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«God Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 2234: Fane of Barasingha

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Chapter 2234: Fane of Barasingha

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The second stage of refining the Mercury Gourd was mainly to combine it with the Golden Sun of Destruction.

The Golden Sun of Destruction was a Supreme Artifact of the Sunshine Civilization. It was refined from the core essence of a star. If combined with the Mercury Gourd, it would definitely become more powerful.

Zhang Ruochen took out the Golden Sun of Destruction and poured Saint Qi into it. The Golden Sun sometimes grew bigger and sometimes it shrank. He could felt the changes in its power.

“Before I refine it, I must subdue the vessel spirit of the Golden Sun of Destruction.”

The vessel spirit of the Golden Sun of Destruction had reached the level of a Supreme Saint.

When the Sunshine tianzi brought it to the Battlefield of Merits in Kunlun, the vessel spirit inside had been sealed by the Sunshine tianzi with a layer of divine force.

Both the tianzi and Zhang Ruochen had refined the blood and soul of the Ancient Golden Crow, so they could communicate with the Golden Sun of Destruction and unleash part of the Supreme Artifact’s power.

Zhang Ruochen released the Divine Purification Flame and condensed it into nine fire dragons while continuously refining the layer of divine force in the Golden Sun of Destruction. However, after half a month, the layer of divine force was still as solid as gold. There was no change at all.

“It’s just a layer of divine force. Why can’t it be refined, even by a Supreme Saint?”

Zhang Ruochen glanced at Supreme Saint Qingsheng.


Supreme Saint Qingsheng became alert, afraid of being cheated again.

Zhang Ruochen said thoughtfully, “I’m curious. How big is the gap between a Paramount Supreme Saint and a Divine Supreme Saint?”

This question hit Supreme Saint Qingsheng right in the heart.

Supreme Saint Qingsheng’s eyes showed confusion. He sighed and said, “It can be said that there is a gap of one step, or that there is a gap like heaven and earth. Why are you asking this?”

“I just want to know if a Paramount Supreme Saint can refine the divine force barrier that a god placed in a Supreme Artifact.” Zhang Ruochen said.

Supreme Saint Qingsheng stared at the Golden Sun of Destruction. How could he not understand Zhang Ruochen’s thoughts?

He was beating around the bush because Zhang Ruochen wanted him to help refine it.

“Give it to me. It’s just a divine force barrier. I don’t care.” Saint Qingsheng knew Zhang Ruochen’s talent, and he also knew how much the three gods of Bloodximius valued him.

What he cared about more was Zhang Ruochen’s sense of belonging to the Bloodximius family.

So it wasn’t a big deal to help a little.

Supreme Saint Qingsheng held the Golden Sun of Destruction between his arms and released streaks of Blood Qi that surged into its interior.

“It’s actually a divine force seal personally put up by the Sunshine tianzi. Refining it is indeed not easy.” There was a strong smile on his face as he said that.

After spending more than half a day refining it, the divine force barrier became weaker and weaker. The Golden Sun of Destruction shook violently, and a loud cry came from within.

The sound was deafening, and it made the air tremble.

Supreme Saint Qingsheng stared at Zhang Ruochen and said, “The power fluctuation from the vessel spirit of the Golden Sun of destruction has reached the Hundred-Shackle Realm. Can you subdue it yourself?”

“It shouldn’t be a problem,” Zhang Ruochen said.



The divine force barrier was completely shattered.

At the same time, Supreme Saint Qingsheng withdrew his hands and retreated quickly. In the blink of an eye, his figure had already gone a thousand miles away.

The Golden Sun of Destruction emitted a blinding light. Every single ray of light was like a golden arrow. Even a single glance at it would cause the eyes of any living being below the level of Saint Kings to burn, turning them into blind men.


A deafening cry sounded out as a Golden Crow flew out from the Golden Sun of destruction.

The Golden Crow had three legs and a pair of golden wings that were hundreds of thousands of feet long. Its eyes were fierce and it spoke in human language, “I am the Supreme Artifact of the Sunshine tianzi. You have to quickly untie the Divine Marks on the outside of this dimension and let me go back to Sunshine Civilization. Otherwise, all of you will die when the tianzi comes.”

“It seems that you are sealed in divine force and don’t know what this place is.”

Zhang Ruochen didn’t want to waste his breath. The Armor of the Fire God on his body burned. He raised his right hand, and it grew bigger and bigger. In the end, his palm became several times bigger than the Golden Crow’s body.

He slapped down his hand and—


The light on the Golden Crow’s body dimmed slightly.

It realized that this human was a Supreme Saint and wasn’t easy to deal with. It quickly flew back to the Golden Sun of Destruction and activated the power of the Supreme Artifact.


Rays of light that contained inscriptions appeared above the Golden Sun of Destruction.

Its size grew larger and larger. From one mile to ten, and from ten, to hundreds in diameter.

It was not as large as a star, but it was the size of a planet. It was shining with golden light. The Supreme Power and flames it released slightly distorted the space around it.

“This is the true power of the Golden Sun of Destruction. Even if it’s just an vessel spirit controlling it, it can crush the stars and destroy a realm with one casual strike.”

“Any one of the Three Top Elites of Bloodskly Clan will have to run for their lives if they encounter the Golden Sun of Destruction alone.”

Supreme Saint Qingsheng was a little worried. He felt that Zhang Ruochen might not be able to subdue it with his current cultivation level.

But Zhang Ruochen was not afraid. In fact, he was happy. He understood that the Golden Sun of Destruction would only be considered a Supreme Artifact after the vessel spirit was fully released. If it was in his hands, , he would be able to turn the world upside down even if he encountered a Hundred-Shackle Realm Supreme Saint that has reached the stage of perfection

“The Realm-frame of Truth.”

Zhang Ruochen spread out his hands. Immediately, specks of starlight appeared around him and turned into a vast starry sky.

The starry sky spread thousands of miles away, giving Supreme Saint Qingsheng a subtle feeling. It was as if he had found the truth and solved some cultivation mysteries that he could not solve before.

It was the power of the Heart of Truth.


From afar, it is seen that Zhang Ruochen’s Realm-frame of Truth turned into a starry sky that covered thousands of miles. As it collided violently with a golden thousand-mile fireball, an earth-shattering energy fluctuation burst out.

Above the Furnace of Heaven and Earth, the fire spirits let out huge roars. They wanted to rush over and join the battle, but were stopped by Supreme Saint Qingsheng.

Zhang Ruochen activated the Precepts of Truth. He struck out with his palms at the same time, displaying the Dragon-Elephant Prajna Palm Strike.

Ten times the attack power merged with the power of the palm.


His palms collided with the Golden Sun of Destruction. It shook violently and flew backwards.

The light on the Golden Sun of Destruction dimmed again.

Although the Supreme Artifact controlled by the vessel spirit could burst out magnificent power, it couldn’t last long. When the energy contained in the Supreme Artifact was exhausted, it would lose its offense.

Zhang Ruochen struck out dozens of palm prints in a row. Each strike was ten times the original offense. The Golden Sun of Destruction kept shrinking until it became the size of a house. It flew out quickly, trying to escape.

“Where are you going?”

Zhang Ruochen pointed out.

The space in front of the Golden Sun of Destruction twisted and turned into a huge vortex.

After rushing into the whirlpool, the Golden Sun of Destruction appeared above Zhang Ruochen’s palm while it shook rapidly and spun violently.

“Since you’re so loyal to the Sunshine tianzi, I can only destroy your consciousness,” Zhang Ruochen said.

The Golden Crow’s voice came from the Golden Sun of destruction as it begged, “Don’t! Master, master! Please let me go! I… I am only the vessel spirit of a Supreme Artifact. I have followed countless masters. Whoever can suppress me with absolute power, I will submit to them. Master, master, did you hear that?”

“…” Zhang Ruochen was speechless. He was stunned for a long time.

The vessel spirit was at least on a Supreme Saint level. How could it be such a coward?

Was there any such thing as integrity?

Zhang Ruochen didn’t completely believe in the vessel spirit, the Golden Crow, so he took half of its saint soul and stored it in the Divine Light Sea of Qi.

Then, he flew to the edge of the Furnace of Heaven and Earth. He held the Mercury Gourd in one hand and the Golden Sun of Destruction in the other. He planned to afficially refine them together.

“After the Golden Sun of Destruction vessel spirit is released, it will be much stronger than before. The water nature power of the Mercury Gourd might not be able to resist it.”

“I need to prepare some treasures of the water nature and the dark-cold nature to balance the two.”

Zhang Ruochen had no shortage of materials.

Soon, he pulled out a purple crystal more than 70 meters long from his Ring of Dimensions.

The purple light emitted by the purple crystal was as dazzling as the golden light of Golden Sun of Destruction. The difference was that the aura released by the former was bone-chilling.

Even Zhang Ruochen, who was sitting next to the Furnace of Heaven and Earth, felt his skin hurting from the cold air.

In the distance, Supreme Saint Qingsheng could not stay calm. He was trembling with excitement as he said, “That’s the Cosmic Glazier Stone… Wait, the Cosmic Glazier Stone is a divine material to refine a Supreme Artifact. Even a small piece of it is priceless. How can there be such a huge one?”

The purple crystal beside Zhang Ruochen was no different from a small stone mountain.

The Cosmic Glazier Stone was a weapon refining material that could only be produced in the coldest place in the universe. It was one of the ten god-level substances—the ultimate substance of the five elements.

It could also be bought in Infernal Court.

However, it was all bought in grams.

Supreme Saint Qingsheng felt more and more unbalanced. He wanted to hug the Cosmic Glazier Stone and smash his head into it. He was a Supreme Saint, standing at the top of the Path. However, he was bullied by Zhang Ruochen, a Neverwither Supreme Saint.

Compared to Zhang Ruochen, he was no different from a pauper.

Zhang Ruochen had casually taken out Mercury Gourd, Golden Sun of Destruction, and Cosmic Glazier Stone. All of them were treasures that Supreme Saint Qingsheng neeed to work hard for his entire life to obtain.

Kunlun is indeed full of treasures. Why didn’t Xue Chen and Xue Ningxiao get anything? Did they hide them secretly?’

I can’t. I’ve worked for the family for more than 10,000 years, but the wealth I have can’t compare to that of an Neverwither Supreme Saint. I have to report to the Wargod and get a better treatment as the head of the family. Otherwise, I’ll go to the Battlefield of Merits and get what I deserve. Whoever wants to be the head of this family can be the head of this family.’

I just helped Zhang Ruochen test the power of the gourd and lost 300 years of my life. Should I ask him to compensate me? Even if it’s a small piece of the Cosmic Glazier Stone.’

I helped him to refine the divine force barrier of the Sunshine tianzi. It is not a small favor. I should get a compensation.’

Many thoughts flashed through Supreme Saint Qingsheng’s mind.

However, as a Paramount Supreme Saint and the head of the family, he couldn’t bring himself to lose face. He couldn’t decide whether he should do it or not.

While Zhang Ruochen devoted himself to refining weapons, the forces of the ten clans in Infernal Court were preparing for the Celestial-Hunting Festival. The cultivators on the Battlefield of Merits had also returned one after another after receiving the invitations to the festival.

Asura had twenty-four fanes, each representing the most powerful forces of the twenty-four parties. In addition to the peripheral clans, countries, and planets of the various fanes, there were almost more than seventy percent of Asura cultivators.

Among them, Fane of Barasingha was ranked second among the twenty-four fanes, behind Fane of Asura.

Fane of Asura represented the oldest inheritance of Asura, as well as the soul and flag of Asura. It was understandable that it was ranked first.

However, since the middle times, there were seven times when Fane of Barasingha surpassed Fane of Asura and became the first of the twenty four fanes in Asura.

Fane of Barasingha only had a history of four Yuanhui Tribulation. It was able to have such a strong reputation because of their founder, Asurendra Barasingha.

At this moment, Asurendra Barasingha and Asurendra Samay were sitting side by side above the fane.

The body of Asurendra Barasingha was in a state of chaos. He only took the form of a Barasingha as he spoke in a distant voice, “Samay, if you had thought things through earlier and joined our Fane of Barasingha, would you have suffered the humiliation of the Wargod Bloodximius?”

The face of Asurendra Samay turned malevolent and twisted as he spoke in a cold tone, “If I hadn’t been injured by the Moon Goddess’ Divine Artifact during the critical period of possessing my body, how could a child like Bloodximius bully me?”

Asurendra Samay didn’t belong to any of the twenty-four fanes of Asura. In the previous Yuanhui Tribulation, when his cultivation base was at its peak, he had practically transformed Fane of Samay into the twenty-fifth fane of Asura.

Unfortunately, because he had suffered heavy injuries in the Divine War, Fane of Samay had fallen as well.

Asurendra Barasingha had once invited Asurendra Samay to join Fane of Barasingha, but he had been politely rejected.

One had to know that in the previous Yuanhui Tribulation, Asurendra Samay’s combat power was slightly stronger than Asurendra Barasingha’s power. How could he be willing to be inferior to him?

During the battle with Wargod Bloodximius, Asurendra Samay had suffered an unprecedented humiliation. He instantly came to a realization. The times were different now. He was no longer the Asurendra Samay who could fight against Saint Monk Xumi.

Therefore, with a strong hatred, Asurendra Samay planned to join Fane of Barasingha.

“I have no other conditions but one. During this Celestial-Hunting Festival, Fane of Barasingha must humiliate the Bloodsky Clan at all costs. All the members of the Xue Jue family must die. Among them is Zhang Ruochen. I want his soul to be destroyed and he will be reduced to ashes.”

Asurendra Samay’s tone was as cold as ice. His Divine Aura burst out unconsciously, causing lightning and thunder to flash above Fane of Barasingha.

“All the gods are watching the Celestial-Hunting Festival. How can we kill as we please? This is something forbidden by Fane of Destiny and Fane of Yama,” said Asurendra Barasingha.

“Which Celestial-Hunting Festival didn’t have a monk die unexpectedly?” Asurendra Samay asked.

Asurendra Barasingha was silent for a long time. He was calculating the pros and cons. Finally, he said, “Killing all the most outstanding Saint Kings and Supreme Saints in the thousand-year-old Xue Jue family is unrealistic. It’s impossible. However, we have a chance if we only kill Zhang Ruochen.”

Then, Asurendra Barasingha released two divine spirits and summoned the two top Supreme Saints who had been trained by Fane of Barasingha for less than 1,000 years.

One of them was four meters tall and in human form. He was bald and had no skin. His blood-red muscles were exposed, and there was a pagoda-shaped antenna on his head.

His name was Hong Futu, and he had broken 98 shackles.

The other was a child who carried six saint swords on his back. He looked like he was eight or nine years old, but his entire body was emitting silver light, as if it was made of silver.

His name was Lan Ying, and he was only three hundred years old. He had already reached Great Perfection in Hundred-Shackle Realm.


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