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«From Sidekick to Bigshot (Web Novel) - Chapter 997: His Heart

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Chapter 997: His Heart

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After Zhai Yunsheng left, Jian Yiling also returned to her room.

Not long after returning to her room, Jian Yiling received a call from Liu Ting.

“Yiling, I have two things to tell you. There’s good news and there’s bad news. Which one do you want to hear first?”

“The good news.”

“The good news is that your cousin Wen Yan is recovering very well. He’s cooperating with his treatment and is a super obedient patient. I think his recovery cycle may be shorter than our predictions.”

“Then the bad news?”

“I’ve looked into your fiance’s heart. After a lot of research, we’ve concluded that there’s no way to perform surgery. Even if we find a suitable heart to transplant, it’s useless. His condition is special. His genetics dictated the heart he has right now.”

This conclusion was drawn from the monitoring and observation of Zhai Yunsheng’s condition at Lahaisen Hospital. Many professional doctors came to this conclusion after much research and discussion.

Liu Ting tried very hard to cautiously tell this information to Jian Yiling.

He knew that this result would make Jian Yiling sad.

Jian Yiling had been able to cure countless difficult diseases. However, in the face of her fiance’s condition, she couldn’t do anything about it.

After a moment of pause, Liu Ting did not hear Jian Yiling’s response. He could imagine her mood at this moment.

“Yiling, don’t be sad. Your brother was worried about this. That’s why he asked me to tell you about this. He hoped that I could make you happy.”

After a long time, Jian Yiling finally spoke.

“I understand.”

Her reply was heavy and quiet.

Although she did not mention that she was sad, Liu Ting could already feel the sadness in Jian Yiling’s response.

“Yiling, we’re doctors. We can cure and save people. However, at the end of the day, we’re just people. We’re just ordinary individuals. Our powers are limited. Occasionally, we can steal people from the grasps of the grim reaper. However, we don’t succeed every single time. And thus, we must accept this reality. We must accept our incompetence when it comes to some things.”

“I understand.”

Jian Yiling knew that she was just a doctor. No matter how much she learned, she still had her limits.

Unfortunately, Zhai Yunsheng’s condition was outside her limits.


Later that night, Jian Yiling had a dream.

In her dream, she returned to a laboratory in her last life.

She spent the most time in that place.

She had stayed there from the time she was very young until the time she died.

In that dream, she passed by her colleagues’ office door and heard them talking about her.

“I must say that Jian Yiling is amazing. She’s so young yet she knows so many things.”

“So what if she’s amazing? She’s basically a robot. She doesn’t have any emotions. In fact, she only knows how to work. Do you think she’s any different from the equipment inside our institution?”

“We bought the equipment with money. I guess she was also bought with money. In essence, there’s no real difference.”

“There’s probably a reason why her parents didn’t want her. After all, who wants such a child at home? She doesn’t talk or laugh.”

“I heard that her parents had a son not long after they sent her to this institution. And now, the family is doing very well with the money that the institution bought her with. In fact, they bought several apartments with that money.”


She was just a piece of equipment…

She had no emotions…

Or life…

Her only role was to perform medical research…


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