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Chapter 1180 A Hint

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Fang Heng looked at Randolf and said in a deep voice, “Mr. Randolf, you should have heard about the Saint. I actually learned all of this from the mouth of a Saint’s inheritor.”

Randolf’s face was solemn and said, “Please.”

The Saint was a legend on the continent.

For some unknown reason, they had disappeared in the long river of history.

“Mr. Randolf, there are powerful demons sealed in the underground abyss. In fact, the teleportation array in the underground world can also suppress the demons in addition to teleportation.”

Randolf was surprised.

“A long time ago, the Saints sacrificed their lives to seal the demons. Now, the seal on the abyssal demons has begun to loosen. If this continues, I’m afraid the Empire will fall into a catastrophe again.”

“This, this…”

Randolf’s mind was in a mess.

Although Randolf felt that what Fang Heng said was likely to be true, it was still hard for him to accept such a big piece of news.

“Do you have any evidence?”

“I’m also looking for evidence.”

Randolf frowned and thought for a moment. He then cupped his fists to Fang Heng and said, “I’m sorry, Lord Fang Heng. What you said is too terrifying. I can’t believe everything you said.”

“It’s fine, but please keep this matter a secret.”

Fang Heng looked at Randolf and said, “The inheritors of the Saint have always been hunted down by the royal family. I suspect that the demons might be related to the royal family.”

Randolf’s expression changed several times.

He had also heard of the disappearance of the Saint’s inheritance. There were similar rumors that the disappearance of the Saint was related to the royal family.

The royal family was also very afraid of similar rumors, and fewer and fewer people talked about the Saint. Until now, most people in the Empire had forgotten that the Saint had once existed.

“I understand. Only the higher-ups of the Mage Association know about this. We will keep it a secret.”

“Yes, thank you.”

Fang Heng nodded his head and expressed his thanks.

Fang Heng lowered his head and thought for a while as he watched Randolf and his men leave.

He still had a lot of things to do.

There was no time limit for the mission of the Saint’s inheritance, but Fang Heng didn’t think it would be that simple.

He had to prepare to build a group of mage towers in advance.

The underground world’s teleportation passage also needed to be maintained and rebuilt.

The mission of exterminating the demons was definitely an SSS-level difficulty.

He couldn’t take care of so many things on his own.

Even if he had a sea of zombie clones, it would not work. There were too many things to do, and he needed to devote himself to them. He didn’t have that much energy to do them.

He had only wanted to cheat one wave, steal another, and run away. Why did things seem to be getting more and more out of hand?

Fang Heng touched his chin with a touch of excitement in his eyes.

The higher the difficulty, the better the reward!

He had to find help.

Right, a helper!

Fang Heng’s eyes lit up.

Wasn’t the Saint’s inheritance just a rope that tied everyone to the same boat?

Now, there were only six slots left for the inheritance.

He could hint to Ed to find help and secretly use the players’ strength to complete the Saint’s inheritance mission.

The Saint’s mission was not a trial mission. As long as it was handled properly, the trial should not judge it as using external forces.

At the thought of this, Fang Heng turned around and returned to the magic array, preparing to pick up Tang Mingyue and Ed from the game.

At night, in the Alchemy Society, Xiao Yun’s face was even paler than before.

Why weren’t there any?

The royal guards had turned the entire Alchemy Society upside down and even invited legendary mages to search for Tang Mingyue’s perception, but they still found nothing.

Could it be that Fang Heng had already run away?

Moravic sneered and said, “Commander Xiao, why aren’t you leaving? Are you planning to stay for dinner?”

Recalling all the strange things he had encountered during the search, Xiao Yun was sure that it was Moravic behind this.

He looked back at Moravic and said, “Don’t let me find out that you’re up to no good.”

Moravic looked back fearlessly and said, “Xiao Yun, be careful. If the formula for the enlightenment stone is leaked out, you will not be able to escape responsibility.”

As the two were at loggerheads, two royal guards suddenly rushed in.

“Commander Xiao.”

“Speak,” he said.

“There’s confirmed news that Fang Heng, accompanied by the Mage Association, has appeared in the Empire’s Hani City and is about to return to the Land of Plague.”

Xiao Yun frowned.

Could it be that the disappearance of Her Highness Mingyue really had nothing to do with Fang Heng?

“Let’s go!”

Seeing Xiao Yun leave with the royal guards, Yu Ruilin could not help but feel emotional. Fang Heng was really powerful and they had already reached Hani City.

A faint light came from beside him.

Yu Ruilin’s gaze shifted to Yu Ruichen, who had just come online.

Yu Ruichen’s blank face regained its vigor and turned into a look of deep joy.

“Brother, I’m almost done with the alchemy magic array. I’ve confirmed that it’s a synthetic alchemy array made from man-made enlightenment stones. There’s no mistake.”

“Yes. Lord Fang Heng has no need to lie to us.”

“By the way, the people from Prilla Gaming Guild also said that they have a very big mission that they might not be able to handle alone. They asked if we wanted to cooperate.”

“Specifically? What kind of cooperation?”

“They didn’t say anything. The Prilla Gaming Union will be holding an offline projection video conference in six hours. I heard that the top ten guilds in the Barbaric World have been invited, and we’re also invited to listen.”


The next morning, in the Land of Plague, the sun shone through the dense forest.

After absorbing the black stones, the sacred tree of Abe Akaya grew rapidly again. Its trunk extended to the sky.

Under the sacred tree, a zombie in ragged clothes knelt in front of the alchemy magic array and pressed its hands on the array.

A dim yellow light flickered from the alchemy magic array.

A moment later, the light dissipated.

[Hint: Your zombie clone has completed the alchemy magic array. You have obtained a Type VII spirit catalyst crystal cube. Your alchemy experience points +236, your alchemy talent +0.001.]

Fang Heng walked forward and picked up the man-made enlightenment stone from the magic array. He held it in his hand and looked at it carefully.

“Chi Chi Chi…”

The thin branches rose from the ground, wrapped the enlightenment stone in Fang Heng’s hand, and slowly dragged it to the ground.

Fang Heng raised his head and asked, “How do you feel?”

The sacred tree swayed slightly, and faint green light spots fell from the sky.

Fang Heng felt a sense of joy from Abe Akaya.

It was effective, and it wanted more.

The energy contained in the alchemy replica was much weaker than the real enlightenment stone, but it was enough as a substitute.

“Yes, I understand.”

Fang Heng sensed the emotions of the sacred tree and nodded, “It’s a little troublesome to make the replica, mainly because I don’t have enough mental power. It’ll be better when the people from the Mage Association arrive.”

The difficulty in mass-producing artificial enlightenment stones was not in the materials but in the consumption of mental power. At present, there was no way to achieve the purpose of rapid mass production.

The people from the Alchemy Society had also encountered similar problems and had given Fang Heng a good plan.

Fang Heng followed and copied the homework without thinking.

He first asked the mages to help inject mental power into the alchemy magic array, and then he relied on the zombie clones to refine the artificial enlightenment stone.

He could also level up his alchemy skills.

Everything was ready, and all that was left was to wait for the Mage Association to arrive.

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