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«Genius Summoner (Web Novel) - Chapter 1284: Master’s Power (1)

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Chapter 1284: Master’s Power (1)

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“Even so, I can’t let you take her away!” He clenched his fists fiercely. The giant beast shrouded in light seemed to be looking up and letting out a roar that made people’s souls tremble! This roar reached the depths of their souls, making their souls tremble endlessly!

“Whoosh!” A crack was suddenly torn in the white light. A huge horn stuck out, followed by a pair of huge eyes full of dazzling light! The pupils of the black-robed old man shrank abruptly when he saw this. Yun Feng’s heart also trembled when she saw this. This giant beast… This giant beast… What was it?

There was an indescribable majesty in the huge glittering eyes. Yun Feng only felt that her heart instantly shrank and a powerful pressure came right at her! The black robe on the old man’s body instantly fluttered even though there was no wind. The dark elements that surged out of the black robe also splashed crazily like a bottle of ink!

With a roar, a dazzling pillar of light flashed out of the huge light and rushed out! The black-robed old man gritted his teeth hard as the black robe on his body rolled up crazily. The dark elements rushed towards the pillar of light that was flying straight towards him like thick ink and the black and white collided fiercely!

A crazy air current suddenly spread from the place where the black and white collided. The bodies of the three elders of the Yun family were instantly sent flying. Even half of the Yun family’s mansion was destroyed in an instant! Luckily, every one of the Yun family had been evacuated safely, or they would have suffered heavy losses!

“What exactly is that…” The three elders of the Yun family finally stabilized themselves, but they were more or less injured to different degrees by the power just then. The three of them held their chests and looked at the fierce black and white air currents in the sky in shock, like two dragons intertwining tightly and fighting to the death!

“Dark elements and light elements have always been enemies… However, that kid…” The Great Elder of the Yun family glanced at Qu Lanyi’s handsome body and didn’t say anything for a long time. The other two elders of the Yun family also realized something, but they were extremely anxious in their minds when they saw Yun Feng, who was still restrained.

“How can we save her? Even though this attack can temporarily stun that black-robed man, he’s still young and it shouldn’t last long. We can’t just watch Yun Feng be taken away!”

“I think… the three of us should be prepared to give up our lives.” The Second Elder of the Yun family chuckled, but there was a smile on his face when he talked about death. “For that little girl, it’s worth it even if the three of us die.”

The Great Elder of the Yun family chuckled and nodded. “That’s right. As long as that girl is here, the Yun family will still be the same without us.”

The Third Elder of the Yun family burst into laughter and straightened his back. “Brother, you’re right. I didn’t have much hope for the person who opened the Yun Family Badge back then, but this girl came. With Yun Xiang and her here, we’re finally at ease.”

The three elders of the Yun family all chuckled with determination in their eyes. If their deaths could be exchanged for Yun Feng’s safety, the three of them would die a worthy death! As long as Yun Feng was here, the Yun family wouldn’t fall and would rise!

The three elders of the Yun family rushed forward fiercely again. Seeing that, Qu Lanyi knew what the three of them were going to do. He couldn’t help but feel respectful in his mind. He suddenly staggered and blood flowed out of the corners of his mouth. Looking at the long horns and giant eyes that appeared in the light, Qu Lanyi couldn’t help but mock himself. He had overestimated himself. He had never thought that he would be like this after releasing a small part of the power!

“Qu Lanyi!” Mu Canghai’s shout sounded. Then, a figure quickly came to his side. Seeing the blood at the corners of his mouth, he was shocked. Seeing Yun Feng’s condition in the sky, Mu Canghai’s pupils shrank fiercely. “It’s them!”

“You came at the right time!” Qu Lanyi spat out the blood in his mouth and tasted the strong smell of blood. “Can you use the power of space to cut off the dark elements?”

Mu Canghai was stunned. “I don’t know, but I can try!” His silver pupils suddenly widened. Mu Canghai pressed his finger on his strange eyes fiercely and the space where the black threads that tied Yun Feng up suddenly distorted!

The space distorted. Mu Canghai was here! Yun Feng turned her black eyes and saw Mu Canghai next to Qu Lanyi. Then, she saw Qu Lanyi’s weak face and the corners of his mouth that were covered in blood! Lanyi! Yun Feng’s heart ached. He must have spent a lot of effort to control the Magic Beast in the white jade pendant, but this black-robed old man was too strong! It wasn’t easy for him to be hindered!

Three elders! Yun Feng turned around and saw the three elders of the Yun family rushing over without caring about anything. Perhaps because their bloodlines and minds were connected, Yun Feng immediately understood the intentions of the three elders. They wanted to sacrifice themselves to protect her!

A heat suddenly rose to the bottom of Yun Feng’s heart. They were risking their lives for her! She couldn’t let these people, who protected her in her heart, be hurt at all!

Nothing could happen to the three elders, Lanyi, Mu Canghai or the Yun family! These thoughts flashed through Yun Feng’s mind one after another as a powerful thought rose in her mind. She couldn’t wait for death. She couldn’t surrender!

A beam of light suddenly lit up Yun Feng’s world. Yun Feng’s black eyes brightened! Right! She still had a trump card that she hadn’t used for a long time!

“No! Even though we can distort that space, the dark elements can’t be cut off by distorting the space!” Mu Canghai looked at the distorted small space with some sweat on his forehead. Qu Lanyi also frowned hard. What should he do?

“Ugh!” Another stream of blood gushed out. Qu Lanyi couldn’t help but stagger. Mu Canghai suddenly reached out and held him. “You can’t use the dark elements anymore! Even though I don’t know what kind of Magic Beast is inside this white jade pendant, you’ve already paid too much to control it. If you continue forcibly, you’ll be drained sooner or later! Yun Feng won’t let you do this!”

Qu Lanyi gritted his teeth and stared at the black-robed old man, who was fighting with the giant light beast in the sky, with his blood-red eyes. All he could do was stall for time. A level-6 God… How could he get out of his current situation?

“Meatball!” A shout suddenly cut through the sky. Qu Lanyi and Mu Canghai were both startled. Both of them looked up at Yun Feng. Meatball, who had been anxious, shivered when it heard this call. Its white fur body flew up quickly as if it was on steroids!

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