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«God of Fishing (Web Novel) - Chapter 2822 War Commander Luo Xiaobai (3)

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Chapter 2822 War Commander Luo Xiaobai (3)

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“Fight, fight, fight…”

The sound shook the sky, and the fighting intent raged.

Han Fei raised his huge hand, signaling everyone to be silent.

Han Fei's voice swept across the world. “Yes, I want to crusade against the City of Origin and destroy it. It has been 52 years since the human race came to the Sea Realm. Destroying the Ten Thousand Scale Race is only the first step. Destroying the City of Origin will be the second step. Walking out of the Chaotic Wasteland will be our third step. The human race needs to be honed and grow. We can't be like flowers in a greenhouse. The rise of the human race doesn't depend on my strength alone. Therefore, I can fight and win some wars, but it's meaningless. And the war against the City of Origin is like this. This is a war that needs you to complete. Only by winning this war can you become the torrent of the human race's rise. Your victory will guide the direction of hundreds of billions of human beings…”

When Han Fei spoke, all the people in the Sky Opening, Sea Establishment, and Venerable realms on the opposite side held their heads high. Han Fei had a high evaluation of them and high expectations of them. It was their honor to be rewarded by the Human Emperor. Everyone was proud of them.

Han Fei continued, “Today, I'd like to introduce two people to the whole human race. The first is the one on my left. He created the human race's law, built the human race's cities, and created the city's arrays. He governs the human race and maintains the order of the human race. I think you should know his name, Han Xuan, the guardian of the human race.”

“Han Xuan, Han Xuan, Han Xuan…”

“Although we have never seen Lord Han Xuan, he has always been in our hearts.”

“Who in the human race doesn't know Lord Han Xuan? He is the creator of all the orders of the human race.”

“We will remember Master Han Xuan for the rest of our lives.”

“Thank you for your hard work, Master Han Xuan…”

Han Xuan didn't want to come. Seeing this scene, he couldn't help but blush.

Amidst the noise, Han Fei pressed his palm again, indicating for everyone to be silent.

Han Fei continued, “Previously, Lord Han Xuan had to maintain the order of the human world and the war between the human race and the City of Origin. He was under great pressure and couldn't split up. Therefore, I've summoned you here to introduce you to another person.”

For a moment, everyone looked at Luo Xiaobai.

Most humans knew Han Xuan. Although they had never seen him in person, his name had always been printed on the Human Race's Codex. Furthermore, every time a decree was issued or a major decision was made, it was Han Xuan who signed it. Therefore, everyone was very familiar with this name.

However, in their impression, Luo Xiaobai didn't seem to have an important role in the human race as important as Han Xuan.

At this moment, Luo Xiaobai was calm as Han Fei announced, “The person next to me is called Luo Xiaobai. She's close to the Perfected Star Transformation Realm and is the second most promising person in the human race to become a Monarch…”


Hearing that Luo Xiaobai might be the second Monarch of the human race, everyone was shocked. Was the human race going to have another strong master so soon?

Someone sighed. “Sure enough, anyone who can win the favor of the Human Emperor must be extraordinary.”

“This makes sense. It's mainly because she's strong!”

“It's said that the Perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivators are very powerful. The big guys of the Lava Giant Tribe once said that a Perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivator can almost sweep through all people below this realm. It's not easy to kill them with numbers.”

“Is this the empress or not?”

“Ask Master Human Emperor.”

In a corner of the crowd, Lu Xuan, Yu Jiaojiao, and the others were also present. Since they had chosen to submit to the human race, they naturally had to fight for it.

Yu Jiaojiao said, “Old Lu, Xiaobai has broken through to the peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm. I remember that she just succeeded in entering the Star Transformation Realm 20 years ago and creating earth veins three years ago.”

Lu Xuan said, “Her talent is extraordinary, and she's a born leader. The resources that the Human Emperor has are unimaginable. Therefore, it's only natural that she can break through to the peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm so quickly. I won't even be surprised if she advances to the Perfected Star Transformation Realm in a few decades.”

Yu Jiaojiao was stunned. “Really?”

Lu Xuan said, “You should know that resources determine the growth of a strong master.”

Han Fei continued, “From today on, Luo Xiaobai will be the war commander of the human race for a long time. She can command all the human race's large and small battles. The battle to conquer the City of Origin will be led by Luo Xiaobai. Everyone, applaud…”

Everyone: “???”

Pa! Pa! Pa!

In the next moment, loud applause broke out, but the scene of hundreds of millions of people applauding together was really shocking. Above the Imperial City, raging waves slapped.

Seeing this, Han Fei quickly raised his hand to stop the applause.

After the applause ended, Han Fei said, “Now, Luo Xiaobai, the war commander of the human race, will give a speech to everyone…”

No one knew Luo Xiaobai, so they were very curious about her.

Although she was very strong, it didn't mean that she knew how to fight. Suddenly hearing that a stranger was going to lead them to fight, and it was a female cultivator, many people weren't convinced.

For example, many people knew Hong Yue. This person's fame was only second to Lord Han Xuan's. Furthermore, his methods were quite powerful. He had personally saved tens of thousands of Sea Establisher-level powerhouses from the Chaotic Wasteland. Furthermore, Hong Yue was also responsible for part of the battles in the City of Origin. Therefore, many people thought that Hong Yue was more suitable for this role. If it weren't for Lord Human Emperor's personal order, there would even be people raising objections on the spot.

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