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«God Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 2393: Flooding the Fane of Destiny

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Chapter 2393: Flooding the Fane of Destiny

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They were all stunned as they stood in the colorful starry sky, whether it was the Immortal Vampires or the Bone Clan’s Hundred-Shackle Realm Supreme Saints.

“It’s… It’s a tree. The planet is so huge.”

Some of the cultivators were shocked and couldn’t help but kneel in front of the jade tree.

When the Madre Bloody Shadow was alive, her spiritual power was extremely powerful and few gods could compare to her. Now that she was dead, the remaining spiritual power was released as the tree’s body was revealed. It was able to affect the Supreme Saint’s spiritual power.

Only Yan Huangtu, Pink Skull, Xuemo and a few other Supreme Saints with strong spiritual power were able to resist the attack of the spiritual power.

The last two Star-Shield Grand Formations collapsed when the planet disintegrated.

The cultivators of the Yanluo clan and the Bone Clan gathered together and retreated to a place thousands of miles away from the jade tree.

The scene in front of them was too spectacular and shocking. It made them wary.

“Look, look, the colorful light is coming from Zhang Ruochen.”

“The precepts of this world have become very active. They are flowing regularly with Zhang Ruochen as the heart of the world, especially the precepts of the five elements. They are growing more and more.”

“What a terrifying power fluctuation. Has Zhang Ruochen comprehended Path under the tree?”

Yan Huangtu’s ferocious gaze was fixed on Zhang Ruochen, who was motionless. Even he was taken aback.

The Precepts of Fist, Palm, Water, Earth, Metal, and Wood in Zhang Ruochen had a total of more than three billion precepts. All of them were gathered together, they flowed in a circle.

Sometimes, all the precepts are condensed into six different types of Saintwill.

Sometimes, the six types of Saintwill merged into one.

Sometimes, they spread out and turned into precepts ley lines.

The state of the Saintwill was very unstable, causing the soil, rocks, and water that had scattered out of the home planet to undergo unimaginable changes. Just a moment ago, they had turned golden and turned into metal. In the next moment, the metal melted and turned into water.

After a while, the water solidified and turned into stone.

Immediately after, dense trees grew out of the stone and turned into a forest.

In the area of more than ten thousand miles covered by the jade trees, all the materials were undergoing the transformation of the five elements. It did not conform according to nature and was completely unreasonable.

Gradually, the Yin Yang Five-Element Saintwill condensed from the six kinds of Saintwill stabilized.

At this moment, the entire world fell into a strange silence, as if all the sounds had disappeared.

The gods in the Fane of Destiny, including the ancient gods who had closed their eyes to rest since the start of the Celestial-Hunting Festival, all turned their gaze to the starry sky, where the Battlefield of Celestial-Hunting was located.

“How can six types of Saintwills merge into one? Impossible, I don’t believe it.”

“Six types of Saintwills, and each of them is at Grade Four or Five. Once they merge, how strong will the Saintwills become?”

“How can a Hundred-Shackle Realm cultivator have such a shocking colorful radiance?”

A thought appeared in the hearts of all the gods, but none of them said it out loud.

This was because they all felt that it was impossible.

For a Supreme Saint to be able to fuse a Grade Five Saintwill meant that he had the potential to become a god. He was known as the “God Candidate”.

Be it the Celestial Court or Infernal Court, the vast majority of gods cultivated with their Grade Four or Grade Five Saintwill to the divine realm.

For Supreme Saints like Lord Xia Yu, Lord Bladehell, and Yan Huangtu who could cultivate Grade Three Saintwill, once they became gods, they would become powerhouses among gods. If they could grasp the Canon, it would be easier for them to overcome the first Yuanhui Tribulation. Of course, there was also a huge gap between cultivators who could cultivate Grade Three Saintwill.

As for the Grade Two Saintwill, it was too rare. Once a cultivator became a god, he would become a heaven-defying existence like Wargod Bloodximius and Huang Tian. He would have the chance to conquer the entire universe in the future.

However, Zhang Ruochen’s current state was one level higher than when Wargod Bloodximius and Huang Tian were young.

“Could that be the Grade One Saintwill?”

Many gods had their guesses.

The gods could still recognize the Grade Two Saintwill. After all, many Supreme Saints had succeeded in cultivating it in history, and there were many written records about it.

The Fane of Destiny had recorded the Grade Two Saintwills that had been born in ancient times into a book. There were thousands of Grade Two Saintwills recorded in the book.

When Zhang Ruochen combined five different types of Saintwills, they were able to accurately determine that it was a powerful Grade Two Saintwill, but it wasn’t perfect.

They could also provide an accurate assessment of Que’s unfinished Grade Two Saintwill that he had cultivated.

Ordinary gods, however, would not dare to make such an assessment of Zhang Ruochen’s Saintwill. Because no cultivator had ever succeeded in combining six different types of Saintwills. At the very least, no such record could be found in any of the books.

Moreover, no matter how powerful the Grade Two Saintwill was, it could not cause such a big commotion for Zhang Ruochen.

After holding his breath for a long time, Wargod Bloodximius only spat out two words. “This kid…”

In Wargod Bloodximius’s divinity world, the gods of the Bloodysky Clan were silent. They didn’t say anything to congratulate Zhang Ruochen. It was as if they’d all suffered a blow and needed some time to recover.

Lord Ming was spinning the Stellar Sword in his hand and said to himself, “The legendary Grade One? No, the Yin Yang Five-Element Saintwill wasn’t complete. How can the incomplete Saintwill be considered as Grade One?”

Supreme Saint Qingsheng looked at the projection of the Mystic Eye of Myriad Realms in the sky and lowered his head and sighed, he said, “It’s getting harder and harder to understand. What is going on in this world? Participating in a Celestial-Hunting Festival, the Grade Two Saintwill is condensed. No, it’s very likely to be even stronger. No wonder you can only be a family head. Trash, you can’t understand it. You can’t understand it. Xue Qingsheng, you’ll never understand it!”

At the foot of Mount Destiny.

The Gate of Destiny, which was made of tens of thousands of stellar cores, emitted a light that alternated between brightness and darkness.

In the “Destiny’s Creek” where the Celestial-Hunting Festival was held, the water of the stream went against the current and surged toward the top of Mount Destiny. It rushed straight into the Fane of Destiny and flooded the fane for several feet.

Such a strange and horrifying phenomenon actually happened in the Fane of Destiny, which caused waves of exclamations.

The peace was broken.

Ghost Master’s shadow appeared, he said sternly, “The Gate of Destiny, yin, and yang are unstable. The Destiny’s Creek flowed backward, flooding the fane. This is a bad omen, a warning from destiny. It means that Zhang Ruochen has a rebellious heart. Sooner or later, he will lead disaster to the Fane of Destiny. We must get rid of him as soon as possible. We can’t let him continue to grow.”

Asurendra Samay’s shadow also appeared. He said, “I agree with Ghost Master. The Fane of Destiny is sacred ground. Nothing like this has ever happened. Zhang Ruochen will definitely become the enemy of the Fane of Destiny in the future.”

The gods in the Fane of Destiny clearly did not expect such a thing to happen on the mountain. A Supreme Saint had just condensed the Saintwill. It wouldn’t cause such a big commotion, right?

The three gods, Wargod Bloodximius, Blood Empress, and Lord Ming, appeared at the same time.

Wargod Bloodximius said in a deep voice, “Ghost Master, Asurendra Samay, my grandson is only a Hundred-Shackle Realm Supreme Saint. His cultivation base is not even one-tenth of one-hundred-thousand of yours. Yet, he is being targeted by all of you. Do you still wish to keep your reputation?”

In the Infernal Court, gods could not interfere in matters of those cultivation were below divinity. They could not even interfere in the fight for benefits between the various powers.

Therefore, even the Scioness of Destiny, who was in charge of the Fane of Destiny, could only be a Supreme Saint.

It was against the laws for Ghost Master and Asurendra Samay to ask the Fane of Destiny to kill Zhang Ruochen.

Blood Empress said, “You want to kill my son with a personal grudge. Do you really think the Xue Jue family is easy to bully?”

“You’re both ancient gods who have cultivated for hundreds of thousands of years. You’re still so narrow-minded. There’s no room for a junior Supreme Saint. If this gets out, your reputation will be ruined!”

Lord Ming continued, “To be honest, no matter how strong a Supreme Saint of the Hundred-Shackle Realm is, in my eyes, he is no different from the ants on the ground. I will not even look at him, let alone compete with him. If I compete with the ants, what is the difference between me and the ants?”

Lord Ming was telling the truth.

It was not just a Supreme Saint of the Hundred-Shackle Realm. It could be said that any Supreme Saint was no different from an ant in his eyes.

Who was Que?

He did not care at all.

Who was Yan Wushen?

‘I will remember your name when you reach the divinity state. Before you become a god, no matter how strong you are, you are still an ant.’ Lord Ming thought.

Ghost Master laughed coldly, he said, “Xue Jue, this son of yours is too arrogant. He is really like you, arrogant and conceited. However, I am very cautious. I do not dare to underestimate those juniors. I’ll pay attention to any Supreme Saint who has the potential to become a god and get his name to appear in the Tome of the Divines. You know very well that Zhang Ruochen is not an ant. He has already broken the limits of the Saintwill from ancient to modern times. His future achievements may be even higher than yours, Xue Jue.”

“The more you try to belittle Zhang Ruochen, the more you want to help him get away from the anomaly of the Fane of Destiny,” Asurendra Samay said.

To Ghost Master and Asurendra Samay, Zhang Ruochen was indeed a small character, almost negligible. Their hatred was not on Zhang Ruochen at all, but on the Wargod Bloodximius.

Killing Zhang Ruochen would not only cut off the future hope of the Xue Jue family but also deal a severe blow to the Wargod Bloodximius.

They could even use Zhang Ruochen’s special identity to drag the Wargod Bloodximius down with them.

Killing Zhang Ruochen was only a means to an end.

Dealing with Wargod Bloodximius was the actual goal.

Ghost Master continued, “The Saintwill that Zhang Ruochen has cultivated has most likely reached the legendary Grade One. Now, there was an ominous sign on Mount Destiny. This meant that Zhang Ruochen would certainly oppose destiny and become its enemy in the future. It’s better to kill such a rebellious son as soon as possible.”

Wargod Bloodximius’s words were so shocking that he wouldn’t stop until death. “To oppose destiny and become its enemy. Many gods in the Infernal Court don’t believe in destiny, right? Many of you were eager to change your destiny, weren’t you?”

Ghost Master and Asurendra Samay didn’t dare to speak.

This topic was too sensitive. Only Wargod Bloodximius dared to say such words in the Fane of Destiny.

All the gods in the Fane of Destiny quieted down, along with gasps.

Wargod Bloodximius continued, “If I remember correctly, the number one powerhouse of Ghosts, Great Emperor Fengdu, who doesn’t believe in destiny the most. He once said, ‘my destiny is in my hands.'”

The gods didn’t dare to speak anymore. They all thought that Wargod Bloodximius was crazy to pull Great Emperor Fengdu out as a shield.

Great Emperor Fengdu dared to say, “My destiny is in my hands” because others were invincible and fearless. Of the three World Trees, “Fengdu Ghost City” had one. It was on par with “Yama Boundless Realm” and “Divine Domain of Destiny”.

There were differences among gods as well.

Then, Wargod Bloodximius said, “Just now, I received news that Great Emperor Fengdu had transcended the tenth Yuanhui Tribulation in the remote starry sky.”

This hint was even more obvious.

He said it outright, “The reason why Mount Destiny has such an ominous sign is not because of a nobody like Zhang Ruochen, but because of Great Emperor Fengdu, who is more important.”

The gods had been completely shocked by the news that Great Emperor Fengdu had transcended the tenth Yuanhui Tribulation, so it didn’t matter whether Wargod Bloodximius was courting death or not.

It was the tenth Yuanhui Tribulation, not the tenth Ghost Tribulation.

Apart from the cultivators of the plants and some special clans, the gods who had transcended the tenth Yuanhui Tribulation were all extremely rare.

Apart from that, there were also differences in the difficulty of different clans transcending the Yuanhui Tribulation.

It was harder for the Ghosts’ gods to transcend the first Yuanhui Tribulation than for the human gods.

As a Ghost, Great Emperor Fengdu was able to survive the tenth Yuanhui Tribulation.

In the Infernal Court, the three lower clans had the most difficulty to survive the Yuanhui Tribulation, followed by the three middle clans, and then the three upper clans. It was the easiest for the Yanluo clan to survive the Yuanhui Tribulation.

Of course, the difference between difficulty and ease wasn’t too big.

“How is this possible? How can we not sense the powerful ripples of power from the tenth Yuanhui Tribulation?”

“It’s normal that we can’t sense it because the starry sky is too far away from the Divine Domain of Destiny.”

“I did some predictions just now. The time when Great Emperor Fengdu transcended the tenth Yuanhui Tribulation should have been recent.”

A god muttered to himself, “Could it be that Great Emperor Fengdu is the cause of the ominous phenomenon on Mount Destiny?”

The moment he said this, he immediately shut his mouth.

This matter was of great importance and had far-reaching implications. Other than Wargod Bloodximius, no other gods dared to speak carelessly.

Ghost Master and Asurendra Samay were also stunned for a moment. Then, they were secretly delighted. Whether or not Great Emperor Fengdu had really survived the tenth Yuanhui Tribulation, Wargod Bloodximius’s words were tantamount to offending him.

Of course, Wargod Bloodximius was talking nonsense. In fact, he did not know whether Great Emperor Fengdu had survived the tenth Yuanhui Tribulation or not. He just pulled him out and used him as a shield for Zhang Ruochen.

After all, if Ghost Master and Asurendra Samay really pointed out the ominous vision of Mount Destiny at Zhang Ruochen, then Zhang Ruochen would die without a doubt. No one could save him.

The gods of the Fane of Destiny placed great importance on omens and celestial phenomena.

Because they believed it.

As for whether this lie would be exposed, Wargod Bloodximius wouldn’t worry for the time being.

Firstly, Great Emperor Fengdu had indeed gone to the desolate galaxy.

The desolate galaxy was too vast. Even if he transcended the tenth Yuanhui Tribulation, no cultivator would know about it.

Secondly, to transcend the tenth Yuanhui Tribulation, Great Emperor Fengdu would definitely go into seclusion for a long period. It could be a few months, or it could be a few hundred years.

If Great Emperor Fengdu failed to transcend the tribulation, it would naturally be for the best. It would be like he had been missing for thousands of years.

After tens of thousands of years, who would still remember what happened on Mount Destiny?

Even if they did, they would be too embarrassed to bring it up again.

If Great Emperor Fengdu succeeded in transcending the tribulation and returned, Wargod Bloodximius believed that with his status, he would not care about such a trivial matter. Did It matter what the god of Fane of Destiny thought of him?

Moreover, if Great Emperor Fengdu knew that Zhang Ruochen was once an emissary of Moon Goddess, he would more or less show some mercy.

Wargod Bloodximius seemed to be arrogant and reckless, but in fact, he had already thought of all kinds of escape routes.

The Divine Shadow of Asurendra Barasingha appeared and said with a smile, “We haven’t received the news that Great Emperor Fengdu has survived the tenth Yuanhui Tribulation. How did Wargod Bloodximius find out before us?”


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