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«Gamers! (Light Novel) - Volume 11 – Gamers and First Love Multi End, Prologue – Keita Amano and Second Kiss

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Volume 11 - Gamers and First Love Multi End, Prologue - Keita Amano and Second Kiss

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Translator: your_pingas

Mistakes in flag management often cause an event bug in games.

For example, a character that already died can suddenly appear on the screen.

For example, things that haven’t happened yet are treated as past events in the description.

To put it simply, they are strange events that don’t follow the story flow.

However, in reality, these are pretty fatal and unfortunate bugs for gamers.

The reason is that ordinary bugs mostly just waste things like time and energy. However, an error in flag management can-

-Hurt the player’s soul.

It doesn’t feel right when a deceased partner suddenly reappears as if nothing has happened.

Then, it’s the worst spoiler when you’re told what’ll happen next.

Just like that, it suddenly attacked from the player’s blind spot. A scar is formed in your heart without any time for preparation.

This is- an event bug caused by flag mismanagement.


To me, Keita Amano.

When someone took my lips in front of a girl I love-

“Uh, ugh…!?”

This is an event bug caused by flag mismanagement.


The cold breezes of February are blowing on my cheeks.

The sun is beginning to set. I’m at the corner of .

Right now.

Something moist and warm is pressing against my dry lips.

Then, I can only see- Chiaki Hoshinomori’s closed eyes and her long eyelashes.


It seems that I’m kissing Chiaki right now.

I’m thinking outside of my perspective. …My mind can’t catch up.

-Then, I noticed Chiaki putting her tiny hands on my chest. Her weight and momentum are all concentrated on it.

(Hey, watch out!)

My body is pushed backward. I can’t help- but put my hands on her shoulder to support her.


It’s like I accepted her kiss.

It’s like I’m hugging her warmly and gently.


Our lips are pressed together with the initial momentum. After I calmed down, we realized again how soft each of us is.


I’m tasting that overly sweet touch.

For a moment, I can’t help but feel- a misplaced sense of achievement and an indescribable feeling of happiness.

The reason I say that is because, actually, at this moment, I’m trying my best to take someone’s lips too. In other words, I’m moving because I wanted to take away my lover’s lips.

In other words, it’s because I’m entirely in a “kissing” position.

So, reasonably, I feel happy when I achieved the kissing part.


-It’s the same, even if my most important girl is switched.


As a result, I feel deep into the mud where my ex-girlfriend has to see this. I’m kissing Chiaki. However-


After I snapped out of it, my love and passion for Tendou-san came back.

Of course, I thought of just immediately pushing Chiaki away- I should’ve done that.

However, …for some reason, my hands on her shoulder don’t have any strength.

(…This is…)

I should’ve vehemently rejected what I’m doing with Chiaki after thinking of myself and Tendou-san.

I should’ve acted immediately without considering the consequences. That’s what the usual Keita Amano would’ve done.

However, right now, …I hesitated when I’m facing Chiaki.

The reason is that…

(Chiaki’s trembling…)

From her shoulders, from the hands she’s putting on my chest, from her lips, I can feel her trembling-

-No, these are the remnants of the “courage” she mustered up. She’s sending them over to me.

(…How can I reject something like this?)

It’s because even though this is strange, it’s completely identical- to the courage I have when I was trying to take away Tendou-san’s lips.

…It’s okay even if everyone in the world thinks this is stupid.

I’m the only one that can sincerely praise it.

It’s because only we can understand this feeling -this lingering and meager sense of courage.


It’s because our bodies are sticking together. At this moment, I can painfully feel her emotions.

At the same time, to Chiaki, …the most enormous resonance up to this point is gradually filling my heart.

Yes, you- are me.

However, when I entirely understood this point, -it’s already too late.

“…Ugh, …uh…”

I already can’t move away from Chiaki’s kiss.

No, to be precise, I can’t push her away forcefully. Instead, I’m trying to press her shoulders to slowly push her out. I swear to god that this is true.

However, Chiaki’s determined and overwhelming “desire” is far above what I’m feeling right now.


In the end, we kissed for a long time- as if it lasted forever.

From Tendou-san’s eyes, this scene…can only be interpreted as me accepting Chiaki’s kiss.

Also, this isn’t a misunderstanding.

After all, right now, in a way, …I indeed accepted Chiaki’s confession and kiss.


An unknown amount of time has passed.

In the end, someone brought an end to our sudden, long kiss.

-It’s not somebody else. Instead, it’s an apology from Chiaki.

“…I-I’m sorry, Keita, Karen-san.”

With that, Chiaki left me and showed a lonely smile in front of the sunset.

For some reason-

She looks so illusory that the girl may immediately disappear into the orange night sky.

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