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«Global Survival: 100 Times Cultivation Speed From The Start (Web Novel) - Chapter 1087 Enslavement, Beamon Giant Beast! Accelerated Evolution!

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Chapter 1087 Enslavement, Beamon Giant Beast! Accelerated Evolution!

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The little Beamon Giant Beast could not escape.

It was successfully enslaved by Chu Feng.

The familiar notification sounded in his ears again.

Ding… Successfully enslaving the Beamon Giant Beast. Pet beast interface now activated.

Just as it finished speaking, a transparent information panel suddenly appeared in front of Chu Feng.

Race: Beamon Giant Beast

Stage: Cub

Current Grade: Peak Beast General

Growth Progress: 1%+

Chu Feng raised an eyebrow.

Good lord, this Starting Ground was really considerate.

Everything was directly digitized.

This way, he could clearly see the evolution of the Beamon Giant Beast.

For example, now, its growth progress was only 1%, which meant that this little fellow had really just been born.

Chu Feng estimated that when this percentage reached 100%, the little Beamon Giant Beast would truly enter the grown stage.

In other words, Lord-level!

Chu Feng was looking forward to this!

As long as he could nurture the little Beamon Giant Beast, he would have the combat power of a true Divine Lord!

Divine Lord!

In the Third World, it was an existence that could establish a sect!

Even for super forces like the Demondawn Palace, Human Imperial Palace and Fiend Celestial Palace, there were only a handful of Divine Lord-level experts!

Even if he encountered Demon Son Er Qi and Huangpu You again, he would have something to rely on!

You have Divine Lord bodyguards, and I have a Lord-level Astral Beast!

Who’s afraid of whom!

Unfortunately, Chu Feng did not know if he could bring out the Astral Beasts born under special rules on the Starting Ground in the future when he left the Starting Ground…

Shaking his head, Chu Feng could not be bothered to think too much about it now. He had to wait for the Beamon Giant Beast to grow up first.

It was good to be able to increase his strength in the Starting Ground!

As he thought, he waved his hand and called the little elf over, asking urgently.

“Little fellow, do you know how long this Beamon Giant Beast’s growth cycle is?”

At this moment, the novice guidance was absolutely useful.

The little elf said without hesitation, “Of course I know!”

“Generally speaking, powerful Astral Beasts like the Beamon Giant Beast grow relatively slowly.”

“From the juvenile stage to the grown stage, which is the initial-stage Lord-level, it will take about a year. This speed is not bad.”

“Then, from the grown stage to the mature stage (mid-level lord), it will take about ten years.”

“Finally, it will take a long time to transform from the mature stage to the complete form (high-level lord). It will take at least a hundred years.”

The corners of Chu Feng’s mouth twitched upon hearing those words.

It would take a year to nurture it to the early-stage lord level?!

Forget it.

By the time it grew up, it would be too late!

His original plan was to stay in this Starting Ground for at most a month.

How could he have so much time to wait for it to slowly grow!

“Is there any way to accelerate its growth? A year is too long. Even a month is too long!”

Chu Feng looked at the little elf expectantly.

The elf tilted her head.

“Of course there is!”

“The Starting Ground knows that it’s impossible for candidates like you to stay here for too long. Therefore, there’s a way to accelerate the growth of pet beasts enslaved in the Starting Ground.”

Chu Feng’s eyes lit up and he hurriedly asked, “What’s the way?!”

The little elf said, “It’s very simple, Astral Beast Soul!”

“To any star beast, the Astral Beast Soul is their necessary food!”

“When there’s no candidate, the Astral Beasts will hunt each other to evolve!”

“Therefore, as long as there are enough Astral Beast Souls, you can accelerate the evolution process of the Beamon Giant Beast in a short period of time!”

“Not to mention the grown stage, it’s not a problem evolve it to its complete form in one go.”

Chu Feng was overjoyed.

“Good! That’s great!”

“I might not be able to get the other things in a short period of time, but I have the Astral Beast Souls! And there are many of them!”

“The creator of this Starting Ground is really considerate!”

Chu Feng sighed with emotion.

However, the little elf pursed her lips.

“Master, don’t be happy too early. If you want to nurture the Beamon Giant Beast to its complete form, the Astral Beast Souls required will be an astronomical figure!”

“After all, if you want to improve quickly, the price you have to pay is definitely much higher than natural growth! No pain, no gain…”

At this moment, Chu Feng, who had fallen into excitement, could not listen to this. He waved his hand indifferently.

“It’s alright. It’s just the Astral Beast Soul. We have plenty of it!”

The little elf rolled her eyes. She wanted to remind him, but she was worried that her master would scold her for being a jinx, so she shut up.

She would wait for her master to discover it himself.

Anyway, it would be very fast…

At this moment, Chu Feng was counting with his fingers the number of Astral Beast Souls he had.

Previously, when he was at the farming point, he had obtained nearly three million in one go. Just now, after killing the Beamon Giant Beast, he was given another three million. Those were six million in total!

Chu Feng did not believe that he would not be able to evolve the Beamon Giant Beast into its complete form!

Of course, before he began to upgrade the Beamon Giant Beast, Chu Feng first took a glance at the current battlefield.

Since the Beamon Giant Beast was dead, the Astral Beast Army would naturally dissipate slowly.

But the current situation was that the candidates did not allow them to escape…

These Astral Beasts were all Astral Beast Souls!

The greatest benefit had already been monopolized by Chu Feng alone. No one dared to say anything, but he had to give them some smaller benefits, right?

If they could take advantage of the fact that the Astral Beasts were leaderless and had no fighting spirit, killing some of the beasts to obtain the Astral Beast Souls would be a considerable gain!

A day might be equivalent to several months of hard work!

It would be a waste not to take such benefits!

Therefore, the battle on the battlefield in front of him continued.

However, it was already a one-sided battle.

Especially on the side of the Human Spirit Race.

With three peak Greater Gods taking charge, they had almost swept through the Astral Beast Army!

Even several peak-level beast generals had died at the hands of the Human Spirit Race.

As for the other grades of Astral Beasts, there were countless of them!

This time, the Human Spirit Race might have gained the most other than Chu Feng.

They had made a killing!

Of course, the other candidates could also more or less get some benefits. They were also quite satisfied.

Just as everyone was immersed in the joy of harvest, in the crowd, a small group of people were trembling with fear.

They advanced carefully towards the edge of the battlefield, afraid of being noticed.

But the next moment, Chu Feng slowly appeared in front of these people.

He smiled.

“Guys from the Demon Spirit Race, where are you planning to go?”

Hearing this demonic voice, the remaining members of the Demon Spirit Race fell silent. The leader of the Demon Spirit Race even exclaimed.

“Run!! Quick! Run separately!!”

However, before he could finish speaking, a huge realm that covered the world had slowly taken shape.

Chu Feng’s faint voice sounded.

“I’ve already promised Salz that I would send you guys to accompany him. How can I go back on my word? Don’t you think so…”

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