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«God Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 993: Kaiyuan Deer Cauldron

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Chapter 993: Kaiyuan Deer Cauldron

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Two strong Blood Wolf-Human warriors carried a 30-foot-tall cauldron onto the auction platform.

They were already very careful, but when the bronze cauldron landed on the ground, it still clanged. The four feet of the cauldron made the platform cave in a little. It was obvious how heavy it was.

“This bronze cauldron is at least 80,000 pounds. It’s not made out of ordinary materials.”

Everyone whispered to each other while staring at the cauldron on the platform. The huge thing was covered in green rust. Under the rust, the cauldron was covered with carved words. It radiated with an ancient aura.

Qi Feiyu stood under the cauldron and began introducing it. “This is called the Kaiyuan Deer Cauldron. It was the ancestral item that the Sacred Central Empire used to worship their ancestors, the gods, and the universe.”

“In the war 800 years ago, the Sacred Central Empire was destroyed and the royal city breached. The entire city was burned and pillaged. During the war, the Kaiyuan Deer Cauldron that carried the empire’s fate also went missing. After a few turns, it finally came to the Moon Worship Demonic Sect.”

Zhang Ruochen stared at the bronze cauldron. Memories flooded into him like a tide, almost taking him back to 800 years ago.

Every winter, when snow fluttered in the sky, the servants would help Zhang Ruochen bathe and put on a clean python dragon robe. Then he would go with Emperor Ming and the hundreds of officials to the Kaiyuan Deer Cauldron. They would worship the universe, the various gods, and pray for auspiciousness in the coming year.

He seemed to hear the servants call him to wake up and the rich voice of the crown prince reading the ritual words.

The Kaiyuan Deer Cauldron was indeed a national ancestral item of the Sacred Central Empire. However, it wasn’t that powerful of a weapon. Its value was limited.

But to the old members of the Sacred Central Empire, it carried extraordinary meaning. It carried the fate and luck of the Sacred Central Empire. With it, one could gather men and rule the world.

Perhaps the Moon Worship Demonic Sect saw that the Kunlun’s Field was about to fall into chaos, so they took the Kaiyuan Deer Cauldron out to stir the mess even more.

Murong Yue’s expression turned shocked. She immediately turned around to look at Zhang Ruochen. “Sir…”

Zhang Ruochen extended a hand to stop her words. “Later, you bid and make sure you get it, no matter the cost.”

“But you don’t have that many saint stones on you.” Murong Yue looked a bit worried.

“Don’t worry about saint stones. I’ll use divine blood in place of saint stones. I’m sure the Monks of the Demonic Sect would rather receive divine blood.”

Having received Zhang Ruochen’s full support, Murong Yue was reassured.

“The Kaiyuan Deer Cauldron’s starting bid is 10,000 saint stones. Each bid must be 100 saint stones higher.”

When Qi Feiyu announced the starting cost of the cauldron, the arena filled with muttering and murmuring. After all, it was only an ancient bronze weapon. It wasn’t even a Hundred-pattern Saint Weapon. If it hadn’t been an ancestral item of the Sacred Central Empire, no one would buy it for even one saint stone.

“The Pearl Light Pavilion is really asking for too much. They clearly just want to make good money from Kong Hongbi.” A leader of a clan chuckled softly.

All the Monks present knew that the Kaiyuan Deer Cauldron was extremely important to the Sacred Central Crypt. Kong Hongbi would definitely try to get it.

Kong Hongbi’s eyes flashed coldly. Hate for the Moon Worship Demonic Sect grew in him. Deep down, he vowed to find a way to take revenge in the future.

Ten thousand saint stones was indeed an extreme price, but Kong Hongbi would still take it.

“Ten thousand saint stones,” Kong Hongbi called.

The three officials of the Pearl Light Pavilion in the arena smiled and nodded at the same time. They were very satisfied.

Just as everyone thought that Kong Hongbi would get the cauldron with 10,000 saint stones, Murong Yue, sitting beside Zhang Ruochen, called out, “Eleven thousand saint stones.”

Everyone exchanged glances. They looked over at Murong Yue and started whispering amongst themselves.

“Murong Yue is the esteemed heir of the Murong Family,” an elder revealed Murong Yue’s background. “The Murong Family was a noble family of the Sacred Central Empire. Do they also want to reestablish the empire?”

All sorts of guesses appeared at the auction. Of course, they only dared to say these blasphemous words at the Black Market headquarters’ auction. If anyone mentioned reestablishing the Sacred Central Empire at Wu City’s auction, their entire family would get killed.

Kong Hongbi glanced at Murong Yue and said with disdain, “I didn’t think that the Murong Family was so interested in the Kaiyuan Deer Cauldron too. Unfortunately, the legitimate line of the Sacred Central Empire is the Sacred Central Crypt. Even if the Murong Family receives the Kaiyuan Deer Cauldron, you won’t be able to summon the people.”

Then Kong Hongbi raised the bid, “Twelve thousand saint stones.”

“Thirteen thousand saint stones.”

“Fifteen thousand saint stones.”

The price kept shooting up. When Murong Yue called out the extremely high price of twenty thousand saint stones, even Kong Hongbi began hesitating.

The three officials of the Pearl Light Pavilion grew happier though. Smiles stretched wide on their faces. They hoped that Kong Hongbi and Murong Yue could continue raising the price.

Saint General Gui Gu furrowed his brow and sent a telepathic message to Kong Hongbi. “Young Master, Murong Yue is clearly prepared and will do everything for the cauldron. If you continue raising the price, you might not even get it for 50,000 saint stones. Only the Moon Worship Demonic Sect will benefit from it.”

Kong Hongbi was already angry at the Moon Worship Demonic Sect. Hearing Saint General Gui Gu’s words, he immediately asked, “What do you mean?”

The Saint General smiled eerily. “Murong Yue will definitely need to transport the cauldron back to the Eastern Region. However, the Central Region is the Sacred Central Crypt’s territory. It won’t be easy for her to leave. We can totally stop her halfway and take the cauldron without spending a single cent.”

“That’s right. The Murong Family’s saint stones are part of the Sacred Central Crypt’s wealth. Why should we give it to the Moon Worship Demonic Sect?” Kong Hongbi’s eyes narrowed. Murderous intent hid in his eyes.

Kong Hongbi didn’t continue bidding. In the end, Murong Yue spent 20,000 saint stones to buy the Kaiyuan Deer Cauldron.

Murong Yue was a bit shocked. “Kong Hongbi wouldn’t give up on the cauldron so easily. He must have another motive.”

“Ignore him. The Kaiyuan Deer Cauldron belongs to the Sacred Central Empire, not the Sacred Central Crypt.”

Zhang Ruochen handed 10,000 saint stones to Sikong One and two jars of divine blood to Murong Yue. They would go get the Green Armor Divine Elephant and Kaiyuan Deer Cauldron.

After paying 120 saint stones, he took two Withered Pills. Then he left the auction with Beauty Shi.

When they walked out, they heard pitters and patters. It had started raining without anyone realizing.

Bolts of lightning streaked across the sky like dragons. They were blinding. Then a deafening crack came from the clouds.

The rain came down harder.

Ouyang Huan walked out of the rain with an umbrella. His aura seemed calm and light. Smiling, he said, “Brother Gu, I’ve prepared the best chamber for you in the Heaven Pleasure Room.”

Glancing at Beauty Shi, he gently brushed aside the flyaway hair on her face. Then he looked at Ouyang Huan and said, “Thanks.”

“Take the lord to the Heaven Pleasure Room.” Ouyang Huan wagged his finger slightly and two beautiful servants walked out.

They brought Zhang Ruochen to the Heaven Pleasure Room and retreated.

The three-story redwood building had a garden with ancient bamboo. The bamboo swayed in the rain, making rustling sounds.

The third level had a single red candle lit. As the cold wind blew, the candlelight kept flickering, making the atmosphere extremely eerie.

Zhang Ruochen and Beauty Shi sat cross-legged on the ground. They were about three feet away from each other.

Staring at her eyes, he said, “Ling Feiyu, I don’t know what happened to you, but you have to wake up. Otherwise, it’ll be hard for us to survive until tomorrow.”

Earlier, Zhang Ruochen had extended his Spiritual Energy. He’d discovered dozens of powerful auras around the tower. They hid in the wind and rain, carrying murderous intent.

Beauty Shi sat on the ground. Her long hair fell down like a waterfall. Under the candlelight, her skin looked translucent like delicate jade candle wax.

Studying her eyes, Zhang Ruochen asked tentatively, “Did the battle with Blood Emperor Qingtian destroy your will?”

Beauty Shi’s lashes quivered. At the same time, her slim fingers kept shaking like a weak duckling.

Seeing her reaction, Zhang Ruochen immediately said, “Ling Feiyu, you are an unbelievable genius from 300 years ago. In your generation, you practically have no enemies and have never been defeated. You are proud. Your heart is filled with confidence. You don’t care about anyone.”

“Your path of cultivation was too successful and never met any obstacles. You can also say that you could easily resolve any obstacles before you. This is why your Saintly Way has such a huge flaw.”

“You’re like a beautiful porcelain vase. There are no flaws and it’s beautiful. It can attract attention no matter where it is. However, a hammer only needs to hit it lightly and it will shatter, unable to be fixed…”


Tears flowed out of Beauty Shi’s eyes. She was delicate like a flower in the wind and rain.

At that moment, Zhang Ruochen finally confirmed that Ling Feiyu was suffering psychologically. Her will had been damaged, bringing her to her knees.

Zhang Ruochen stared at her. “There’s nothing embarrassing about losing to Blood Emperor Qingtian. Who hasn’t lost before? I’ve lost to you so many times. Have I ever given up?”

“I’m no longer the Ling Feiyu from before. I’m only Beauty Shi.” She closed her eyes, not daring to meet Zhang Ruochen’s stare. Shaking her head, she said, “We won’t die tonight.”

With that, Beauty Shi slowly took off her clothes, revealing a delicate body. She walked to Zhang Ruochen and pressed her soft red lips on Zhang Ruochen’s face.

Like a fragrant piece of jade, she fell into Zhang Ruochen’s lap to undo his belt.


The slap echoed. Then Beauty Shi flew out and hit the desk with a thud, knocking over the candle. The candle was extinguished, plunging the room into darkness.


Cold wind poured in from the window.

Zhang Ruochen walked over. Staring at Beauty Shi crying on the ground, he couldn’t help but clench his fists and shake his head. “I never hit women, but you made me break that rule. I hit you because I don’t want to keep seeing you like this.”

If Zhang Ruochen cared about the big picture and took Beauty Shi’s virginity, he could indeed fool the Demonic Sect and leave Pearl Light Pavilion safely. Beauty Shi clearly didn’t want to make it hard for Zhang Ruochen and took the initiative.

However, Zhang Ruochen was clear that if he did that, Ling Feiyu would die completely and never be able to recover. After tonight, only Beauty Shi would exist. Ling Feiyu would disappear.

Zhang Ruochen couldn’t take it. Sighing softly, he helped Beauty Shi up and put her clothes back on. “Don’t worry! There are no dead ends. Tonight, I will do everything and clear a path out with blood to take you out.”

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