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«God of Fishing (Web Novel) - Chapter 3108 Battle For the Divine Boats (4)

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Chapter 3108 Battle For the Divine Boats (4)

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Even if there were many spiritual treasures in the God Ferrying Ancient Land, it was not impossible to kill him in the Sky Opening Realm with a mid- or high-quality Nature Spiritual Treasure.

Chu Tianlang sneered. “You still dare to challenge me after knowing who I am? It seems that you're quite confident.”

The crown prince of the Divine Capital put his hands behind his back and said gracefully, “Chu Tianlang of the Ancient Demon Race, Peach Blossom Five of the Divine Demon Forest, Blade-Holder of the Primordial Divine Academy, Chen Hongyan of the Flying Immortal Tower… Well, it's indeed a headache.”

The crown prince of the Divine Capital looked at Jian Wudao who was sitting cross-legged and nourishing his Qi. “Brother Jian, are you interested in joining the battle? I'm afraid that many people have designs on you after we leave the God Ferrying Ancient Land, especially the people from the Central Sea Divine Realm. There's no reason for them to let you go.”


Jian Wudao didn't want to be a lackey for nothing. He could feel that the leaders of the Central Sea Divine Realm were very strong and were all at the Immortal Level. He could fight them if it were any other time, but he didn't fight them here because no one would dare to snatch a divine boat with him.

The crown prince of the Divine Capital didn't seem surprised. He looked at Han Fei and said, “Fellow Daoist Wang Han, if the Divine Capital Dynasty is defeated, I'm afraid these people won't let you go.”

Han Fei was about to refuse, when a voice transmission entered his ears, “My friend Human Emperor, if you help us in this battle, the human race can be considered a true alliance with the Divine Capital Dynasty. As long as the human race doesn't leave the East Sea Divine Realm, no one can touch the human race.

Han Fei narrowed his eyes slightly. “How did you recognize me?”

Han Fei thought that he had vividly portrayed Wang Han's identity and means, but even so, his true identity was discovered. This crown prince of the Divine Capital seemed very extraordinary!

The crown prince of the Divine Capital said, “Your body is at the Carefree Level and your soul takes the Extreme Dao. Even the former Demon God can't compare to you. Even if you don't want to help me, these forces are your enemies, right? I just need you to help me share some of the pressure. It will only take you half an hour.”

“Half an hour?”

Although Han Fei didn't know what the crown prince of the Divine Capital was up to, it was obviously not right that he could deal with so many enemies in just half an hour.

Chu Tianlang said frankly, “Wang Han, Feng Yu… There are only six of you. It's no big deal to give six divine boats to you. I hope you don't make a mistake.”

However, Han Fei grinned and said, “Don't make a mistake. That's quite a tone. What if I do?”

“How dare you? Do you really think you can do whatever you want in front of me just because you have a Carefree-level body? How big a wave can you make?”

On the side of the Primordial Divine Academy, the so-called Blade-Holder said indifferently, “I heard that your weapon is a knife? It just so happens that I use a knife too. I'm going to settle the score with you for you bullying a disciple of our Primordial Divine Academy.”

Zhao Longshu raised his spear. “Leave Feng Yu to me.”

More than a dozen Carefree Realm experts stood up. Someone laughed and said, “Leave the others to us. Just six people dare to participate in our war? They're simply courting death.”

The projection of the god was like a statue. He should be happy to see it

Standing beside Han Fei, Xia Xiaochan and Zhang Xuanyu didn't ask why. Han Fei's decision was their decision. Besides, the Ancient Demon Race and the Divine Demon Forest had “contributed” a lot to the death of seventy billion humans.

Han Fei said, “Yuyu, Kuangkuang, you haven't reached the Carefree Level yet. Let's attack together. Girl, take advantage of their fight and hunt them. Xiao Jiu, don't participate in the battle. If someone wants to fight you, make him stop fighting with your ability.”

Han Fei said, “They are all at the Carefree Level. How many of them can you defeat? Even if you have a high-quality Nature Spiritual Treasure, you can only kill one person at most. Do you think the other party will give you a chance? You have to reserve your strength now. The exploration of the Graveyard of Gods hasn't even begun.”

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The battle between Monarchs broke out in an instant, all kinds of divine techniques exploded here and terrifying power swept through the star tomb. However, no matter how crazily they fought, the star tomb didn't collapse except for some damage on the surface.

“Puff ~”

Han Fei didn't confront the Blade-Holder immediately. Instead, he rushed into the crowd and instantly killed a peak-level Dao Prover from the Primordial Divine Academy with the Blood Sky Blade.

The Blade-Holder of the Primordial Divine Academy attacked extremely quickly. When Han Fei killed a sea demon, his saber had already approached Han Fei.

He said, “A peak-level Carefree-level cultivator actually attacked a peak-level Dao Prover. It's really shameful.”

However, the Blade-Holder didn't know that killing one person could make the Blood Sky Blade drink blood, and its knife intent would be even stronger. At the same time, it could stimulate the blood fighting intent and erupt with double killing intent.


Han Fei activated the Draw Technique. Endless saber beams swept in all directions. So what if the other party was at the Immortal Level? Unless they were in the intermediate or advanced stages of the Immortal Level, they might not be able to resist Han Fei's saber at all.

This Blade-Holder was quite strong. He could actually completely block the Draw Technique. As expected of the true leader of the Primordial Divine Academy this time.

The battlefield was only so big, and all kinds of divine techniques were launched. The only one who stayed out of the battle was Jian Wudao.

But at this moment, he was no longer cultivating but watching the battle. Sword Qi surged around him, and he seemed to be preparing to attack, but there was no telling who he was going to attack.

On the other side, the combat power displayed by the crown prince of the Divine Capital was a little unbelievable. He could actually fight three alone and absorb the energy escaping from the powerful battles here like a bottomless hole.

Peach Blossom Five, the girl from the Divine Demon Forest shouted, “Not good! He's going to become a Great Monarch here. Mr. Blade-Holder, stop fighting Wang Han. Come and help us.”

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