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«Genius Summoner (Web Novel) - Chapter 1434 Endless Journey (6)

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Chapter 1434 Endless Journey (6)

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He looked at the surface of the Endless Ocean with a glint of darkness in his black eyes.

Life in the four seas of the Endless Ocean was different. Even though they were all in the same deep sea, there was a huge difference. Apart from the slightly domineering members of the Chiyuan Tribe and the Chiwen Tribe, the other members of the Sea Clan in the South Sea were all gentle. Most of the members of the Sea Clan living in the North Sea had fiery personalities and temperaments. They liked to solve problems by force the most. Most of the members of the Sea Clan living in the East Sea were scheming. If you weren’t careful, you would be led into a trap and you wouldn’t know that you were being used. The West Sea was much more stable. Everything here was about fairness. If you violated fairness, you wouldn’t have a good ending.

After Qi Luo explained the situation in general, Yun Feng had a rough understanding of the four seas. At the moment, they were in the West Sea. She didn’t have to consider anything else, but she must do what she said, or there would be countless troubles in the West Sea.

This time, they were here to find the map fragment. The bigshots in the West Sea must be searching anxiously and their movements definitely wouldn’t be ostentatious. It was extremely difficult to get some information. The members of the Sea Clan that had a high status in the South Sea were the Clam Phoenix Tribe. Unlike in the South Sea, the Clam Phoenix Tribe had absolute say in the West Sea and had the only supreme position. If they wanted to get information about the map fragment, they could only find out when they went deep into the place of the Clam Phoenix Tribe.

Yun Feng and the others immediately continued to go deeper into the West Sea. Even though the three of them came from other seas, the Sea Clan in the west didn’t show much hostility. They only looked at the strangers a few more times. Yun Feng took out the Finger Spiritual Jade when they kept going deeper. Looking at the glittering light spots on it, she couldn’t help but frown. Jiao Yun was much faster than she thought. He had already entered the West Sea. She put away the Finger Spiritual Jade carefully and raised her red lips. No matter how fast Jiao Yun was, he wouldn’t be able to catch up.

The territory of the Clam Phoenix Tribe was extremely vast and occupied a large part of the West Sea. It could be said that they had the largest number of races in the West Sea. They had a strong advantage in terms of numbers and strength. When Yun Feng and the others arrived at the border area of the Clam Phoenix Tribe, Qi Luo said in a low voice, “Although the Clam Phoenix Tribe don’t reject the foreigners, they’re extremely vigilant against the Sea Clan from outside. It won’t be convenient for us to move when we enter their territory.”

Luo Teng looked ahead. “In other words, we’ll be monitored again? By all the Clam Phoenix Tribe?”

Qi Luo nodded. “You can say that. They’ll see everything we do. If anything goes wrong, the Clam Phoenix Tribe will immediately pay special attention to us.”

Yun Feng frowned. In that case, their movements would be restrained and it would be difficult for them to act at all. Even if they wanted to do ordinary things, they would receive special attention, let alone ask about the map fragment. If they did anything unusual, their trip here would be in vain.

“We’re already here. Do you think we can go back the way we came? It’s impossible for us to become members of the Clam Phoenix Tribe. That way, we’ll be able to save a lot of time.” Luo Teng put his arms behind his head and said, but what he said made a thought appear in Yun Feng’s mind. If she could become a member of the Clam Phoenix Tribe, she would be very free to do things and have nothing to worry about! However, Yun Feng couldn’t guarantee if the Transformation Potion was effective on the Sea Clan. Besides, the aura of the Sea Clan was circulating in her body right now. The Transformation Potion was effective on humans, but was it still effective on her right now?

She had to try no matter what. It would certainly be best if she succeeded! If she couldn’t succeed, she could only think of another way.

“I have a way to eliminate the surveillance of the Clam Phoenix Tribe,” said Yun Feng. Luo Teng raised his brows. “What way? Unless you can become a member of the Clam Phoenix Tribe!”

Yun Feng chuckled. “It’s not impossible to become a member of the Clam Phoenix Tribe, but we need something from the Clam Phoenix Tribe.”

Qi Luo rolled her silver eyes. “Are you talking about… the Transformation Potion?”

“Transformation Potion?” Luo Teng was surprised. There was such a potion?

Yun Feng curled her lips. She knew the Transformation Potion? “That’s right. It’s the Transformation Potion, but I’m not sure if it’s effective on the Sea Clan.”

“It should be effective. The Transformation Potion is widely applicable. I heard that it’s been used among humans, but it’s rarely used and appeared in the Sea Clan.” Qi Luo looked at Yun Feng with surprise in her eyes. “So… you have the Transformation Potion?”

“In other words, if we use this Transformation Potion, we’ll be able to become members of the Clam Phoenix Tribe?” Luo Teng looked at Yun Feng with widened eyes. There was such a magical potion!

“It’s just for a short period of time. There will be changes in our appearance and aura. We won’t be able to maintain it for long. It’s true that I have the Transformation Potion, but I still need to add something from the Clam Phoenix Tribe to make us become members of the Clam Phoenix Tribe.”

“That’s easy! I’ll get it!” After saying that, Luo Teng had already flashed away at an extremely high speed. Yun Feng chuckled. It would save her some trouble with this kid by her side. Qi Luo looked at Yun Feng and asked tentatively, “Are you… a pharmacist?”

Yun Feng told a small lie. Her information couldn’t be completely exposed. The Sea Clan was also very passionate about potions like humans. Even though her identity as a grandmaster-level pharmacist was useful in the Endless Ocean, it was also troublesome.

“You said it’s only for a short period of time just then. Then, do you have a lot of Transformation Potions? Can we hold on until we find out more information and leave this place?” asked Qi Luo tentatively. Yun Feng chuckled softly. “There aren’t many of them, but they should be able to last until we leave, as long as we’re fast.”

Qi Luo was obviously relieved. “I only hope that the investigation this time will go smoothly.”

“Master, will she be suspicious if we expose the Transformation Potion?” Lan Yi’s voice appeared in Yun Feng’s mind, followed by Yaoyao’s. “If they know Xiao Feng’s identity as a pharmacist, they’ll definitely detain Xiao Feng and ask her to make potions for them!”

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