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«God of Fishing (Web Novel) - Chapter 1401: A New Broom Sweeps Clean (3)

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Chapter 1401: A New Broom Sweeps Clean (3)

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Compared to these powerhouses from the Thousand Star City, Han Fei had experienced it from the grassroots. Especially when he was in the Ideal Palace, he and the group of people on the Avenger had wandered at sea for decades. What kind of battle had he not experienced?

Back then, the City of Hope had a population that was countless times larger than the Scattered Stars Island, but he managed the city well. And didn’t the big clans in that world try to stop him back then too? But he easily solved them in the end.

As for Patriarch Thug that Chu Qing mentioned, Han Fei thought to himself, I’m not going to admit I know any Patriarch Thug. The one I know is my Junior Uncle Faceless, Li Daxian. What has he got to do with Patriarch Thug? Patriarch Thug is just a title, and he has already been poisoned to death. The one you see now is an undead creature.

But compared to the history of the Thug Academy, the big clans were simply trash.

In front of these millions of people, Han Fei wasn’t worried that Chu Qing would attack him. He just chuckled. “Dear soldiers, look, these are the big clans of the Thousand Star City. The group of Venerables in the Thousand Star City just watched us die but refused to help. You worked so hard to collect resources on the coastline, kill sea demons, and grab their Sea Swallowing Seashells. In the end, the Refining Hall and the alchemy workshops refined excellent weapons, but you couldn’t use them. All of them were taken away by these b * stards. How could you bear it?”

“Han Fei, shut up. You’re slandering us.”


Han Fei roared, his voice echoing, “Shut up! Now that I’m the commander, who do you think you are? How can you be so impudent here? Either you swear to the Great Dao, or shut up. Otherwise, get the hell back to your Thousand Star City.”

Han Fei’s voice had its own magical power. It echoed in the air, making countless people’s blood boil.

Everyone present was not stupid. Who didn’t know that the big clans were extremely rich? Now they had come to stop Han Fei, only to have their dirty things exposed. Shame on them!

However, although the big clans were not good, no one felt that Han Fei was good at this moment. This was because Han Fei really didn’t win any earth-shaking battles for the Scattered Stars Island.

Although Han Fei had indeed saved countless lives in the two Venerable-killing battles, the problem was that Han Fei won too easily and too frequently, and he took over the position of supreme commander too quickly. Inevitably, people couldn’t accept it quickly.

At this moment, Chu Qing’s face was all red because of Han Fei’s scolding. He really wanted to kill Han Fei, but just as Han Fei didn’t dare to attack him now, he didn’t dare to attack him either.

If anyone dared to attack at this moment, as long as he killed or injured a single person, he would become the enemy of the entire Scattered Stars Island.

Han Fei said ruthlessly, “You said that I, Han Fei, can’t take over the position of supreme commander. Was this Fei-Yan-Mu Furnace made by your Chu Sect? Were those Sea Clan Venerables killed by your Chu Sect? Have you ever killed a single sea demon since you entered the Scattered Stars Island? You haven’t even killed a f*cking King Worm. How do you dare to claim that I, Han Fei, am not qualified to take over this position?”

Chu Qing calmed down a little. He had come out in a rush. Under such circumstances, if he still tried to stop Han Fei with his background, he probably wouldn’t succeed.

He used the wrong strategy. Everyone knew that the big clans exploited them, so this exploitation would be considered a tacit agreement. If it wasn’t emphasized, at most they would be scolded.

But Han Fei was different. Han Fei had become well-known on the Scattered Stars Island and had made great achievements. Now he was going to be the new supreme commander of the Scattered Stars Island. Han Fei’s words carried a lot of weight, which was much more important than his.

Chu Qing immediately issued an order in his heart, and suddenly, a junior Explorer flew to the sky and shouted, “Please forgive me for crossing the line. I am Tian Heng, the head of the Command Center of the Tactical Command. May I say something?”

Han Fei’s face immediately changed slightly. He was about to proceed to the next step when this person jumped out and interrupted him. He was definitely up to no good.

He remembered the name Tian Heng. Even if I can’t kill you now, I will kill you later.

Xue Shenqi narrowed his eyes. Does Tian Heng work for the big clans?

Xue Shenqi said casually, “Tian Heng, if you have something to say, just say it. But you have to make sure what you said is true.”

Tian Heng shouted, “Marshal Xue, don’t worry. I have my principles. Han Fei was born on a small island in the Heavenly Water Village in the Blue Sea Town in the 36 towns. Before he was 12 years old, his aptitude was extremely poor. After he was 12 years old, he suddenly became exceptionally talented and coincidentally entered the Thug Academy. Since then, he had been walking very smoothly on the road of cultivation… However, according to all the information I have, there is an invisible hand pushing him behind the scenes. The rumors had it that Han Fei’s father is a Venerable and forced Marshal Xue to give up his position. I think it’s very likely. This matter has to be investigated from the ancient battlefield…”

This Tian Heng was quite bold. After showing a lot of information, he finally concluded, “Han Fei has a big shot behind him who is extremely strong even among Venerables.”

However, Tian Heng didn’t say who the big shot was. There was no telling if he didn’t find out or if he deliberately didn’t say it.

Tian Heng said, “Although Han Fei has made contributions to the Scattered Stars Island, all his contributions and his current character are not enough for him to be the commander of the Scattered Stars Island. Therefore, the Command Center is strongly against Han Fei taking over as the supreme commander.”

At this moment, Chu Qing snorted coldly. “What is the person behind Han Fei’s back up to? It’s unknown whether he is trying to destroy our human race or not.”

The entire Scattered Stars Island was dumbfounded by the debate. It was as if they were watching a show. What a horror!

On the Scattered Stars Island, Big Yellow, Jiuyin Ling, and He Xiaoyu were indignant.

Someone shouted, “B*stard, none of the big clans in the Thousand Star City are good.”

Big Yellow meowed. “These people deserve to be killed. Han Fei is great. He can cook and send kittens to me…”

There were many discussions elsewhere.

Someone said, “It seems that Han Fei doesn’t seem to be a good person!”

Someone sighed. “Then why did Marshal Xue pass on his position to him? Was he really coerced?”

While millions of people were deep in thought and discussing, hundreds of people suddenly soared into the sky.

The leader was Bei Huo, the official leader of the Scattered Stars Fourth Unit.

Bei Huo shouted, “Tian Heng, don’t start that messy investigation. Everyone has their own secrets. Among the millions of people here, how many people have secrets? How many people on the Scattered Stars Island are weak?”

Beside Bei Huo, an old man shouted, “I’m Yu Xu, a five-star refiner.”

A middle-aged man shouted, “Li Yunfei, a five-star refiner from the Refining Hall of the Central City.”

Bei Huo roared, “The people of the Refining Hall know that the Fei-Yan-Mu Furnace is a blessing to all cultivators in all the generations to come. The creation of the Fei-Yan-Mu Furnace subverted the refining techniques of the billions of people in the Thousand Star City and the 36 towns. Isn’t this contribution more important than those messy things investigated by the Command Center? Although we refiners are not strong enough, we think the appearance of the Fei-Yan-Mu Furnace is far more important than those big clans.”

Immediately, all famous five-star refiners in the hundreds of refining halls shouted, “We’d like Han Fei to be our commander.”

Tian Heng still wanted to say something, when Han Fei’s voice sounded. “Whether or not you think I’m qualified to be the commander, I am. I’m showing you the ceremony not to make you approve or doubt me. Bei Huo, from today on, the Scattered Stars Island will cut off the supply of weapons and resources for the Thousand Star City, so will the Logistics Division. Those residents of the Thousand Star City who want resources can come to the Scattered Stars Island for duty. The seven major academies of the Thousand Star City shall arrange for batches of students to come to the Scattered Stars Island for trial, and we’ll treat them the same as all the front line soldiers. Everyone’s life is a life, and no one can be an exception.”


Instantly, the void trembled, and Chu Qing, Yang Kun, Ye Kai, Sun Baisheng, and even the others who seemed to be hiding in the void all changed their expressions.

As they expected, it wouldn’t do them any good if Han Fei took over as the commander of the Scattered Stars Island.

Now they couldn’t enter the level-three fishery at all. It was the territory of Faceless, and any person they met there could be Faceless. With the mask on, Faceless could be anyone. They couldn’t even find him. The big clans could no longer gain experience and obtain resources there.

Last time, when the Thug Academy attacked the Thousand Star City, the level-three fishery was also lost, and all the hundred dragon boats fell into the hands of Faceless.

Venerables didn’t dare to descend. Otherwise, with Han Guanshu’s ability, who could withstand him if he wanted to kill ordinary Venerables?

However, peak-level Venerables and even Half-Kings didn’t dare to descend either. If they did, their lair would be destroyed, and they wouldn’t even have a place to cry.

Now, with a few words, Han Fei cut off the Thousand Star City’s channel to gain resources. How could the big clans still sit still?

Seeing everyone amazed and surprised, Han Fei continued, “From today on, the soldiers on the island have the preferential right to use the best resources and those that can improve the realm.”

At this moment, Ye Kai, Yang Kun, and Sun Baisheng all came out, unable to sit still anymore.

Ye Kai asked, “Han Fei, without the help of the big clans, can you defend the Scattered Stars Island?”

Han Fei suddenly looked at Ye Kai. “If you don’t, get lost. No one wants to keep you here. Now you want to beg me for mercy? But I don’t buy it. If you have what it takes, you big clans can come to the Scattered Stars Island and kill me.”

Ye Kai was stunned. Who the f*ck pleaded with you? Are you making this up?

However, how could ordinary people hear the voice transmission of a Venerable? They thought that Ye Kai had really begged for mercy. Instantly, even Chu Qing and the others wanted to tear him apart.

Han Fei looked very righteous at the moment, and his voice resounded in the sky. Ye Kai trembled in anger. He really wanted to kill Han Fei!

Tian Heng wanted to speak again, but Han Fei didn’t give him a chance. Han Fei shouted again, “To be frank, I regard the big clans as my enemies. Now that I’ve taken over the Scattered Stars Island, you won’t be able to get even a low-quality pearl on the Scattered Stars Island from now on. The big clans have exploited human beings for thousands of years and accumulated abundant resources, which can only be described with astronomical figures. How can I not know what your intentions are to appear on the Scattered Stars Island? You want to get benefits but don’t want to participate in the war. How can there be such a good thing in the world?”

Chu Qing frowned. What does Han Fei mean?

Han Fei immediately shouted, his voice surging like a tide, “From today on, if the Venerables of the Thousand Star City want to stay on the Scattered Stars Island, firstly, they must send out one-third of the explorers in their clans to participate in the battle. Secondly, every family has to submit a certain amount of resources to be qualified to stay. As for the amount, it shall be no less than mine… I have been fighting in the outer sea for more than ten years and have collected some resources, and now I donate all of them to the million soldiers on the Scattered Stars Island…”

No one had expected this. What was the use of your resources on such a huge Scattered Stars Island?

However, Han Fei simply roared, “I’ll donate:

Spiritual spring, 5 million kilograms.”

When they heard this number, the Venerables didn’t take it seriously at all, thinking that Han Fei was too petty.

Han Fei continued,

“50,000 spiritual fruits.”

“Semi-Divine materials, 5 million kilograms.”


At this point, everyone below was in an uproar. F*ck, are you measuring the Semi-Divine materials by ten thousand catties?

The Venerables’ faces all changed. “Five million kilograms of Semi-Divine materials! Although the materials are not very valuable, their value far exceeds that of five million kilograms of spiritual spring!”

And Han Fei was still continuing…

“Low-quality Divine materials, 1 million kilograms.”

“Mid-quality Divine Weapon material, 500,000 kilograms.”

“High-quality Divine materials, 100,000 kilograms.”

“Heaven-level techniques and combat skills, 102.”

The audience was all silent in shock. What was the meaning of this? When did Semi-Divine Weapon become so cheap? And the Divine Weapon-level materials were already measured by ten thousand kilograms?

Also, heaven-level techniques and combat skills?! For real?

Also, were these materials really prioritized for the Scattered Stars Island?

And these resources were only taken out by Han Fei alone?

Chu Qing and the others were already dumbstruck. Although the total amount was still nothing, wasn’t this amount of resources a little too much?

And more than 100 heaven-level techniques?! Are you kidding me?

But Han Fei hadn’t finished yet. He continued,

“1,242 techniques below the heaven-level.”

Han Fei thought for a moment and said, “Well, that’s all. Oh, I forgot that I can also provide Spirit Awakening Fluid… Ten million kilograms.”

Everyone: “…”


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