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«Genius Summoner (Web Novel) - Chapter 1777: Alliance Front (4)

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Chapter 1777: Alliance Front (4)

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Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“I agree. Yun Feng has more important things to do and doesn’t have much energy to manage them. She can be a nominal leader,” said the Thousand Snow Hall’s Master. “A nominal leader can reassure the various forces in the alliance. Someone else will manage the details.”

“That’s a good suggestion, Thousand Snow Hall’s Master.” The Ancestral Forest Hall’s Master immediately agreed. “Yun Feng will be the leader. The person in charge will be another person. This candidate must have enough strength and status.”

The few leaders of the East Continent immediately lost hope. In terms of strength, they couldn’t compare to the three Hall Masters of the West Continent.

“Only with strength can you intimidate others. Only then will the people in the alliance be convinced,” said the Master of the Ancestral Forest Hall. He glanced at the East Continent and chuckled. “I don’t think the few people on the East

Continent have the strength to stand up.”

The East Continent was a bit embarrassed. The members of the royal families of the East Continent didn’t care about their strength. Anyway, they were protected by their guards. It was fine as long as they had some strength, unlike the West Continent.

“It seems that this candidate can only be chosen from the West Continent. Do you have any objections?” said the Thousand Snow Hall’s Master. Dan Qing and Dansu remained silent. It didn’t matter who led them. It didn’t matter to the Potion Elder. Even if Juxing joined, it wouldn’t be manipulated by anyone. The West Continent didn’t have the ability.

“Is there anyone who wants to recommend themselves?” Qu Lanyi raised his voice and looked at the Thousand Snow Hall’s Master with his black eyes. “Is it you, Thousand Snow Hall’s Master? Or the Ancestral Forest Hall’s Master?”

“Why can’t we?” The Hall Masters didn’t hesitate. Qu Lanyi raised his brows with mockery in his eyes. “Why can’t you? How? In terms of strength, there are many people in the alliance who are stronger than the two Hall Masters.”

“Our identities are different!” said the Master of the Ancestral Forest Hall. Qu Lanyi smiled again. “Yun Feng is the leader. You’re just the subordinates. Do we need the two of you to intimidate others with your strength? Yun Feng alone is enough. And her identity. You’re just Hall Masters. How can you be respected? The person in charge must be capable of doing it. I’m afraid the brains of the two Hall Masters aren’t enough.”

“You…” The two Hall Masters were quite angry, but they couldn’t refute anything. That was indeed the case. In terms of strength and identity, Yun Feng alone was enough.

“Guys, I recommend someone,” said Yun Feng. Dan Qing said, “Since you recommend them, they must be someone you trust.”

Yun Feng nodded and looked at Yan Ming with her black eyes. Yan Ming was slightly stunned. “I recommend Yan Ming.”

The Master of the Bright Moon Hall was slightly stunned. He then burst into laughter. “Not bad, not bad! Yan Ming is undoubtedly smart and very capable at doing things. He’s most suitable!”

“No!” The Thousand Snow Hall’s Master said coldly. “He’s too young and doesn’t have any strength at all. He’s not qualified!”

“If he can’t do it, why is he still holding the lifeline of the Thousand Snow Hall in your hands?” The Hall Master of the Bright Moon Hall raised his brows and glanced at the Hall Master of the Ancestral Forest Hall. “You two know Yan Ming’s ability. His head is incomparable.”

“I’ve known Yan Ming for a long time. His brain is indeed top-notch. I’m ashamed of my inferiority. I believe he won’t let me down.” Yun Feng looked at Yan Ming after saying that. Yan Ming was silent at this moment.

“It seems that he’s unwilling?” asked the Potion Elder. Yun Feng was stunned. She had never thought this. Even though it was a suggestion, she couldn’t force it if Yan Ming didn’t want to. However, it was a pity that he didn’t take this position. She wouldn’t be at ease if it were anyone else.

“If you don’t want to, just say it.” Qu Lanyi was quite angry. Yan Ming glanced over and stood up, looking at Yun Feng with his black eyes. “Why did you recommend me? What do I have that you trust? Aren’t you afraid that I’ll interfere and destroy this alliance?”

Yun Feng smiled lightly and looked into his eyes with her clear black eyes. “You won’t.”

Yan Ming was suddenly stunned and didn’t know what to say. In the end, he could only smile helplessly. He really couldn’t beat her. “Sure, just be the boss. I’ll take care of everything for you.”

Yun Feng’s heart was warm. “Thank you.” It had been so many years. She was certainly grateful that he was willing to help her.

Yan Ming’s lips trembled. He wanted to say something, but he swallowed it in the end. He only nodded and sat down again. Even if someone objected to Yun Feng’s proposal, it was suppressed. The alliance of the East Continent, the West Continent and the power of Juxing was formed. Yun Feng was the titular leader, while Yan Ming was the actual person in charge of everything. The alliance was named the East and West Alliance, but this was certainly just a part of all the combined forces.

The East and West Alliance had just been established. There were a lot of things to do. Yan Ming had to run around the East Continent and the West

Continent and deal with a lot of things. Yun Feng had her own things to do. With Yan Ming here, she could be at ease. She still had to find the light element seed. Yun Feng planned to leave. The Potion Elder had already returned to the Central Region with Gong Tianqing. Even though Gong Tianqing was a bit reluctant, she could only do that. However, she would have more chances to meet her in the future. After all, Juxing had joined the East and West Alliance and she would certainly have to go back and forth frequently.

The day before they left, Yan Ming, who seemed to be very busy, found Yun Feng. “Can I talk to you alone?”

Yun Feng raised her brows and glanced at Qu Lanyi. Although Qu Lanyi was unhappy, he nodded. Yan Ming looked at Qu Lanyi. “Thank you. It’s just for a while.”

The two of them walked outside. At this moment, the moon was already in the sky. The starry sky was very beautiful. The sky on the East Continent was very blue and clear. The night sky was different from other places and had a different charm. The two of them looked at the starry sky quietly and didn’t say anything. After a long time, Yan Ming turned around and looked at the side of Yun Feng’s face. “Really? You trust me so much?”

Yun Feng smiled and turned around. A layer of faint moonlight shone down, giving her face a hazy color. “Why should I not believe you?”

Yan Ming was slightly stunned. Then, he chuckled. “What reason do you have to trust me?”

Yun Feng was helpless. “Why do you have to think about the reason? If I trust you, so be it. If I don’t trust you, so be it.”

“You’re still as innocent as before. Do you know how much I took advantage of you when I made you my fianc back then?”

Yun Feng chuckled. “Really?”

Yan Ming suddenly fell silent. “Yun Feng, how have you been these years?”

Yun Feng curled her lips. “Very good. What about you?”

Yan Ming took a deep breath. There was a kind of feeling surging in his chest. He wanted to vent it out and say it. If he said it, he would be free and he would be able to escape that dream forever. He wouldn’t miss her like this anymore… However…

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