, what did it mean that Han Fei could still release all of them? It meant that while they were in the Origin Seas, Han Fei had already f*cking killed a Sky Opening realm powerhouse.

Luo Xiaobai glanced at Hong Yue and seemed to have guessed something.

Luo Xiaobai and the others had known that Han Fei could control others. A few days ago, Han Fei specially went to Hong Yue, but what did Hong Yue do? He was a corpse refiner. Therefore, Luo Xiaobai was almost sure that since Han Fei dared to let them out, the lord must have been controlled by him.

As for whether he had become a refined corpse, she didn’t know, but he was definitely not dead.

And among everyone, the most excited one, who was so excited that his body was trembling slightly, was Hong Yue.

Hong Yue thought that the world that Han Fei described was simply prepared for him. In the past, in the Thirty-Six Mystic Worlds, there were only civil wars between humans and the wars between humans and sea demons.

In a situation where everyone’s strength was about the same, it was very difficult to kill a Sea Establisher. They needed a complete corpse to refine a corpse puppet. Even if he was confident of killing a king, he wasn’t confident of leaving a complete corpse of that person.

However, in this Chaotic Wasteland, there were actually other races who enslaved humans. Thinking of how Han Fei asked him for corpse refining techniques a few days ago, Hong Yue had already guessed 70% of what had happened.

He estimated that the kings and even the Sky Opening realm lord in this city might have already become living corpses. Although he didn’t know how Han Fei embarked on this Great Dao, it turned out that Han Fei had succeeded.

Hong Yue knew very well that this place was very suitable for refining corpses. Besides, from the perspective of Human Emperor Han Fei, this Ten Thousand Scale Clan dared to enslave humans, so they were definitely mortal enemies.

In this way, he immediately became the most likely to help Han Fei among the kings. As long as he refined corpses well, he could help Han Fei conquer a few more cities in the future. Not only would he be a hero of the human race, but he could also quickly improve his strength. How could he not be excited?

Han Fei glanced at Hong Yue and didn’t say anything, because this guy’s guess was right. He did have to put this guy in an important position. This guy was really the only one who could refine corpses.

Han Fei said, “Okay! Take your time to digest the information about the Sea Realm. Next, it’s the tide wave I mentioned. You just need to watch here.”

Letting them see it was already Han Fei’s bottom line. Without absolute confidence, Han Fei would never let them know what a place Mountain City was.

And most of these kings would leave with Tai Yuan, leave the Chaotic Wasteland, and go to a great world. No matter what their relationship was before, now, these people were all human beings.

About an hour later.

The ominous creatures at the front had already appeared in the sight of the city guards.

On the city gate, the kings all shouted, “Attack freely.”

Because the ominous creatures coming were not so dense, if they shot them from a distance, they would waste a lot of Clean Stone resources.

The ordinary people were only assigned 300 Clean Stones. How could they bear to spend them here?

Therefore, on the opposite side of the south gate of Mountain City, more than 300,000 Venerables and countless Explorers poured out. This was the time for them to harvest, because once the ominous creatures became dense and the guard captain ordered a retreat, this wave of resources would have nothing to do with them.


“Kill in an orderly manner. Don’t scramble.”

“Pu! Pu! Pu! Pu!”

When people rushed out of the city gates, the nearly million Venerables attacked at the same time. The sky was full of light and shadows, erupting with a gorgeous and holy brilliance in the depths of the sea.

The first wave of ominous creatures was slaughtered almost in an instant.

Venerables generally wouldn’t attack Explorer-level ominous creatures because it wasn’t worth wasting the Clean Stones in their hands. Therefore, Explorer-level ominous creatures fell into the hands of Explorers.

At this moment, the people in Mountain City were like swallowing machines. No matter how many ominous creatures came, they would be gone in an instant. If it weren’t for the fact that they didn’t dare to attack too far away, they might have already run ten thousand kilometers away.

In the Lord’s Mansion, Zhang Xuanyu and the others were shocked to see this scene.

Someone exclaimed, “There are really millions of Venerables?”

Someone was stunned. “With such combat power, how can the intruders break through?”

The Snow Lady said, “The ominous creatures are afraid of the white light. That stone should be a good thing that can cleanse the ominous.”

Liang Yin said, “However, with so many people using it, the consumption of this thing is astonishing. There are endless ominous creatures. No matter how many stones there are, I’m afraid they won’t be enough!”

Zhang Xuanyu asked, “Why do you think so much? If they didn’t have any means, how could they have survived here for hundreds of thousands of years?”

This battle lasted for four hours.

Four hours later, when a group of Demon Flag Fish rushed over like rays of light, for the first time, many strong masters on the Mountain City’s side died.

This Flag Fish was like a sharp sword piercing through the sea. Even ordinary Venerables didn’t dare to resist them easily. The moment hundreds of Venerables were stabbed by the Flag Fish, sounds of retreat came from the city.

A king shouted, “Retreat to the city!”

A Venerable had just used his ultimate move and wasted five or six Clean Stones to purify a dozen ominous creatures. Although he knew that the Demon Flag Fish had come, he couldn’t bear the loss of five or six Clean Stones. Seeing that the dozen energy crystals were right in front of him, he gritted his teeth and was about to snatch them back before retreating.

But in an instant, a dense swarm of Demon Flag Fish had arrived. When he wanted to retreat, it was already too late.

Even if the man regretted and detonated dozens of Clean Stones at once, at that moment, he had already been pierced and shattered, only leaving some Clean Stones on the ground.

There were many people like this. At least at that moment, nearly a thousand people died like this.

Venerables could be reborn with blood, but under such circumstances, it was meaningless.

Therefore, someone chose to self-destruct.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

When one explosion after another occurred, Luo Xiaobai and the others couldn’t help being shocked. Thousands of strong masters had died just like that?

If the dead were mostly Explorers, they could understand. However, the dead were mostly Venerables. This shocked them. It was like that an entire Thirty-Six Mystic Worlds were gone in a moment!

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