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«Global Survival: 100 Times Cultivation Speed From The Start (Web Novel) - Chapter 1344 Great Emperor Fusion!

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Chapter 1344 Great Emperor Fusion!

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Chu Feng’s heart was already in turmoil!

He looked at the green-robed young man in front of him who was like a big brother next door. He stood rooted to the ground for a long time.

The Green Emperor was still amiable and smiled faintly.

“It’s all thanks to you this time. If you hadn’t pierced through the lightning clouds and used the Evil Venerable’s True Blood as a catalyst to let me sense everything, I’m afraid things would have been really troublesome.”

The Green Emperor felt helpless.

Who would have thought that the Heavenly Punishment treasure he had specially left behind would become a tool for the enemy to use today?

At that moment, Chu Feng slowly came back to his senses.

He hurriedly responded respectfully.

“I was just trying to save myself. I was just lucky.”

The Green Emperor smiled lightly.

“There’s no such thing as luck. It’s all fate! From the looks of it, you’re very lucky. Turning misfortune into fortune should be the norm. You’re the one who gathers the great luck of the world!”

“If I’m not wrong, you should be one of the top figures of this era, right?”

Chu Feng nodded.

There was no need to be humble.

If he could not be considered an outstanding figure, few people in this era would dare to call themselves that.

However, at this moment, Chu Feng was in no mood to chat with the Green Emperor!

There was still a large group of people waiting for help below!

However, the Green Emperor did not seem to be in a hurry at all…

Chu Feng panicked.

“Senior Green Emperor, why don’t we hurry up and save them? If we wait any longer, I’m worried that something will happen!”

The Green Emperor grinned.

“Little fellow, this is the Green Emperor’s Palace. This is my territory. I can investigate everything with a thought. Since I’m already here, there won’t be any accidents.”

Hearing those words, Chu Feng felt slightly relieved.

These words were really domineering.

Even though his opponent was also a Venerable Sovereign, he was still extremely calm.

Although that Evil Venerable was far from his peak, the Green Emperor was only a projection!

Perhaps because he saw Chu Feng’s anxiety, the Green Emperor originally had some questions to ask. At this moment, he was no longer in a hurry.

He waved his hand gently.

An inexplicable power lifted Chu Feng.

The next moment, the two of them instantly disappeared from the spot.

“Great Teleportation?!”

Chu Feng’s eyes widened.

However, he did not sense the energy fluctuations of any treasures just now.

Furthermore, it was just a projection. Where could there be a treasure!

“In other words…”

Chu Feng gasped.

This ancient mighty figure could already easily teleport?!

In that case, no attack would be able to injure him at all?!

Previously, he had repeatedly used the Teleportation Jade Hairpin to dodge fatal attacks. Chu Feng knew all too well how terrifying this Heavenly Ability was.

However, he had never expected that there would really be an expert who could teleport with nothing but his body!

Furthermore! There was another person!

Just as Chu Feng was feeling shocked, the next moment, the scene in front of him suddenly changed.

When he focused again, he had already arrived at the Emperor’s Chessboard.

He appeared out of thin air!

The surrounding people still looked worried.

In the distance, the battle was still going on in the towering body, as if it had reached its most intense moment.

Seeing Chu Feng suddenly appear, Yu was the first to react.

“Chu Feng! What’s going on? Why did you suddenly appear out of thin air?!”

“How’s the situation? Have you found the backup plan left behind by Senior Green Emperor?!”

Facing Yu’s series of questions and the expectant gazes of Bing Yao and the others, Chu Feng was puzzled.

He turned around and glanced at the Green Emperor beside him.

This green robe is very conspicuous, right?

You guys can’t see him?

Do you have to ask me?

This is the Green Emperor himself!

What backup plan is needed?

Just as Chu Feng was about to berate the crowd for their lack of etiquette, he heard the Green Emperor chuckle.

“They can’t see me.”

“It’s not suitable for too many people to know of my existence yet.”

Chu Feng’s eyes widened.

He kept sizing up the Green Emperor.

How could this be?!

“In other words, I’m the only one who can see you now?”

The Green Emperor nodded gently.

“Yes. Of course, existences like my brother and Evil Venerable can still sense me.”

After a pause, before Chu Feng could continue asking, the Green Emperor continued, “This projection of mine has crossed too many space-time dimensions and its strength has been greatly suppressed. There are also some existences secretly causing trouble, wanting to stop me from descending. Although they have failed, it has also made it difficult for me to unleash too much power…”

“Therefore, I might need your strength to suppress the demon later!”

Hearing the Green Emperor’s words, Chu Feng could not help but tremble.

“You want me to kill that demon?! Wouldn’t I be courting death?!”

The Green Emperor smiled brightly.

“Naturally, I’m not asking you to die. At that time, my projection will fuse with you. The specific battle will be controlled by me. I’ll only use your body to communicate with the Dao techniques of heaven and earth.”

Only then did Chu Feng heave a sigh of relief.

This was fine!

Using the most direct and profound method to observe the battle style of a top-notch Venerable, the Dao aura of the Great Dao, and the circulation of power… This was an opportunity that many people could not even dream of!

Just like before, when the Netherworld Emperor used his body to descend, he had obtained great benefits!

Anticipation rose in Chu Feng’s heart!

The Green Emperor continued, “Originally, I could have borrowed the power of the Green Emperor’s Palace. However, I still need to continue suppressing this demon after all this. It’s best to save some.”

He had no choice.

He was too far away from this world now. No matter how strong he was, he was too far away. He could only continue to use the power he had left behind as the foundation to suppress the demon.

Actually, if not for Huangpu You causing trouble, with the power of the Green Emperor’s Palace, they could completely suppress this demon forever!

However, it was unknown what strange evil technique Huangpu You had used to destroy the originally balanced array formation of the Green Emperor’s Palace, which allowed the demon to escape.

Chu Feng was still puzzled.

“Then why don’t we just kill the demon? Wouldn’t that settle the problem once and for all?”

The Green Emperor smiled bitterly.

“In that case, my brother’s life will be lost.”

“As long as we suppress the demon, when our future true bodies return, we can expel the soul of the demon from my brother’s body.”

Hearing the Green Emperor’s explanation, Chu Feng came to a realization.

There were still countless questions in his heart.

But suddenly, an intense energy fluctuation erupted from the towering existence in front of him.

The Green Emperor’s expression froze.

“There’s no time. My brother can’t hold on much longer.”

Chu Feng hurriedly said, “Saving him is most important!”

“I’m ready!”

The Green Emperor nodded.

He did not say anything else.

The entire projection entered Chu Feng’s body.

Beside him, Yu and the others, who were nearby, did not notice at all.

They were still looking worriedly at the intense battle in the distance.

Bing Yao looked at Chu Feng anxiously.

“Chu Feng, say something. Did you just successfully pass through the lightning layer? Is there a solution?”

There was no reply.

The next moment, Chu Feng’s eyes opened again.

In the depths of his eyes, vicissitudes and time flashed past. It was as if the universe was spinning, vast and endless.

Under everyone’s shocked gazes, he gently tiptoed and charged straight for the towering body…

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