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«Genius Summoner (Web Novel) - Chapter 1425 Chiwen And Chiyuan

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Chapter 1425 Chiwen And Chiyuan

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“They seem to be coming for us.” Yun Feng narrowed her black eyes and looked at the party that was fleeing in panic. Those people were running in the direction where they were hiding. Luo Teng’s face darkened and he cursed softly, “How unlucky!”

Yun Feng’s black eyes glittered. She couldn’t expose the existence of the Dragon Palace easily in the Endless Ocean. Right now, she could only be discovered. Luo Teng quickly looked around. “Luckily, this is the public sea and not the territory of any race. Nothing will happen even if we meet them. Let’s go!” Luo Teng’s body flashed and he had already jumped out of the seaweed quickly. Yun Feng immediately followed him when she saw him. Two black shadows suddenly appeared from the seaweed. The fleeing party was immediately shocked and wanted to attack without thinking. Seeing that, Luo Teng quickly shouted, “We’re just passing by!”

However, the party that escaped in panic was already like a frightened bird. It didn’t matter if the strangers were passing by or not. They immediately attacked. Yun Feng’s black eyes glittered and she immediately threw out her mental strength, colliding with the energy of the attack abruptly. The seawater shook fiercely a few times and resolved most of the force. The few people who attacked were stunned and looked at Yun Feng in surprise.

Yun Feng glanced at them coldly with her black eyes and turned around to leave. However, a voice suddenly rose. “Miss, please wait!”

This was a very weak voice. Yun Feng couldn’t help but look sideways. The odds of such a weak voice among the Sea Clan seemed to be very low. The Sea Clan was usually very strong and their voice also sounded much thicker. Luo Teng raised his brows and looked over. A petite figure walked out from behind those Sea Clan members. Compared to the other Sea Clan members, she was too petite. She only reached the chests of the other Sea Clan members. Her muscles and body were far inferior. She should be the weak type among the Sea Clan. And those eyes of hers were silver!

“The prophet of the Chiwen Tribe?” Luo Teng sounded very shocked. The few members of the Chiwen Tribe immediately became vigilant and looked at Luo Teng furiously. A prophet? Yun Feng sized up the petite woman in front of her carefully. Her eyes didn’t seem to be moving.

A faint smile appeared on her fair face. “You’re right.”

“How can a prophet leave the Chiwen Tribe?” asked Luo Teng in shock. The few Chiwen Sea Clan members immediately roared in dissatisfaction, “Outsiders can’t ask about our clan!”

Luo Teng’s face darkened, but the petite Sea Clan member shook her head. She sounded extremely calm. “You’re right, but there’s a reason.”

Luo Teng raised his brows. “Hm, the prophet is important to you people, but it’s nothing in my eyes.”

“Kid, what did you say?” The few members of the Sea Clan were immediately enraged. Yun Feng glanced at Luo Teng and said indifferently, “Rather than stopping me, you should use this time to escape.”

The petite girl of the Sea Clan smiled lightly and looked at Yun Feng with her silver eyes. “There’s something on you that you can hide from others, but not from me.”

Yun Feng’s face darkened. The aura of the Sea Clan in her body filled her entire body. Besides, this was the ancient power. How could she see through it so easily? “Oh? Why don’t I know what it is?”

The girl chuckled and pointed at her eyes. “I can see a lot of things with these eyes, including some things in your body.”

Yun Feng’s black eyes darkened. The feeling of being seen through made her extremely uncomfortable. How much did this girl see? Did she see the red eyes in her body clearly?

The girl smiled. “How about making a deal with me? You won’t suffer a loss.”

Luo Teng sneered. “Prophets have always been full of nonsense. You don’t have to believe them.”

The girl chuckled. The few members of the Sea Clan next to her were so angry that their faces and ears were already red. If it weren’t for the girl, they would probably have attacked Luo Teng immediately. Seeing that Yun Feng was silent, Luo Teng couldn’t help but shout loudly, “You don’t believe her, do you?”

Yun Feng’s black eyes glittered as she looked at the girl’s unhurried look. How much did she see? If she really made things up, Yun Feng would suffer too much if she believed it. The girl seemed to see Yun Feng’s hesitation and chuckled softly. “Do I really have to tell you clearly?”

Yun Feng sneered and suddenly approached the girl. The few members of the Sea Clan immediately wanted to attack, but the girl stopped them. Luo Teng also exclaimed when he saw Yun Feng suddenly approach. Yun Feng ignored them and looked at the girl’s silver eyes. “What exactly did you see?”

Yun Feng’s black eyes darkened and the corners of her mouth suddenly curled up as she looked at the pair of silver eyes in front of her with an obvious smile. The girl of the Sea Clan in front of her was obviously a bit more cunning than she thought. Even though she looked slim and weak, this girl actually saw everything, or she wouldn’t have come to her to get through this crisis.

“Your words and heart are far different from your appearance.” Yun Feng left the girl’s side without retreating. The girl chuckled. “This can be considered a compliment for me. How about it? Do you accept my suggestion?”

Yun Feng raised her brows. Her identity had already been seen through. If her human identity was exposed in the Endless Ocean, would she still have a place to move? All the Sea Clan would probably put down their conflicts for the time being and deal with her. She wouldn’t be able to move an inch. She might even lose her life here.

“Do I have a choice?” Yun Feng said coldly. The girl chuckled. “I’m not threatening you. You’ll benefit too.”

“Hey! Do you really believe what the prophet said?” Luo Teng walked over and looked at Yun Feng in disbelief. “You can’t believe what the prophet said! They’ve always talked glibly just to achieve their goal!”

The girl and Yun Feng ignored what Luo Teng said. The two of them stared at each other for a while. Yun Feng said, “I’ll help you beat the Sea Clan that’s chasing you.”

Luo Teng’s eyes widened abruptly. “You really believed her!”

The girl pursed her lips and shook her head. “Not only that, but you must also escort me to the clan safely.”

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