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«God Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 2343 A Song

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Chapter 2343 A Song

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The water on the home planet of the Immortal Vampires was blood-red.

They arrived at the underground river after entering the hole. The water was not only redder but also stickier here. It had a faint bloody odor as if it had been formed from blood.

The river was complicated and had many branches. It was like a maze.

Cultivators without strong spiritual power couldn’t get out of the river.

The river was made of sealed crystal rock. It was milky white in color, and there were streaks of spiritual light flowing inside. It was like a spiritual snake swimming inside, emitting white light spots.


Zhang Ruochen condensed his Saint Qi into a four-foot-long Saint Sword and slashed out.

The crystal rock was broken, leaving a meter-long and deep sword scar.

“How is it so strong? Lady Wind, what are these crystal rocks?” Zhang Ruochen asked.

With Zhang Ruochen’s current cultivation, a casual slash could create a fifty-meter-long sword qi canyon on the ground. From this, it could be seen how hard the crystal rocks were. They were comparable to the bones of Neverwilt Realm Supreme Saints. They could be used to refine sacred artifacts.

“I’ve never seen them before,” said Lady Wind.

Lady Wind shook her head and she added, “Actually, I can’t even tell if they’re natural materials, or if they’re bones or fascia of some creature.”

Lord Bladehell, who was standing aside, let out a soft exclamation.

The crystal rock that Zhang Ruochen had cut open with his sword began to show specks of light. They grew at a speed visible to the naked eye and returned to their original appearance. Zhang Ruochen, Lady Wind, and Lord Bladehell all had powerful cultivations, but at this moment, their backs were numb. A thought popped up in their minds, ‘Is this planet really a giant blood-devouring creature?’

After a moment of silence, Zhang Ruochen said, “Let’s go! I’m looking forward to seeing what’s beyond the blood pool? What secrets are hidden in the depths of this planet?”

Releasing the Profound Spatial Dimension, Zhang Ruochen formed an egg-shaped Qi shield. He followed the direction of the blood flow and headed deep into the planet’s core.

Lady Wind and Lord Bladehell followed closely behind.

The deeper they went, the wider and sturdier the river became. It was almost impossible to breakthrough.

Suddenly, a melodious song entered Zhang Ruochen’s ears. It sounded like a peerless beauty was singing a classic song. He couldn’t help but be intoxicated by it.

Zhang Ruochen stopped and looked at Lady Wind and Lord Bladehell.

Obviously, they had heard the song as well. Their faces were filled with shock and doubt. The blood-red aura in their bodies surged.

“I didn’t hear such a strange sound when I came in last time,” Lady Wind said.

Lord Bladehell said, “Last time, you went underground from the Yellowsky Continent. This time, we went underground from the Bloodysky Clan. We must have encountered something different.”

Zhang Ruochen used his spiritual power to investigate, but found nothing. He said seriously, “Everyone, be careful. If you encounter an irresistible danger, don’t fight. Retreat to the ground immediately.”


Lord Bladehell was confused, he said, “It’s strange. We’ve been in the ground for so long, but our blood hasn’t been sucked away. Is it because our cultivation is strong and we’ve made all kinds of defenses that the Bloody Shadowseed can’t get close to us?”

Lady Wind’s eyes also showed a hint of confusion. She said, “If it really is the Bloody Shadowseed, they definitely won’t be afraid of us. Our defenses won’t be able to stop them.”

“Be careful.”

Zhang Ruochen’s low voice rang out.

At the same time, Zhang Ruochen waved his Saint Sword like lightning and slashed at a certain spot in the blood pool.

Zhang Ruochen quickly retreated. He opened his hands and activated the Profound Spatial Dimension. It condensed into a rapidly spinning Dimensional Vortex as if it was defending against something.

The water in the underground blood river churned violently.

Lady Wind and Lord Bladehell didn’t know what had happened, but they still tried their best to defend using the blood-red aura wrapped around their bodies.

“Leaving so soon? Get back here!”

Zhang Ruochen shouted. He stretched out his palm and strands of Saint Qi flew out from his fingertips. They trapped a ball of blood and dragged it back forcefully. The ball of blood made a sharp and ear-piercing sound. It made Lord Bladehell and Lady Wind’s eardrums hurt.


The pool of blood suddenly disintegrated and turned into a gaseous state, much like a hungry wolf.

It was impossible to see with the naked eye because the blood-colored waves were flowing in all directions. Even with spiritual power, they were unable to detect the Qi fluctuation.

Zhang Ruochen was able to find it because he had the Profound Spatial Dimension.

Anything that entered the Profound Spatial Dimension could not escape his perception.

The gaseous wolf was more than five meters tall, but when it was suppressed by Zhang Ruochen, it became only the size of a fist. At this moment, it emitted a strong blood light. Its eyes were fierce, and it still let out a sharp cry.

Lord Bladehell closed his hearing and came to Zhang Ruochen’s side. He looked at the blood wolf, surprised, and said, “Is this a wolf soul? Huh…”

The gaseous blood wolf suddenly turned liquid again, no different from the blood-red water around it.

Despite that, it was unable to escape Zhang Ruochen’s palm.

“It’s a Bloody Shadowseed. It must be it,” said Lady Wind.

Lady Wind’s eyes stared at Zhang Ruochen’s palm with excitement and said, “Legend has it that if you can refine and absorb the Bloody Shadowseed, you can improve your Blood Qi and Saint Soul. You should give it a try and quickly.”

The most important thing for the Immortal Vampires was Blood Qi.

As long as one could continuously strengthen their Blood Qi, their cultivation would increase quickly.

Zhang Ruochen didn’t try to refine the blood in his hand because even if he just held it in his hand, his urge to devour blood would increase greatly. If Zhang Ruochen really refined it, he probably wouldn’t be able to suppress his urge to devour blood in the future.

“I’ll give it to you. You do it!” said Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen handed the ball of blood to Lady Wind. Lady Wind was 90% sure that Zhang Ruochen was suppressing the Bloody Shadowseed, and it was a very powerful one.

So she immediately took it and carefully suppressed it between her hands. She refined it and destroyed the spiritual will of the Bloody Shadowseed.

When Lord Bladehell saw that, he couldn’t help but lick his lips and think to himself, ‘To be able to excite Lady Wind so much, it appears that the Bloody Shadowseed must be endowed with the ability to greatly improve one’s Blood Qi and Saint Soul. This is not a dangerous thing, but a precious blood medicine.”

However, Lord Bladehell quickly realized that he didn’t sense the aura of the gaseous wolf just now. If it weren’t for Zhang Ruochen, he would have fled because his blood was being sucked.

‘Since Zhang Ruochen can suppress the Bloody Shadowseed, it seems that I have to be friendly to him so that Lady Wind won’t’ be the only one getting all the benefits.’ Lord Bladehell thought.

Lord Bladehell stared at Lady Wind’s graceful and beautiful figure with a strange look, he thought to himself, ‘The Bloody Shadowseed is given away just like that. Zhang Ruochen and Lady Wind must have a special relationship. Maybe they’ve already had a good relationship. This woman is willing to fight hard to become a Scioness.’

If Lord Bladehell Blood Qi and Saint Soul were stronger in the same cultivation realm, his battle strength would naturally be stronger.

Lord Bladehell knew very well that if he wanted to improve his battle strength again, he could only work on his Blood Qi. It was already difficult to make big breakthroughs in other aspects.

The more he accumulated now, the stronger he would be when he broke through to the Thousand-Koan Realm in the future.

Lady Wind completely destroyed the spiritual will of the Bloody Shadowseed. It no longer turned into a gaseous wolf, nor did it make sharp sounds. It turned into strands of Blood Qi and was continuously absorbed by Lady Wind.

Lady Wind’s Blood Qi kept rising, and her power fluctuated greatly.

Lord Bladehell approached Zhang Ruochen and asked him in hushed tones for advice on how to capture the Bloody Shadowseed. When Lord Bladehell discovered that he needed to practice the Profound Spatial Dimension, he immediately dismissed the notion. “Supreme Saint Ruochen, can you help me capture a Bloody Shadowseed?” asked Lord Bladehell.


Lord Bladehell felt that it was inappropriate to make such a request. He quickly added, “I will definitely reward you handsomely.”

“What handsome reward?” Zhang Ruochen asked.

Lord Bladehell glanced at Lady Wind and said, “I can give you double, no, ten times what Lady Wind can give you.”

Zhang Ruochen raised his eyebrows and said, “What did Lady Wind give me?”

Lord Bladehell gave an evil smile that everyone understood, he said, ” There are countless Immortal Vampires’ beauties. With my cultivation and identity, it’s not difficult for me to find ten beauties no weaker than Lady Wind. Lady Wind’s status is nobler and her cultivation is stronger. That’s why she’s more attractive.

“Don’t worry, Supreme Saint Ruochen. What I’m giving you is at least a Saint Realm. If you want, I can capture all the beauties of the Celestial Court.”

Zhang Ruochen’s expression didn’t change. He smiled bitterly in his heart. It seemed that because of Lian Xi, he was already famous in the Infernal Court. Even Lord Bladehell was willing to do what he wanted to please him.

‘This wasn’t a bad thing!’ Zhang Ruochen thought.

One had to reveal some weaknesses to make those who feared you feel at ease.

Zhang Ruochen said in a low voice, “Don’t tell anyone about me and Lady Wind.”

“I understand,” said Lord Bladehell.

Lord Bladehell thought that he had something on Zhang Ruochen and Lady Wind. He was secretly pleased. If he left the Battle of Celestial-Huntingfield and the three of them fell out, he would have at least one trump card to use.

Zhang Ruochen said, “I don’t need ten Saint Realm beauties for the time being. If I come across a Bloody Shadowseed, I can suppress it for you. But, you have to help me do one thing!”

“What is it, Supreme Saint Ruochen? Just say the word,” Lord Bladehell said.

Zhang Ruochen said, “After we return to the ground, you must persuade Yue Tinghai to prioritize the overall situation and refrain from doing anything detrimental to the Immortal Vampires’ interests. I believe he will definitely listen to you.”

Lord Bladehell’s heart tightened. He thought to himself, ‘Does Zhang Ruochen already know that Yue Tinghai attacked the Bloodysky Continent because of my instructions?’

“Okay, I will persuade him to make up for his mistakes by hunting the Celestial Captives,” said Lord Bladehell.

At this time, the melodious song was heard again. It was getting clearer and closer.

Zhang Ruochen’s face turned solemn. He held up the Profound Spatial Dimension and wrapped Lord Bladehell and Lady Wind in it. He said, “The truly powerful Bloody Shadowseed should be here. You Go and protect Lady Wind. I will deal with it.”


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