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«Fatal Shot (Web Novel) - Chapter 680: Big Boss Memory!

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Chapter 680: Big Boss Memory!

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“Little Feng, come, have a seat.” As Feng Luo entered the luxurious virtual projection reception room at the top of Nightless City, a hearty voice that revealed a slight weakness could be heard through the room.

“We haven’t met for a while, right?” A person in a nightgown smiled as he asked Feng Luo. He was laying on top of a 3D projection of a white cabin bed that looked no different from a real one.

“It’s been more than two months. I couldn’t take out time to visit you as there’ve been many things going on in the game.” Feng Luo walked to the side of the cabin bed, his face revealing a smile that was rarely seen.

“All because my body is unwell. Otherwise, I would rather stay in the game, just like you all. This game, War, really is interesting… cough…” The person in the nightgown also smiled. However, after he finished his sentence, he could not help but cough lightly.

“You still haven’t found a way?” The smile on Feng Luo’s faced disappeared.

He looked at him while he laid on the cabin bed, frowned, and said with concern, “Nope, I tried everything. Not long ago I asked an expert from the Capital Planet for a consultation. I think, in this lifetime, it can only stay like this.”

While he was laying down, his smile faded a little and his voice changed and sounded quite down.

He was no other than the big boss of Lu Conglomerate, a billionaire who had yet to reach 50 years of age but already had a net worth of five billion credits.

However, his appearance seemed far from someone who was 40 or more years old. One could believe it if he were 70 years old.

Most importantly, his appearance was shocking. His skull was easily at least a third larger than average, and almost all of his hair has fallen off. All of his four limbs seemed shriveled and smaller than those of an average person, thus having an overall ratio that was off.

This was a sign of a chronic illness.

On top of that, one could understand from their conversation just now that it was an “incurable disease.”

“Sigh, never mind, it is not a big deal. Anyways, though those experts from the Capital Planet said it’s incurable, it’s not like I will die immediately, they said that I could live for at least more than a decade. The fact that I am alive, I am very satisfied. I must say, if not for you now, I would have died on the Star Planet three years ago.” The former big boss looked up at Feng Luo, a smile emerging on the face once again.

However, his words unintentionally led Feng Luo’s thoughts back to what happened three years ago…

Three years ago, Feng Luo was met with distress in the underground pyramid in Egypt. However, after teleporting, he did not arrive at the 17th Administrative Planet. Instead, he arrived at the Star Planet.

The Star Planet that one could tell from the name, was the origin of the Star Civilization, as well as the “parent star.”

However, this parent star, was not what people assumed to be the Capital Planet. Moreover, at that point, it did not even belong to the Star Federation.

This would seem a little weird, but by tracing back the natural development of civilization, one would understand how and why this happened.

The Star Civilization originated from Star Planet, however, it took more than a century for the civilization to enter the Universe Era.

In this process, the Star Civilization was almost improving at a leaping speed, however, the price paid was the predatory mining of the parent star…

By the time we entered the Universe Era and remodeled the first habitable planet, the Star Planet was destroyed to a serious extent and the environment became very poorly maintained while the population far exceeded the capacity of the planet.

Under these circumstances, there was an urgent need for interstellar migration, and those who could obtain the priority right to migrate would not say more about it… One must understand, now on the Star Planet, there was a system similar to the remnant culture of the feudal civilization on Earth.

On one side was a new planet transformed through the teamwork of all civilians that had a beautiful environment and fresh air, as well as natural water sources free of pollution. On the other side was an old planet that was heavily polluted and destroyed, so much so that if one were to stay for one more day, they could contract a terminal illness due to various problems.

However, the transportation capacity was very seriously inadequate at that crucial time. Those who were given priority to board the migration spacecraft were not chosen via a fair ballot, instead, they were the so-called “higher-ups and elites.”

For a heavily overpopulated Star Planet, the war was inevitable.

Anyone could predict the outcome of a full-out war involving such advanced technologies without further explanation…

On the Star Planet, the huge population that originally exceeded the planet’s capacity reduced drastically to not even one percent of the initial number. The entirety of the Star Planet became ruins of war.

However, the loss from this war was not significant to the entire Star Civilization, because the social elites that had the priority right immigration had set up a “Star Federation” on the new planet, one with a higher-level social structure as compared to the original Starlings.

While the new planet only had a few hundred million inhabitants that were a little insufficient, but it was not a major issue.

It was because, after migration, there would be an even more explosive development in technologies, especially the development of biological and genetic technologies that allowed them to recover the population number very rapidly.

With mechanical intelligence technologies that improved rapidly every day, there was no reason the Star Federation required a huge population to complete the “colonization” of a cosmic planet.

Of course, this process resulted in a huge problem for the one percent of people left on the original Star Planet.

As opposed to the elites who migrated to the new planet into a more “civilized” society, the people left on the original planet among the ruins of war, formed a society that regressed hundreds of years, to the point of “barbarism.”


Feng Luo could still remember the first scene he saw after teleporting.

It was a planet destroyed beyond recognition.

What he saw was yellow sand that blurred with the endless sky and some ruins that resulted from the war. There was no food or water in sight… Even the atmosphere in the sky was destroyed to the point where it could not block the deadly cosmic rays.

The extent of destruction on the Star Planet was at least ten times more serious than the background from War.

Feng Luo walked in the yellow sand for a day and a night until he saw a survivor base that was enclosed by something similar to a glass cover.

Contrary to his expectations, there were no restrictions in place that required him to surrender food or supplies that were in shortage among the ruins to enter. For an adult full of fighting spirit, with no signs of sickness from radiation or infections like Feng Luo, they let him in easily into the survivor base.

No one was bothered about his messy language and the crappy story he made up last minute regarding where he came from.

After he joined the base, he participated once in a physical conflict to fight over resources against another base. After he came out alive, he was arranged by the higher-ups in his base to carry simple weapons and guard a few passengers that were held hostage on a Star Federation civil spacecraft to demand supplies from the Star Federation Government. Feng Luo’s base worked together with a few other big bases to hijack the spacecraft.

The hostages, of course, included the big boss.

Starlings who grew up in the ruins would, for different reasons, have bottled up hatred towards people in the Star Federation.

However, Feng Luo, as a mercenary from Earth, was far more gentle to the captives in contrast. At least he did not torture or even kill mercilessly out of anger.

With that said, given Feng Luo’s cruel nature, he also did not lose when it came to be fierce. Within a short half month, he became a character that had the right to speak even among guards with better builds than him.

It was around the same time that he managed to save the big boss and two other people from almost getting killed by a guard, simply because they frustrated him.

Now that he thought of it, Feng Luo was pretty glad that he saved them, because not long after the Star Federation that was initially lenient when it came to the behaviors of Starlings, suddenly sent troops out to them.

A huge army formed by ten large fleets completely cleared and demolished the Star Planet. A few hundreds of survivor bases were wiped out.

Those who were inside were all captured and escorted with force out of the Star Planet by the army. They were scattered to different Administrative Planets for management and monitoring, and then gradually assimilated into the Federation.

The survival base Feng Luo was at did not manage to escape either.

However, fortunately in this process, big boss and the two other captives Feng Luo saved were able to become guarantors for him.

All thanks to the billionaire credit rating of the big boss, Feng Luo was assigned to the 17th Administrative Planet and was successfully granted citizenship in the Star Federation Government just after one year of full monitoring observation.

Without a doubt, this completely covered up his identity and past.

However, while the big boss was held hostage, during the conflict, he has forcefully injected a substance that corroded the brain, resulting in serious symptoms in his body.

“Although technology is very advanced, the brain is still a forbidden area. Any organ can be replaced with technology nowadays, but my problems just had to be caused by my brain… cough…” Big boss let out a sigh that woke Feng Luo up from his memories. The sigh also sounded like a surrender to his fate.

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